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6:08 PM on 10.15.2009

Is this really a villain's name in Brutal Legend?

Disclaimer: I am not trying to stir the pot or anything like that, I was just genuinely curious if this is true. I do not own Brutal Legend, and I have only played the demo, but I saw this in my daily website reading and I thought I would ask the Destructoid community about it.

So, after all the fuss about Brutal Legend this week, I was reading this link:

And I came across something that made me take pause. If you scroll down about two-thirds of the way down the comments page, you come across a comment from a user known as "Gantz: Your Trusted Friend in Science."

His comments (there are a few from him) were about his experiences with the "RTS issues" in the game, but it is one sentence in particular that caught my eye:

"Well, for someone like myself. I've played through 45% of the game apparently (according to the stats page) and out of the past 5 missions, 4 have been RTS ser and actual main-story parts (i just killed hairmetalfag) so from my current perspective it feels like the rest of the game is going to be like that with side missions providing fire tributes for upgrades."

So, what I am wondering about is if there really is a character in the game called "hairmetalfag"?

If so, you would think that that would be something that more people would be upset about. I mean, we get articles like:


Those are just the two newest links. If you put a certain phrase into the Destructoid search engine, you get a lot of results from it. So there seems to be a certain sensitivity in this area, and if so, would this count as something NOT GOOD?

Why did I not post this on Kotaku? Because I have this blog for these kinds of things silly!

Also, in my humble opinion, the Destructoid community is more of a "honest answer" kind of place. So if you own Brutal Legend and read Destructoid, could you please answer my question for me? If this true, does it offend you at all? I mean, you have to have a thick skin on the internet anyway, but if this is true, I do not think it should go unanswered because gamers have had to confront this issue before, and it would be kind of hypocritical of gamers to let this pass unnoticed this time.

Again, I DO NOT OWN BRUTAL LEGEND; the demo kind of turned me off of the game. But I am quite the metal fan, and have seen the phrase used before in articles about "metal" and its communities, so I can see how it fits into the "metal" asthetic of the game. But other folks may take offense to it, and therefore I wish to confirm the fact that there is indeed a character in Brutal Legend with this name.

Thank you for your time. And before you ask, I am a straight man, but I do pay attention to things in the world of gaming and this did catch my eye. Play on!   read

6:15 PM on 09.05.2009

The biggest problem for any game community today.

Disclaimer: This was originally posted in the Games For Windows forums as a reply to a forum user. I repost it here because I do feel that this is one of the biggest problems with "game communities" today. Since Destructioid has been running a community commentary on "game communities", I thought I would share my reply with you. I am sure you guys have encountered this before as well, and that this might either give you a laugh, or make you take pause. No one has to reply to this, this is just for those who wish to read it. I am just one of the more vocal supporters of the Games For Windows Live service, and what you see here is nothing new to me. Please continue.

The original link:


So OverTheBelow posted this message a little earlier today:

"By the way, there is some user who is threatening to ruin GFWL. He has a good knowledge of C++ & various programming languages and he has created some hacks that really ruin it for other people.

One being the 'xliveachiever' for example, which unlocks all achievements for the game when you start it up. He threatens to release this to the public.

Another problem being that he has already found a way to bypass 'Zero-Day Piracy'. ~~

These problems are gently driving me away from GFWL."

Ok, you want to know what I think? Well, as one of the more well known members of the Games For Windows Live community, I will tell you.

1)His gamertag name comes from this:

A drug addict from Columbia. If you run the the link through Babblefish or your favorite online webpage translator:

You see that this guy had a horrible end to his life. I guess this guy thinks he is making a statement about MS or something. Most "activists" do this as a "homage' to something that struck a chord within themselves regarding a situation. So it makes a little sense if you think about it.

2)As for what OverTheBelow has stated, let's break that down:

"By the way, there is some user who is threatening to ruin GFWL. He has a good knowledge of C++ & various programming languages and he has created some hacks that really ruin it for other people."

