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31 year old kiwi gamer currently living it up in Scotland as a Malariologist that probably buys more games than he actually plays i.e. an avid consumer. Gen is my SF main. Not sure if that says anything about me? No, probably not.

Dear God, i've wasted my life.

also, video games.

@TheToiletDuck is my twitter, do with it what you will.

Some Destructoid Mosaics i made using avatars and wallpapers. I <3 U Dtoid
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It became apparent from the comments on the Destructoid Mosaics (Version beta 1c) that some key members (hehe members) were missed off of the mosaics. That wasn't going to do, so i looked into the settings and i think I've managed to include more people. Seems i was missing the avatars hosted on outside servers (not dtoids) in the pool of images.

Surprisingly, this took me a lot longer than last time. The biggest problem was how to get the 1000odd avatars without clicking save-as on each one. My temporary internet files method was no good, so i settled with saving the page. Anyway... using Mr Sadistic's avatar (Destro ftw) as my litmus test these new pics seem to pass. Again, there are bigger versions in the gallery.

Now... let's make things a bit more interesting (and try to ignore the fact that this blog post is essentially a shameful copy-pasta)

I have a newly acquired XBLA code for Connect 4 which will go to the first one that can find these 3 avatars :

RioMcCarthy:.......................Niero:.......................Char Aznable:

in this masterpiece :)

Screen caps or written location posted in comments section is fine. Shouldn't be too hard as every avatar can be on there up to three times.

And just to make sure that RAB and Y0j1 don't feel left out this time:


UPDATE: Congrats Justice, the code has been sent via message to your Gamertag.
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