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7:16 AM on 03.22.2010

The best pocket monster is..




Am i doing this right?......anyone?

Ahhh, screw you guys.

and I'm taking THIS with me   read

9:42 AM on 07.31.2009

The price of the DJ Hero controller and the conditions for escapism

According an article i saw on engadget , the new Dj Hero Renegade edition controller is priced at $199. As far as we know this controller can only be used with the game, i.e. it does not act as a midi controller. Why would i pay more to be limited solely to their remixes when i could n buy a midi controller and mess around with friends with ANY Mp3 track?

I was actually looking forward to this game but how can you justify buying a toy controller that costs almost (or more for the Renegade edition) to the real thing? I mean, you can get a Numark Total Control midi controller for about 160, and sure it could still be considered a toy by real dj's (i.e. well, some dj snobs anyway) but at least you have the ability to actually mix and produce something pretty decent.

At the moment the Wii version almost costs as much as the console itself. At any stage did Activision consider that the price was somewhat excessive? I can imagine that the game will have a further price increase when released in the UK bringing it even closer to the cost of some decent dj gear.

So with this news, and the associated artists (e.g. new black eyed peas and eminem) i'm going to have to go on a complete turnaround on my previous blog post (Plea to Konami, make me a DJ HERO!) and turn my back on this game.

While i'm doing a complete turnaround on this matter, and will look like a hypocrite. I've been thinking that i think i was wrong about a Dj Hero game being a good idea at all. I play videogames because it enables me to do something that i can't normally do in real life or feel i can't learn. I can't play guitar and i enjoyed Guitar Hero, i can't kill a medusa and i really enjoyed God of War. A game like this however, pretty much teaches you the basics of Dj-ing.

Don't get me wrong i know that Dj-ing (yeah i will continue to call it that, i know it's retarded) is a real skill and i'm not saying that you're going to be Kid Koala after finishing a remix of JayZ and Eminem on Dj Hero. But i still think this game teaches you the fundamentals of beat matching and once you've got that you've got enough to screw around and make some mixes. Furthermore, you could claim the fact that turntable controller is pretty close to the real deal it therefore gets you comfortable with a simple mixer, more so than the plastic guitar with buttons to a guitar with strings. However, this game/controller will only teach/train you the fundamentals, if you want to learn more you'll need something REAL and when the barrier of entry to the game is more or the same to the real deal why bother with the game? The closer games get to reality the more you have to question why not just try the real thing? Perhaps escapism is proportionally enjoyable to how far from reality it is. But then, by that theory Ninja Blade should be the most fun ever, right?

I can't DJ (i mean, i can't DJ well) but i do know my way around a turntable. With a barrier of entry as high as this for a video game unless i see it ridiculously cheap somewhere second hand, there is no way i'm paying that much for a plastic controller when i could be saving a few more pennies and get a real midi controller. Have fun staring at dots moving to Black Eyed Pea's 'Boom Boom Boom', you'll catch me dancing with my friends to a hand mixed version of "Just like a Mini Mall".

Fleamarket. Montgomery.

p.s. how do i embed youtube videos?   read

12:36 PM on 07.17.2009

Final Fantasy VI ending with Consoles (shortblog + truly EPIC flash video)

Just watch this, it's funny, cute, is completely relevant today and has Final Fantasy VI spoilers: It's also OLD, but i had never seen it so perhaps others hadn't either.

SEGA Fantasy VI

Courtesy of

P.s. I Love it how UMD hurts all the consoles, including the PSP

p.p.s. What the hell is a Playdia

p.p.p.s. Man, Final Fantasy VI was so good. Nuts to all of you that started with FF7 and never went back to play the others.   read

6:46 AM on 07.14.2009

Trouble with Travelling (and taking an online identity)

The dtoid community is a cultured bunch and likes to see the world. There are, however, a few lessons to be learned about moving overseas and how easy this may be with regards to gaming.