If you really wanted to, you could have listed IN DETAIL what these hacks are and how they work. If you have knowledge of them, then you might also have knowledge of where you saw them, got them, or how to use them. That is information that the GFWL could use. Maybe OverTheBelow has done this, but I do not remember seeing any details listed on this forum about this. Correct me if I am wrong, but that seems to be the case.

"One being the 'xliveachiever' for example, which unlocks all achievements for the game when you start it up. He threatens to release this to the public."

This one is a mixed bag. One, should I REALLY CARE about some loser who can not play his game properly? Two, yes he has the Batman achievements unlocked. Three, what should you make of his "threat"?

Answers? One, No, I DO NOT CARE about some jizzguzzler who can not play the game properly. Even Steam users know the pain of people like this, or was that TF2 update just for shits and giggles? Cheating is cheating, and in multiplayer it is just disgraceful - single player is up to player I guess. But understand this guy probably could not aim properly or choose his inventory correctly without his precious hacks. He probably is not a REAL GAMER, and to him this is the only way this guy can get any attention directed towards him anyway.

Two, that version of Batman: AA is a Direct 2 Drive version, and any real "cracker" can tell you in a second those copies differ from retail versions in several ways. Like the Halo 3 ODST leak, this can be tracked. The leaked version of Halo 3 ODST was not ripped properly - it is missing about 100 megs of game data. You can work around it to get it to play, but that allows for other sources to track your usage. Like when Crackdown came out and A BILLION PEOPLE tried to use the same key disc at the same time, there are patterns to a pirated version that can be used to track and defend against as well as exploit and abuse. This works both ways.

There are also a pair of "Crackfixes" that are available that fix "problems" with the original D2D rip. You can be the best at something, but CRCs are there for a reason. This guy probably used that data in offline mode to glitch out the achievements, and for that you have to chalk it up to expierence. But understand something - when this happens at retail, the vendor is fined for each copy that made it out. Now in the age of Digital Distribution, that now shifts to the provider of the downloaded content, meaning D2D is probably going to have to make payments to MS and Eidos for this. Just because something is digitial does not mean there is no responsibility for content.

When Fuel PC was pirated, the first crack simply cut out the GFWL dashboard. So while you could play the game, you could not save or view the achievement list (because the save is tied TO YOUR GAMECARD!). The next day Razor1911 cracked the game from retail, and NOT ONE HOUR later, some dipshit was posting up the achievement list on That is how it goes - people who think they are getting away with something are actually firing up a flare in the sky for all the world to see.

Therefore, I HOPE HE GOES THROUGH WITH HIS THREAT. Really, I do. I will personally snag his "tool" and pass it along to MS for one simple reason:

If you look at this guys' gamercard through, he has 21 of 23 titles (counting Batman) maxxed out. Those 21 include Juiced 2 and The Club. You following my train of thought here? HE FIXED THE GLITCHED achievements. I would gladly take his threat in return for the chance someone on the "good guys" side could take his data, reverse engineer it like he reverse engineered the game data, and possibly come up with a fix for our two glitched PC GFWL titles. Juiced 2 fans worldwide would love this guy, and even Bra1th might pop up again to finish what he started. This guy could be a HELP to this community in that regard - but "HELP" is not this guy's goal. His goal is to harm and make YOUR gameplay experience WORSE. For that you should TAKE PITY ON HIM, not laud his efforts. He has the choice to do whatever he wants with his skills - it seems he chooses to WASTE THEM for the sake of "being cool". He could be welcomed as a brother here, instead he chooses to threaten the legit users of the service. Newsflash: Gabe Newell does not like people like this guy either - or did we forget what happened with the Half Life 2 Beta code?

OverTheBelow's last piece of commentary about the guy:

"Another problem being that he has already found a way to bypass 'Zero-Day Piracy."

