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TheToiletDuck avatar 11:25 AM on 04.21.2009  (server time)
I made some Destructoid mosaics (shortblog/jpgclusterf$%@)

Sometimes you wake up with an overwhelming desire to express your love for the good ship Destructoid and her crew. Today was one of those days for me. So after spending the day at work wondering how i could express my love i had this idea. Here are some mosaics made up from the avatars of the top 1000 posters.

Some came out pretty good, others not so much, but i might as well post all of them. There are big versions in the gallery below.

For those interested, i pulled the images from Internet Explorers cache (after viewing the leaderboard), femputed them into jpgs (sorry those with animated gifs), manputed them into AndreaMosaic, a free mosaic program, and got most of the template images from here.

Takes all of a minute to make each one.

Maybe this is more of a forum thing, if enough people think so i'll remove this and repost it in the forums.

Democracy, not just for losers.

Fun game for new players, can anyone find Y0jimbos avatar?

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