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TheToiletDuck avatar 4:51 PM on 04.29.2008  (server time)
State of gaming (abridged)... plus pics

Wait, his level!? It's under 1000!!?!?!?!!11

Woohoo, my one goal in life was to get my destructoid rank past 1000.. and i did it.. i can't believe it oh my god.


I was planning to write a post entitled 'the state of gaming in NZ'. But with gta4 being out i don't think i'll have the time to do it justice so will just give a more bloggy version.

It was meant to outline the fact that nz was a country raised on sega rather than nintendo (i think as a result, nintendo wii never sold out properly here). Where outdoor gaming advertising is everywhere (from the hoo-haa kotaku makes of billboards and posters i assume this is not the case in America?), and where playstation 3 owners think they can sell their console second hand for more than it costs in a store (umm, k)

We have one pretty decent arcade in the whole of Auckland.

Which has an inordinate amount of puzzle bobble machines.

Basically, the whole arcade is there to appease fighting game, puzzle bobble and shmup players because no one is playing the shooting games/driving games/bishi bashi/ or using those photobooths that give you wallet sized pieces of rubbish.

Of course We do have more than one arcade but the others hardly compare to yifanz.

See yifanz, even has tekken 6 (that's 6 times more tekken than tekken 1!).

When i was a kid, we had one/two game franchises in auckland with like 6 stores total. Then years later along came Johnny Ebgames who planted his gaming mcdonalds seed all over the country. This was actually a very good thing. Now kids had somewhere to be left while their mother spent three hours looking for shoes that fit her cankles.

In our gaming hay-day we had 3 more franchises in the fray. Alas, they could not compete with Eb and the last of these new non-eb franchises have long since closed down.
As far as i know (and i'm taking an extreme Auckland-centric view here) is that all that remains now, are those original 2 franchises, ebgames, and my favourite gamestore in auckland where they give me most games a day early :)

I'm not going to start a rant about ebgames is evil. Ebgames isn't evil, they are business so fair game to them. But it is a bit sad that its getting harder to find an alternative to Eb, and even sadder that you have to send ALL your kids to one store instead of spreading the babysitting around other stores.

In other words, this post is pointless and half-assed... except to show you the best name for a elevator repair company ever.

Please, correct me if you know of a better Arcade. I would genuinely like to visit it.


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