No, he has not. Again, this is a D2D version of the game, which will be different code than the actual retail version. There are differences in this. Like others have stated, he can not connect to live under 3.0 - else he would had Section 8 done already. He also does not have The Legend Of Galactic Heroes unlocked as well, which tells me mister "I AM TEH PIR8!" has not figured it all out yet. The pirated version of LOTGH had TWO KEYS in it - one for disc check, one for GFWL. While people can change up the GFWL key like other titles in the past, the disc check key is the same FOR ALL YOU FOLKS PIRATING THAT GAME. THAT is how we know about you people. Unless you have a legit copy of the game, your first key is THE SAME, and that can be tracked. Just like Halo 3 ODST's missing data, and just like the difference between a D2D copy and a retail one. Also, the "cracks" for Batman seem to be a mixture of demo exe code (nzone's demo exe specifically) and D2D exe code - again, this can be tracked and found out if necessary.

So far, 3.0 is doing what it is supposed to do - keep the online pirates off. While I am almost certain you will see a pirated version of Section 8, it will be like other PC pirated titles with a major online compenent - you can play LAN (if the game gave you that option), or you use tunneling software for partial success, but the main online components are pretty much gone. Even pirates say, "Like the game? Want to play it online? BUY THE GAME".

Because of that, Blizzard yanked full LAN support for Starcraft 2, and you should understand the more people do this crap, the less LAN enabled titles you are going to see.

And finally, OverTheBelow's personal comment:

"These problems are gently driving me away from GFWL."

Then I take it you RAN FROM STEAM months ago? Because this is not different from the glitchers and cheaters on that service as well. Gabe hates them as much as we do. They HURT THE SERVICE FOR REAL PLAYERS. All because some jerkweed had to whip out his e-penis. Big Deal. What happens AFTER he pops the 1000? What happens to his "afterglow" a week later? Anyone in any industry will tell you that you are only as good as your last effort, and if this is all this guy has got, LET THE BABY HAVE HIS BOTTLE. If you see a user with stats like his, and they are not members of this forum, YOU SHOULD NOT CARE. Disconnect the session with this cheating hack, and find some real players. Even better, come here, set a date, AND HOST A SESSION YOURSELF. I have done it, and have seen the worst of the online cheats because of it, but that does not make me stop playing GFWL titles.

And it never will. This guy is nothing but a reaction to the SUCCESS Games For Windows Live is having. While he might do some short term damage, he is truly WASTING his talents that could be used elsewhere. In the end, the only person he truly hurts is himself.

GFWL - Because after a while, he will realize that his efforts only strengthen those who oppose him with as much energy as he puts forth.


This is not just a problem for Games For Windows Live. This is a problem for any game community that wishes to know success. You always seem to have someone out there bound and determined to ruin YOUR experience for the sake of whipping out their e-penis. It does not matter what community you support, you will always have people like this, and the biggest weapon you have against them is your stedfast support of whatever community you partake in.

That is what drives a community - the unyeilding determination to make what you like succeed. Please remember this when you may have doubts about your gaming, whatever that maybe. Again, you do not have to post a reply, you can if you want, but I just wanted this "nailed to the church door of St. Destructoid's" for the public to read, think about, and keep in mind.   read

2:56 AM on 09.01.2009

Attention Game Designers: Learn from David Cage.

So by now if you are a Destructoid regular (which as a newbie here, I am still working on that merit badge), you have probably read the Jim Sterling article called "Heavy Rain has no replay value (but that's a good thing?)".

While I can understand the point David Cage is trying to make, I think it is the wrong point to make in the realm of gaming. The best way I can explain that is from my own personal expierences with repeat gameplays.

That is one of the great things about video games - you can go and change your story path at your decision. By following Cage's example, Fallout 3 is a complete waste of time. Oblivion should have been nothing but closing gates. GTA IV is a horrible gametype. Even in a game like Pacman, you can just put the controller down and let the ghosts eat you.

