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31 year old kiwi gamer currently living it up in Scotland as a Malariologist that probably buys more games than he actually plays i.e. an avid consumer. Gen is my SF main. Not sure if that says anything about me? No, probably not.

Dear God, i've wasted my life.

also, video games.

@TheToiletDuck is my twitter, do with it what you will.

Some Destructoid Mosaics i made using avatars and wallpapers. I <3 U Dtoid
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Not just because it's stops cheaters, but because it fixed my complete dumb ass actions. Please learn from my mistakes, an internet dumb ass.

It all started Wednesday night wheni had got back from dinner with my partner and thought I'd round off a great evening with a bit drunken Team Fortress 2 on the new Goldrush. No one was in the dtoid server so i thought I'd go to a random server with low ping.

I was playing quite happily with a few random people when:

"Steam id here: has earned achievement _____
Steam id here: has earned achievement _____
Steam id here: has earned achievement _____
Steam id here: has earned achievement _____
Steam id here: has earned achievement _____
Steam id here: has earned achievement _____
Steam id here: has earned achievement _____"

"What the hell? How the hell did he just earn 57 achievements at once?"
Was pretty much the reaction of everybody.

Now i'm not ACTUALLY a complete dumb ass, but apparently i play one on the internet because i said "ha ha, yeah right whatever" and copypasta'd it into the console

"TheToiletDuck has received a payload of achievements, firmly up his asshole."

Thing is the medic is pretty much the only class i have any chance of earning achievements because it's my most played class. Now I'm not going to get into a debate on the validity of e-penis scores, i don't care about the fact that my gamer card is just over 2000. This sucks because my stupid actions had pretty much fucked up the cool feeling of accomplishment you get when you get an achievement.

Also there is the more tricky issue of at what stage could i use the new weapons without feeling like a cheater? How could i show my face at dtoid (where i might add i am considered one of the best players ever...... yep, and i have a huge cock).

Well, turns out i didn't have to think long (and honestly i didn't really, it's just a game after all). Valve updated Tf2 and removed all the extra achievements i had received through achievement_unlock_all. I do however, still have all the achievements i earned legitimately.

So thank you Valve, you made my game challenging and took away evidence of my stupidity, well until i went and blogged about it that is.

This is the complete opposite opinion of someone who played last night and just wanted the weapons. That's cool, people can think what they want **cough.. cheater.. cough cough** i for one am stoked i can now try to earn the new weapons legit like. Seeing a player with the new stuff is not really that cool unless it's a true representation of that person kicking ass.

now if you excuse me i have to go back to being dominated.
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