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2:57 PM on 01.08.2012

Lovely Glitches of Skyrim: Unidonkrsey

This is just an occasional post of some funny/interesting glitches and random events that I've encountered in Skyrim. Hope you enjoy.

Hmmm.... Some interesting cross-breeding is going down somewhere.

I stumbled upon this one whilst riding my horse through the Tundra. I saw a couple of riders on the path just plodding along. Now this was really exciting for me because I had actually never seen people riding horses in Skyrim before. So naturally I started galloping toward them to inquire about their journey upon the steeds, or possibly rob them all, if it was nothing interesting. I never got the chance to do either because about halfway to them, horse and rider took off into the sky and started flying in circles! It was a most awkward flight as the horses did nothing more than flick their tails. No rapid beating of their non-existent wings, no galloping into the sky like Unicorns, (I think Unicorns do that) no they didn't even shoot rockets out of their ass. Ha get it? they're horses...... Related to donkeys... Ehh.. Ignore me and my jokes. Any ways, they where completely motionless in the air. What happened next was even better for they landed inside the walls of a bandit camp. (Ya, that one in the distance there in the picture.) So there was me, just watching them hack each others to pieces, horses running around nervously, not taking off and escaping again like any right-minded flying horse-unicorn-donkey should. The riders did manage to clean out the whole camp for me though which was very nice considering they so rudely and suddenly took off earlier.
So that's something.
I still haven't seen any other NPC's riding horses to this day, and this happened like a month ago. I wonder if its simply bad observation on my part, or if it happens all the time to NPC's on horses. If anyone knows I'd like to know :)   read

8:35 PM on 01.07.2012

Create Rules to Enjoy the Freedom

Rules are our worst enemies..... and apparently so is freedom. People cant decide. They want that freedom to make there own choices but give them that and: "WTF is this thing? What am I supposed to do? Do expect me to use my mind?"
Give them rules and they go: "So this is what the video game industry has become. Rail shooters and quick time events. Tut tut."
Now I'm coming off negative here but what I'm trying to say is sometimes you need to create your own rules to make want you want of it.

Take Skyrim for example. Huge, and generally rule-less. You are free to do as you will. Now some people simply find it overwhelming and that's completely understandable. The general consensus is, however, that it's awesome. (At least until they remembered that they have to complain about all things good, so as to appear different) But people can make the argument that fast travel detracts from the "emersion". Now here's what I don't get - Why don't you just not use it? It doesn't force you to use it!
So if your walking along and need to go across the whole map you say to yourself, "You know, I could fast travel and save myself 20 minutes and probably three reloads from encountering those nice ice-age Gorillas that are Trolls. However I'm going to trudge all the way there to make this game as gruelingly real as if I weren’t in this fake world that I'm trying to live in."
But after doing that clearly boring thing, you actually find its very satisfying to role play and feel as though you really accomplished the journey. It gives the quest weight instead of a quick task.
Now Dungeons of Dredmor has a perma-death feature and you may want that in Skyrim. Make that rule for yourself. When you die you get a blank slate to go do it another way! Yippie skippy! No feature required... except a brain.
I'm sure you don't want me say any more and you've got it by now - but the point im trying to make here is to take a little initiative and show self-restraint. You don't have to do EXACTLY what the game tells you to do. Rules have there place, and sometimes they don't. Its all about fun.   read

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