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Trouble with Travelling (and taking an online identity)

The dtoid community is a cultured bunch and likes to see the world. There are, however, a few lessons to be learned about moving overseas and how easy this may be with regards to gaming.

Itís almost been a year since i moved from New Zealand to sunny Edinburgh, Scotland (aka ďyeah my city has an fín castle!Ē). You would have thought taking two 12 hour flights, adjusting to the new climate and starting fresh with no credit rating would be the biggest hassle in relocating. In fact, the biggest problem Iíve had is moving electronically. Buying iTunes points, using a credit card/region locks on Steam, transferring licences to a new PC are all things you donít really consider being difficult and to be fair are small annoyances. There is one problem that still continues to bite me in the ass, a year later: Xbox Live.

Iíve had a 360 almost since launch and love the bloody thing (read: I am not a fanboy, some of my best friends are black.. etc..). I havenít had too many troubles with it, except for the odd RROD. With this experience, and that i had already invested a lot in arcade games linked to my profile (not to mention gamerpoints), the smart choice for my first UK games console was the 360. No problems there, except when you start to involve Xbox Live.

In the process of moving, my Gamertag Gold membership had expired, but fortunately for me my local supermarket was running a special on 12 month live membership cards and point cards (as a side note iím still not used to buying games with my foodstuffs). Well, thatís handy so i bought said card and got 4200points. I get home and login to my account

user: TheToiletDuckNZ
password TheToiletDuckNZistotallyawesome1hackmainframe

and iím in.

Redeem code and boom goes the dynamite i have 12 months of gold membership!

Next up, my 4200 points.... code is not valid.

Hmm, must have typed it in wrong.

Code is not valid.

Okay, i guess i got shafted. Bugger. I rang up Microsoft support in Delhi and they ask me if i typed the code in correctly, then ask for my account details. They inform me that i canít use UK points card on a NZ account. I say iíve changed my location details and they said that it doesnít matter. I ask if i can update my details with them and they say no. Well, fuck, what am i supposed to do then? I explain i now have 12 months on one account and canít use my points.

She informs me the only solution is to make a silver UK account, put the points on that and then the games will be linked to that account and are able to be played with my Gold membership on the same console. Hmm, okay but then what happens if something happens to my console and i need to switch licences. Donít worry about that until it happens she said (yeah like thatís reassuring with a console that has such a high failure rate).

You may ask, well fuck TheToiletDuck (youíll have to buy me a drink first), why didnít you just buy some NZ points online using a credit card? And youíd think iíd reply ďwow, i never thought of thatĒ except, i wouldnít because i DID think of that and no dice .They donít let you use a foreign credit card online. Hmm, actually i donít even think they let me use my NEW ZEALAND credit card from an overseas IP address.

That was in August of 2008 so letís fast forward to the present to when the two account fuckjuggle is still biting me in the ass.

Battlefield 1943 is released and i have a sweet moolah of points sitting in my account for just the occasion. Only, you can only buy this game using a Gold membership. Ah well, fuck it, the game has problems anyway and i have TF2 on PC. Impulse buy avoided.

Then, Dtoid lets me know that Ikaruga is half price!

Sweet, iíve been waiting to pick this up for ages so why not. Only, itís half price for GOLD memberships only. Fuckís sake.

Hey, i see the 1 vs. 100 beta is out.. for GOLD membership only, no worries iíll use my NZ account.. but the 1 Vs. 100 beta isnít in NZ.

You get where iím going here, if anyone tells you that your live ID is a global identity, you're right to tell them that is fucking bullshit (and then ask them why they're talking like a microsoft PR rep). Live is connected worldwide (by tubes i believe) but itís far from a global identity. Keep this in mind when you move countries, even between compatible regions (PAL -> PAL) that things like xbox live memberships/itunes memberships/steam memberships ARE region locked. You might be able to log in with them from another country but donít expect to be able to DO anything with them.

Once again, iíll bring out EMO kiwi to summarize:
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