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TheTrendSetter89's blog

2:26 AM on 09.28.2010

More Than Just Noise: The Theatricality of Gaming

All the world's a stage... I am passionate about many things in my life. Among these include playwriting, singing, and acting, three disciplines that fall under the broader category of theatre in the most general sense. Beyo...   read

4:22 AM on 01.20.2010

POP Goes the Console

Enjoy a bit of fan-service on my behalf Writing this opening sentence marks my beating the next generation installment of Prince of Persia for the Xbox 360 (or PS3 depending on one's predilections) as of two minutes ago. Le...   read

8:41 AM on 12.31.2009

Love/Hate: Parental [Super]vision

Now son, you're really telling me a plumber can jump that high? It all started when my brother received an Xbox360 a few Christmas' ago. Amazing how time has changed: I was still a firm believer in Sony due to my undying lo...   read

5:25 PM on 12.29.2009

Thoughts on 'Avatar' from Another Gamer

This...THIS is what I want! Can you see that!? Can you SEE that? No? Give me another year and I'll show you! Firstly, this article is largely in response to Anthony Burch's "Why 'Avatar' Didn't Change Anything for Gamers" a...   read

2:27 AM on 12.29.2009

Well Hello...

Mao says MEOWHELLOMEOW And Welcome! To my Blog! So Destructoid tells me I should introduce myself, and here I am. I've been a fan of Destructoid for a while now, and having writing aspirations myself (AND loving video gam...   read

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