Itís almost been a year since i moved from New Zealand to sunny Edinburgh, Scotland (aka ďyeah my city has an fín castle!Ē). You would have thought taking two 12 hour flights, adjusting to the new climate and starting fresh with no credit rating would be the biggest hassle in relocating. In fact, the biggest problem Iíve had is moving electronically. Buying iTunes points, using a credit card/region locks on Steam, transferring licences to a new PC are all things you donít really consider being difficult and to be fair are small annoyances. There is one problem that still continues to bite me in the ass, a year later: Xbox Live.

Iíve had a 360 almost since launch and love the bloody thing (read: I am not a fanboy, some of my best friends are black.. etc..). I havenít had too many troubles with it, except for the odd RROD. With this experience, and that i had already invested a lot in arcade games linked to my profile (not to mention gamerpoints), the smart choice for my first UK games console was the 360. No problems there, except when you start to involve Xbox Live.

In the process of moving, my Gamertag Gold membership had expired, but fortunately for me my local supermarket was running a special on 12 month live membership cards and point cards (as a side note iím still not used to buying games with my foodstuffs). Well, thatís handy so i bought said card and got 4200points. I get home and login to my account

user: TheToiletDuckNZ
password TheToiletDuckNZistotallyawesome1hackmainframe

and iím in.

Redeem code and boom goes the dynamite i have 12 months of gold membership!

Next up, my 4200 points.... code is not valid.

Hmm, must have typed it in wrong.

Code is not valid.

Okay, i guess i got shafted. Bugger. I rang up Microsoft support in Delhi and they ask me if i typed the code in correctly, then ask for my account details. They inform me that i canít use UK points card on a NZ account. I say iíve changed my location details and they said that it doesnít matter. I ask if i can update my details with them and they say no. Well, fuck, what am i supposed to do then? I explain i now have 12 months on one account and canít use my points.

She informs me the only solution is to make a silver UK account, put the points on that and then the games will be linked to that account and are able to be played with my Gold membership on the same console. Hmm, okay but then what happens if something happens to my console and i need to switch licences. Donít worry about that until it happens she said (yeah like thatís reassuring with a console that has such a high failure rate).

You may ask, well fuck TheToiletDuck (youíll have to buy me a drink first), why didnít you just buy some NZ points online using a credit card? And youíd think iíd reply ďwow, i never thought of thatĒ except, i wouldnít because i DID think of that and no dice .They donít let you use a foreign credit card online. Hmm, actually i donít even think they let me use my NEW ZEALAND credit card from an overseas IP address.

That was in August of 2008 so letís fast forward to the present to when the two account fuckjuggle is still biting me in the ass.

Battlefield 1943 is released and i have a sweet moolah of points sitting in my account for just the occasion. Only, you can only buy this game using a Gold membership. Ah well, fuck it, the game has problems anyway and i have TF2 on PC. Impulse buy avoided.

Then, Dtoid lets me know that Ikaruga is half price!

Sweet, iíve been waiting to pick this up for ages so why not. Only, itís half price for GOLD memberships only. Fuckís sake.

Hey, i see the 1 vs. 100 beta is out.. for GOLD membership only, no worries iíll use my NZ account.. but the 1 Vs. 100 beta isnít in NZ.

You get where iím going here, if anyone tells you that your live ID is a global identity, you're right to tell them that is fucking bullshit (and then ask them why they're talking like a microsoft PR rep). Live is connected worldwide (by tubes i believe) but itís far from a global identity. Keep this in mind when you move countries, even between compatible regions (PAL -> PAL) that things like xbox live memberships/itunes memberships/steam memberships ARE region locked. You might be able to log in with them from another country but donít expect to be able to DO anything with them.

Once again, iíll bring out EMO kiwi to summarize:

6:44 AM on 05.28.2009

Sometimes I wonder about the ads on Destructoid (NVGR)

I'm genuinely all for Destructoid being ad supported, i usually get a smile out of an ad for a lesbian RPG coming up in a BAN THIS SICK FILTH post. This one 'suggest your DREAM pc' ad for WEPC is a little bit... err unimaginative though.

Exhibit a)

Umm... Isn't EVERY* screen glow-in-the-dark? *my apologies to the Gameboy/Advance

Exhibit b)

Hardly a dream PC, dual monitors have been around for years and years. Hell, my shitty laptop at work is connected to a monitor thus making it a dual monitor PC.

