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10:27 AM on 09.07.2011

The Last Resort (Another PC game concept)

I have always wondered that ever first person and third person game always comes with guns. Shooting all your enemies to end the game. This is basically the core concept of every other game. Well time to think of something new. And i came up with the this idea what if you are attacked by an alien race but this time you don't have any kind of weapon to fight them off. Yet you have to save humanity. So, how you kill your enemies without any weapon? To answer this question here is the concept of The Last Resort.
Genre: Third person tactical strategy.
Concept: Time to use the other knowledge we humans have. and that is sneaking and trapping. Imagine yourself in a vast sandbox city which is the war zone like in crysis II. Surrounded by all sorts of raw materials to make perfect traps for the enemies. But the key is stealth. Stay hidden! the earth is under full scale attack by the alien race.
In the beginning you will find your area being attacked by the alien star ships. You will be taking the role of an engineer. The military forces have given in. Your objective is to save as many humans as you can and then find a way to form a resistance.
Gameplay: The game is about setting up huge deadly traps and luring the aliens in and watching them getting bashed by your tactical creations. For example in the initial phase you will have to save your family first. The alien droid has entered your house. All you have is normal house stuff. Time to think now. Get into your room and find some thing you can bash things with. But you ain't gonna bash the droid instead go upstairs, take your family too, close the door, and bash the wooden floor to make a small hole. Put some rug on the hole and wait for your alien friend now. As he will open the door and step in. You know what will be happening next. The concept is simple but it gets complicated once you enter the city there you have to set up huge traps and you'll be needing man power for that too. To give you an example. You have found a patrolling route of enemy four legged tank sort of vehicle. Its deadly! You can find all sorts of stuff around the war area. Now you have to destroy that tank. There is a whole different sorts of traps you can set and the more destructive your trap will be the better! By this time you'll be having three people in your command. First off block the road with some heavy stuff like stones and stuff. Next the road is surrounded by two buildings so what you need to set is that as soon as the vehicle stops it gets hit something really heavy. A boulder or huge metal rod. But arranging that would be difficult So get some metallic heavy rope and sneak towards the legs of the tank when it stops wrap the rope around one of its legs. And slowly sneak away from it. Tie the rope with some heavy thing like the near building pillar. For some extra stuff. Tie both the ropes. You will find al such stuff as you progress in the game. Tie the ropes as soon as you can because you won't be having much time leaving. Now to initiate the sequence just give the enemy some stimulus which will cause the tanks manuvering. Be sure to make it move and not jus throw a stone at it while standing in its firing range. Watch the scene as the the legged tank falls over.
BottomLine: Well the bottom line is making such game would be quiet lovely. As it can have good game play as well as play over element. Traps can be all sorts of stuff like removing the cover from man hole. Making the enemy fire at its own army by taking diversions and using tactics like throwing a stone at one enemy droid to make a noise causing the droids around it to fire at it but making sure to do this at night time. Possibilities would be endless.   read

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