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Yeah, you heard me.

You've probably heard about this whole "Buy Singularity, Get Prototype" thing they have going for Xbox 360. I hadn't. I did however, hear a friend at work gushing about how much he loved Singularity, a game that I had been looking forward to, but had sort of lost faith in after Raven's last mediocre offering and the total lack of ad-blitz for the game. So I goes to my local gamestop, pick up a copy, and see this poster behind the counter. "Buy Singularity, Get Prototype FREE!" it proclaimed.

"Huh," I thought, "how can I lose?"

After verifying with the clerk that I'd have to mail in for it, and buying Singularity, I went home to play my new time-altering, mish-mash of excellent shooter mechanics, being careful to retain my purchase receipt. After a solid six hours of aging soldiers to dust and hucking explosive barrels at weird, phasing zombie-things, I decided to look into this whole "Free Prototype" business.

"Here's what you need!" the handy website said,

"A copy of Singularity!"


"The original, dated purchase recipt!"


"The sticker from the cellophane on the Singularity package!"


Fast forward to me, knee deep in dumpster, selectively opening kitchen garbage bags looking for the one I took out not six hours earlier.

Long story short, I found that &*@*&^@$(*&*(^@(&^*@^#$*@*&! sticker, and I only have a little spaghetti left under my fingernails.

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