Exhibit c)

Laptops with built in remotes have been around for a while too. Not to mention the Pandora

Come on WEPC, what about Smello-vision, PC's with bobble head hula girls, a laptop with keys made of chocolate... DREAM BIG DAMMIT! I'll give them the 'holographic' display one, but i'd say the keyboard would get a bit messy if people use it for what i think they will (i.e. what EVERYONE will use it for).

I guess that's why they need you to submit your dreams.

As a point of note, everyone should click on that link and support Destructoid. If you use an ad-blocker, make an exception for Destructoid, it won't hurt you to see ads on one page and sometimes the ads can be unintentionally thought provoking... or you might get to see some anime softcore furry rpg pr0n.

Hell, you might even get a shitty blog-post out of it.

3:46 AM on 05.18.2009

Stopping online theft

It is a fundamental aspect of human nature that most people will steal something if there is no danger of getting caught. And this is what has happened to the recorded music industry. Most music residing on MP3 players in the world is stolen, it has been downloaded over the internet using peer to peer filesharing. In fact most young people today think that it is quite normal and acceptable to steal in this way and they kick up a fuss when someone tries to stop them.

With the advent of broadband this stealing spread to movies. So now every movie is available online before it is in the cinema. And many millions of people are regularly stealing from the film industry. To these thieves it is the acceptable norm.

Which brings us to games. To a large extent these have the DRM protection of being on a console. Where this breaks down, as in boxed PC games, the market is decimated and the supply of new products dwindles to a trickle.

The thieves make lots of excuses for their thieving. Such as the fact that one incremental copy does not cost the producer anything. But they miss the fundamental moral point that they are benefiting from another personís work without contributing towards it. And if everyone steals, then who will pay for new music, films and games to be made?

The only way to stop this stealing is to stop the illegal traffic on the internet. It currently comprises well over a half of all internet traffic, so widespread is the stealing. The French have introduced a law that thieves will have their internet connections stopped if they offend repeatedly. This approach is what a lot of governments and a lot of the industries involved want. So if it works in France it will be rolled out to other countries.

This stealing is not victimless, the recorded music industry has been decimated, the film industry is suffering from a huge loss of revenues and the games industry has just about deserted several gaming platforms. All this means people losing their jobs and less content being produced.

In the UK the creative industries contribute £112.5 billion (or 8%) to the economy and provide 1.8 million jobs. It has been researched that half of this is at risk from illegal file sharing. So something has to be done. Peer to peer downloading is the biggest epidemic of theft in the history of mankind. The law has not kept up with the technology and everyone will be a lot worse off until it does.   read

7:28 AM on 04.26.2009

Destructoid Mosaics (version 2) - jetzt mit mehr Wettbewerb!!!

It became apparent from the comments on the Destructoid Mosaics (Version beta 1c) that some key members (hehe members) were missed off of the mosaics. That wasn't going to do, so i looked into the settings and i think I've managed to include more people. Seems i was missing the avatars hosted on outside servers (not dtoids) in the pool of images.

Surprisingly, this took me a lot longer than last time. The biggest problem was how to get the 1000odd avatars without clicking save-as on each one. My temporary internet files method was no good, so i settled with saving the page. Anyway... using Mr Sadistic's avatar (Destro ftw) as my litmus test these new pics seem to pass. Again, there are bigger versions in the gallery.

Now... let's make things a bit more interesting (and try to ignore the fact that this blog post is essentially a shameful copy-pasta)

I have a newly acquired XBLA code for Connect 4 which will go to the first one that can find these 3 avatars :

RioMcCarthy:.......................Niero:.......................Char Aznable:

in this masterpiece :)

Screen caps or written location posted in comments section is fine. Shouldn't be too hard as every avatar can be on there up to three times.

