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31 year old kiwi gamer currently living it up in Scotland as a Malariologist that probably buys more games than he actually plays i.e. an avid consumer. Gen is my SF main. Not sure if that says anything about me? No, probably not.

Dear God, i've wasted my life.

also, video games.

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Apparently not.

It's raining and i have work tomorrow.

This was going to be my first midnight launch since picking up a gamecube. I thought GTAIV would be the one to pull me back into rabid gaming. Spending ridiculous amounts to get a game day one. Walking to every store in the city on the hope that someone will sell it to me early... "Break the release date dammit, i need my gaming fix."

Nope, turns out once you go through that period through college where you need to give games a break, you come out a different man. One that doesn't really care whether or not you get the game on the very first day it comes out, practicing the multiplayer before the servers are rapant with american kids who are ridiculously better than you.

Maybe I'm getting old, or maybe GTAIV will still be the same game tomorrow and it's just not worth getting a cold for.

Hmm, then again i may take the day work off on Wednesday. I'm still a gamer after all.

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