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TheToiletDuck avatar 12:57 AM on 05.23.2008  (server time)
A plea to Konami, screw Rock make me a DJ hero!

Although Podtoid ignored this fact Konami has got to be given the props for pretty much inventing the “hey look I can play this song (with plastic instruments)” genre. People were Rock-banding away to Guitar Freaks, Drummania and Karaoke revolution at least 7 years before Guitar Hero.
What can’t be ignored is that Konami done f’d up and didn’t market the hell out of this idea and mass release them to home consoles in the United States. This is understandable given the unproven nature of the game and the niche market of J-pop (I believe this was before the days when every virginal 16 year old American was unhealthily obsessed with DragonballZ , honor, ninja wall scrolls and a crying girl getting 5 loads of spunk on her at once).

Fast forward to the future and you have Harmonix and Activision pretty much owning the plastic instrument market. Konami understandably want to get a piece of this pie with Rock Revolution but Konami, I’m sorry, you’re are too late there is no pie left and the pie tin has been stolen by the neighbors kid to claim the cash deposit.
There is some good news however…. you still have some good ideas that haven’t been stolen yet. No not Karaoke revolution and god no NOT THREE MORE FREAKIN DANCE DANCE GAMES!! I’m talking about Beatmania, but with a twist.

I love hip hop, avant-garde and a fair bit of what you would call electronica. I pretty much have a boner for anything that involves a turntable or samples.

I would love to be a DJ, but I lack the two main things that make a good DJ: Equipment and skill. Konami can fix this by instead of going for a market that is already heavily saturated by two companies, re-release Beatmania as a Dj Simulator. License some famous dj tracks (it’s not like they don’t need the money), add some freestyle remixing function and perhaps a Dj Battle mode and I bet you’d have yourself a winner.

Jesus Christ Konami, you already have the peripheral!!! Look it’s right there! It even has a turntable on it!

I don’t know, you could put in some Gang Starr, X-ecutioners, Avalanches, Dj Shadow, Cut Chemist, and a heap of independents that won’t cost you dick. For the love of god though if you make this and don’t include “ Rock It “ I will club you and eat your bones.
As well as going for all those hip-hop kids that will purchase anything with a scratch or a Fuuuuuresh, FRESHH!!! You could include something for those 8bit kids, Moby fanboys (haha, do they exist?) and people that would love to remix the Neverending Story theme.

While everybody else wants to be every member of Poison I want to be the next Kid Koala, Diplo, Dj Shadow or Grand Mixer DXT. Come on Konami…. Even if it’s just for me.

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