And just to make sure that RAB and Y0j1 don't feel left out this time:


UPDATE: Congrats Justice, the code has been sent via message to your Gamertag.   read

11:25 AM on 04.21.2009

I made some Destructoid mosaics (shortblog/jpgclusterf$%@)

Sometimes you wake up with an overwhelming desire to express your love for the good ship Destructoid and her crew. Today was one of those days for me. So after spending the day at work wondering how i could express my love i had this idea. Here are some mosaics made up from the avatars of the top 1000 posters.

Some came out pretty good, others not so much, but i might as well post all of them. There are big versions in the gallery below.

For those interested, i pulled the images from Internet Explorers cache (after viewing the leaderboard), femputed them into jpgs (sorry those with animated gifs), manputed them into AndreaMosaic, a free mosaic program, and got most of the template images from here.

Takes all of a minute to make each one.

Maybe this is more of a forum thing, if enough people think so i'll remove this and repost it in the forums.

Democracy, not just for losers.

Fun game for new players, can anyone find Y0jimbos avatar?   read

10:18 AM on 04.03.2009

Thoughts on Podtoid 94: So Ballin

I love awkward humour. I was a big fan on The Office, I love Reno911 and have always had a thing for Mr Shake Hands Man from Banzai. Hell, Iíve even sniggered at Dennis Pennis. So when Anthony mentioned that Robert Summa would be on Podtoid I thought it might be a damn good laugh.

It started off pretty well, just seemed like a normal show, Rev asked what games theyíve been playing, and they talked a little about Burn Zombie Burn (did I detect a little uncomfortable pause after Summa said something? It seemed like Jim wasnít sure if to make a joke or not? )

Of course, it didnít take long for Rev to take Summa to task for taking credit for Destructoid and claiming that he was the man that made them. Totally fair enough, he canít expect to make claims like that and not ruffle feathers.

But then it just kept going and it occurred to me it was less entertaining and more just beating a dead horse. Fuck, not saying that the horse didnít deserve to be beaten, but I kind of felt that Rev was expecting an apology from Summa whereas It was clear after 30mins or so that he wasnít going to get it.

Iím sure Revís intended purpose for the show was to show the Dtoid community that Summa is indeed an asshole, but it didnít really seem necessary and almost became more bullying than anything. Itís obvious Summa doesnít see that acknowledging being an asshole is not the same as apologizing for it, and at times he couldnít even understand Revís jokes about him being a kiddy fiddler.

Actually, i guess it was more like beating a dead horse, that was also autistic.

The best analogy I can think of is itís like when I saw science graduates arguing with fundamentalist (with no university education) about carbon dating and feeling great about it. I still love Rev but felt that this whole show did him a disservice. Heís better than that.

I canít seem to see any record of the show on so maybe thatís why it's not on the front page (or for some other completely unrelated reason or that I missed it). It wasnít as much entertaining as it made me feel like an outsider listening to a public argument. Awkward, but not funny awkward. Okay, some of the pedophile jokes were pretty funny. Okay, maybe a lot. But stillÖ.

Maybe Iím alone on this one. I donít know, but thatís how I feel anyway.

p.s. Yes, everybody sees through Summaís frat boy defense response.

UPDATE : On reflection If the podcast made me think enough to write a cblog about it, and also reflect on what it was exactly that made me uncomfortable it was a good thing.   read

7:31 AM on 02.05.2009

Science Lecture on games in Edinburgh, Scotland. Sat Feb 7th

Just got this in my inbox. I can't make it but thought it would be a good idea to let people know.. i.e. the few people in Edinburgh.

You are invited to an event hosted by The Skinny magazine and the ESRC
Genomics Policy and Research Forum.

Title: Digital Evolution: What Can Gaming Tell Us About Where Life Came From
and Where It's Heading?

Venue: The Drill Hall, 36-38 Dalmeny Street, Edinburgh, EH6 8RG

Date: Saturday 7th February 2009, 7pm

From the Game of Life to Spore to Second Life, computer games reflect our
fascination with evolution. But how life-like are these games, and what, if
anything, can they teach us about human evolution?

The Skinny magazine and the ESRC Genomics Policy and Research Forum welcome
you to discuss these fascinating questions with our guest experts:
award-winning science fiction writer Ken MacLeod and synthetic biologist Dr
Alistair Elfick.