Have you ever watched a movie or TV show and wondered how things might have turned out if there was a slight change to the story here and there? One of the greatest gifts video games gives us is the ability to control ourselves as we want (within reason). Fallout 3, for example, can be played in a bunch of different ways. Yes, the ending the still the same, but how you get to that ending is what counts. We can destroy an entire city if we want - if we do, we lose out on a good chunk of potential story time within the game. But it also opens up new ways to play the game that leaving the city intact can not give you - choosing either way does not derail our efforts to see the game to its conclusion.

Heavy Rain was SUPPOSED to be like that, right? If a person in story dies, we lose their input for the rest of the story. Ok, fine. But then we can go back and play the game and make changes to the decision making process to see what might have been. Now David Cage acknowledges this, but then states that to do so with his game is diluting the overall game experience. You know what that tells me? It tells me that perhaps his game is not as well designed as he thinks it is.

Is there now not enough variety in Heavy Rain itself to make a repeat playthrough worth it? Does having someone in his game die not change the game enough to where a repeat playthrough is worth seeing? That is the message I get from him now.

And that is a bad message to send to someone who has to fork over their money for your design. So please game developers, learn from David Cage. Learn that forced limitations (or poor game design?) in your game is a quick way for it to wind up in the bargin bin. Take into consideration that a player might try and do something you may not be aware of. While you can not prepare for everything in that regard, try and at least put some variety into your title in case they do try and play your game differently from how you may see it - especially if your title is "story driven" like Heavy Rain is supposed to be.

(Disclaimer: I sincerely hope this makes sense. I wrote this at 3:30 am while just skimming the internet with a cup of tea. But I came across Jim's article and it made me take pause. No MS Paint this time, just some words from me about this topic.)   read

11:09 AM on 08.29.2009

I could not resist...

I know, ghetto as all getout - but it is Saturday morning, and these pop tarts are good with a cold glass of milk.   read

10:22 AM on 08.26.2009

Holy Crud... What The HELL Am I Doing HERE?!?!?!

You know, that is a good question.

I figured it was about time to start my foray into the world of "PROFESSIONAL GAME BLOGGING~!". I have other places to vent on other subjects, but this blog will be about games, gaming, trends, tidbits, and anything else related to my favorite thing to do in this life, VIDEO GAMING. You might get some news and gossip from the world of heavy metal, or how Tito Kube's Bleach actually matters to the topic, but for the most part it will be for video gaming, with a twist of verbage.

I started playing video games when I was 10. I turn 39 this year. That is a a metric F-TON of gaming, let me tell you.

So why Destructoid? Well, one, I am not cool enough to have my profile promoted on Kotaku (been about A YEAR now!), and since I am also an also-ran in the eyes of Cliff Bleszinski, I figured that makes things actually BETTER here.

Two, Destructoid is one of the few places that has given GAMES FOR WINDOWS LIVE gamers like myself a fair shake. These guys and Bluesnews have been nothing but supportive of my effects in that regard (unlike some other "PC Gaming Centric Blogs" *COUGH Dig Bownload COUGH*), and for that reason, I am grateful for their understanding of my near zealitous belief in the concept. They have also credited me properly on tip submissions, and I can not say that about some other places...

But enough about my wants and desires; wait, this is my blogspace, so screw it, this is totally about what I want. :p

Seriously, I figure if what I like in gaming is to continue on, naysayers be damned, then I have to meet the audience halfway. I am not a "WEB-brity", nor DO I WANT TO BE ONE. I just want to have my say in things about that video gaming that interests me. If any of it makes you think even for the slighest moment, then it has already paid off for me. Also, Ashley - what, you thought I was going to say "cocks"? I DO NOT THINK SO!

And for my first post, I must subject myself to a Destructoid original trial of manhood - the MS Paint Picture edit.

Therefore, I present to you, my first post here on Destructoid, the REAL reason for Beyond Good And Evil 2 being put "on hold". See my picture for the whole sickening truth, and pray your soul can take emotinal impact it will leave upon you.

I have some ideas for writeups here, and maybe they just might be enough to keep you interested. Let's find out together.   read

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