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TheToiletDuck avatar 10:18 AM on 04.03.2009  (server time)
Thoughts on Podtoid 94: So Ballin

I love awkward humour. I was a big fan on The Office, I love Reno911 and have always had a thing for Mr Shake Hands Man from Banzai. Hell, Iíve even sniggered at Dennis Pennis. So when Anthony mentioned that Robert Summa would be on Podtoid I thought it might be a damn good laugh.

It started off pretty well, just seemed like a normal show, Rev asked what games theyíve been playing, and they talked a little about Burn Zombie Burn (did I detect a little uncomfortable pause after Summa said something? It seemed like Jim wasnít sure if to make a joke or not? )

Of course, it didnít take long for Rev to take Summa to task for taking credit for Destructoid and claiming that he was the man that made them. Totally fair enough, he canít expect to make claims like that and not ruffle feathers.

But then it just kept going and it occurred to me it was less entertaining and more just beating a dead horse. Fuck, not saying that the horse didnít deserve to be beaten, but I kind of felt that Rev was expecting an apology from Summa whereas It was clear after 30mins or so that he wasnít going to get it.

Iím sure Revís intended purpose for the show was to show the Dtoid community that Summa is indeed an asshole, but it didnít really seem necessary and almost became more bullying than anything. Itís obvious Summa doesnít see that acknowledging being an asshole is not the same as apologizing for it, and at times he couldnít even understand Revís jokes about him being a kiddy fiddler.

Actually, i guess it was more like beating a dead horse, that was also autistic.

The best analogy I can think of is itís like when I saw science graduates arguing with fundamentalist (with no university education) about carbon dating and feeling great about it. I still love Rev but felt that this whole show did him a disservice. Heís better than that.

I canít seem to see any record of the show on so maybe thatís why it's not on the front page (or for some other completely unrelated reason or that I missed it). It wasnít as much entertaining as it made me feel like an outsider listening to a public argument. Awkward, but not funny awkward. Okay, some of the pedophile jokes were pretty funny. Okay, maybe a lot. But stillÖ.

Maybe Iím alone on this one. I donít know, but thatís how I feel anyway.

p.s. Yes, everybody sees through Summaís frat boy defense response.

UPDATE : On reflection If the podcast made me think enough to write a cblog about it, and also reflect on what it was exactly that made me uncomfortable it was a good thing.

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