To register:
This is a FREE, ticketed event. For your ticket please call 0131 467 4630 or
email [email protected]


12:01 AM on 07.31.2008

Rock Band 2 dated and priced for New Zealand!

Wow, i can't believe this.

I've been hearing all about the Americans playing Rock Band and having a blast and lamented the fact that living in little ol NZ i could never play against my xbox live buddies.
But it's been so long, and now Harmonix has gone and made Rock Band 2 surely they would just let NZ dive right into Rock Band 2 given you can play the Rock Band 1 songs anyway... right? right? RIGHT!?

Today i got an email from my local videogame supplier (Gameplanet NZ -sorry Hamza, you're exactly right) letting me know that Rock Band 1 is finally dated and priced for NZ.

ROCK BAND 1 comes out OCTOBER 10th.

Yeah, that's right, we are only now getting the FIRST Rock Band, and to carry on the theme of ONE there will be ONE shipment only, and the cost of getting into it is the raping of exactly ONE anus.

Here's the run-down.

PlayStation 3

Rock Band (game only) ($119.95) - 87USD
Hardware bundle (Drums, Wireless Guitar, Mic) ($299.95) - 220USD
Drum Kit ($179.95) - 131USD
Wireless Guitar ($99.95) - 73USD

Xbox 360

Rock Band (game only) ($119.95) - 87USD
Hardware bundle (Drums, Wireless Guitar, Mic) ($299.95) - 220USD
Drum Kit ($179.95) - 131USD
Wireless Guitar ($99.95) - 73USD

Nintendo Wii

Rock Band (game only) ($99.95) - 73USD
Hardware bundle (Drums, Wireless Guitar, Mic) ($299.95) - 220USD
Drum Kit ($179.95) - 131USD
Wireless Guitar ($99.95) - 73USD

PlayStation 2

Rock Band (game only) ($99.95) - 73USD
Hardware bundle (Drums, Wireless Guitar, Mic) ($299.95) - 220USD

What? Why is the ps2 hardware bundle the same price as the next gen's? That's a bit rough, but i guess that's where they are going to make the most money.

Oh and guess what? apparently that 220USD hardware bundle DOES NOT COME WITH THE GAME.

I can only dream of having as much money as they're going to make from NZ alone.   read

5:42 PM on 06.25.2008

12yo Girl gives 300 naughty pics for gaming points

Here's the story:

A 12-year-old girl was persuaded to send 300 sexually explicit photos of herself over the internet in exchange for points on a gaming site, Customs has revealed.

United States authorities discovered that 300 objectionable images were uploaded from a New Zealand email address to a web-based US photo account and told New Zealand Customs.

Assisted by the police child abuse team, Customs executed a search warrant and identified a 12-year-old New Zealand girl as the likely sender.

The girl's account had been hacked which resulted in the loss of her game credits. She was contacted by an anonymous game player who offered to restore the credits she had lost.

In return, the girl was asked to send sexually explicit photographs of herself to the player. Over time, these requests become more graphic in nature.

US and Canadian authorities are investigating the suspect.

Customs manager of investigations Terry Brown warned that parents needed to be aware of what their children were doing on the internet.

"Once images are on the web they are effectively there forever," he said.

Mr Brown said Customs investigators found that online games provided an easy means for children to be groomed by sexual offenders.

"Images of child exploitation such as those present in this case may lead on to actual physical offending," he said. "We need to protect our children by making sure they know what the dangers are."

Mr Brown said Customs, the Department of Internal Affairs and police were working together to combat exploitation of children and catch sexual predators.

"Our communities need to be educated that online sexual abuse of children is happening in our society."

In a recent interview Interpol online child abuse investigator Mick Moran said that there had been "a huge increase in self-taken child pornography".

Living in New Zealand myself, i can verify that this is a simple matter of cultural differences. In New Zealand it's quite legal and socially acceptable to exchange sexual pictures for goods and services. Just the other day i got a bottle of milk and 2 loaves of bread for a picture of me finger banging Helen Clarke.

But seriously... what the fuck?

Story from:   read

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