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Themightylebeau2009 avatar 7:36 AM on 12.04.2009  (server time)
Peripheral Visions # 1 - The Dreamcast Twin Stick.

Hi, and welcome to my first ever blog post. Its probably a bit short but I have a lot of stuff I can cover in the future, but as I have already been in GamesTM with this it seemed a good place to start.

After many years of gaming I have used a LOT of controllers. This post will feature some of the rarer and more obscure.

But as this is my first go I will use something that I'm sure some of you will know from the Dreamcast days, the Twin Stick for Virtual On - Ortorio Tangram......

Now this wasn't Segas first attempt at this. The Saturn version also got a Twin Stick.....

Not as cool looking or weighty, but it was just as good and did the job.

What this controller did was give arcade perfect controls for a game which was virtually impossible to play (or enjoy) using a pad.

Things like turning on the spot, jumping, flying forwad and unleashing a missle volley were soon easy manueveurs to pull off, using a pad and you would be left flailing like a fish on land.

I know this because when I first bought the game I had to wait 48 hours for my controler to arrive. I tried playing the game but just couldnt, I thought I had made a silly mistake, how could a controller make this game better? Looking in the manual didnt help either as this is what greeted me....

2 Days later I returned to the store and picked up my Twin Sticks and went on my merry way and for months and months this was the most played game on my DC. After I moved out of my parents I left it there and recently dug it out again for old time sake and was the inspiration for this post.

I have seen it being used with only 2 other games, Ikaruga and Gundam : Side Story 0079 as no other Virtual On games were released. Not sure if its worth much as a collectible but I know I wont be selling mine. Ever.

At the time it was unique, even more so as it didnt get a PAL release. Out of all the devices released for the DC, the maracas, the fishing rod, the wheel the guns, its the Twin Sticks I'll always remember for giving the most control and actually being a good product.

If I can find it I have a Resident Evil 2 pad designed just for Survival Horror. Does it make zombie killing easier or does it make me want release a viral plague on a small midwestern town?....

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