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2:33 AM on 05.25.2014

Returning to Wolfenstein with The New Order

Itís 1960, but itís a far different 1960 from the one you and I know of. In this alternate timeline, 1960 is a time of terror, ruled by the Nazis and the deadly machinery that gave them the edge needed to win World War II. Join the resistance, if you would like to make a stand. General Deathshead and other dark opponents stand in your way, but you may be the worldís only chance for freedom.

Welcome to The New Order.

The newest game in the Wolfenstein series turns history on its head to take the series in a new direction. Of course, for longtime fans of the seriesówhich began in 1981 and became an FPS series in 1992óthis isnít the first time youíve fought crazy robots as B.J. Blazkowicz, but itís not every day you fight in a world controlled by the Nazis. And although thatís a pretty wild premise, everything was handled from a ďwhat ifĒ perspective based on historical events and Nazi ideals, rather than complete sci-fi speculation. For some fans, that might sound like a bit of a stretch, and after you fight off a couple of robot hounds, you may see their point. Nevertheless, the real Nazis had some pretty strange cancelled and unfulfilled plans, so maybe the Panzerhunds arenít so absurd after all. The story is definitely a key part of The New Order, and itís one of the reasons the game doesnít have any multiplayer. Everything is devoted to the single-player campaign.

Itís a classic FPS with a lot of new weapons, but you can employ different gameplay styles. If youíd like to sneak through the shadows and take out your enemies through stealth attacks, you can do that. If youíd like to burst into the room all guns blazing, you can do that too. If youíd like to kill key Nazi officers in secret so they canít sound the alarm and then shoot up the room, or otherwise mix stealth and chaos, thatís yet another option available to you. Most scenarios can be handled in multiple ways, so try out different methods and see what you like the most.

That adds a degree of replay value to the game, but replay value comes from other areas, as well. Maybe you didnít get all of the collectibles on your first playthrough and would like to have another go. More importantly, however, maybe youíd like to see the other ending and how scenes would work out differently if you hadnít made the choice that you didóyes, you have to make choices in The New Order, one of which has a dramatic effect on the way the rest of the game plays out.

Of course, youíll have Wolfenstein cheats to help you along the way. Want to know the locations of those collectibles? You should be able to find a guide. Need help overcoming that one type of enemy? Maybe thereís a trick to make it a lot easier. Wondering what kinds of references are hidden in the game? Look up The New Orderís Easter eggs and have a look. Thereís plenty of content and plenty of cheats, and weíre all glad to have Wolfenstein: The New Orderóand even happier that its grim setting never came to pass.   read

5:48 AM on 05.05.2014

The World in Grand Theft Auto 5

Every video game has some sort of world it takes place in, no matter how realistic or fantastic that world might be. Rockstarís Grand Theft Auto series opts for a somewhat realistic world, with fictional settings based on real-world locations. The latest game in the series, GTA V, released in September 2013, and it returned players to the city of Los Santos, which made its first appearance in GTA: San Andreas. Los Santos, if the name wasnít enough of a clue, is based on Los Angeles. Nevertheless, itís still its own place, and understanding it should be important to anyone planning to play GTA V.

Los Santos is big. It almost has to be, due to the open world gameplay, but itís even bigger than the San Andreas version of the city. GTA Vís Los Santos is split into four areas: North, South, East, and West. Each of those areas, in turn, is divided into districts. Then there are Davis and Del Perro, the two incorporated cities found inside of Los Santos. Now, some people might worry that even if the city is big, maybe itís all the same. Well, donít worry about monotony in Los Santos. Just like any real city, it isnít all uniform. For example, Davis is a very poor city with a lot of violence, while Del Perro is high-class and expensive. You should also keep in mind that each area of Los Santos has places to visit and things to do, so youíll be able to play GTA V a long time before you get bored with the city.

Plus, if youíre playing in free roam, you can always use some cheat codes for GTA 5 to make things even more interesting. Cheats canít be used during missions, but at any other time, you can enter the correct combination of button presses and D-pad commands to activate a cheat. GTA V has a lot of codes for you to try, and some even directly affect the gameís world. For example, you can put everything into slow motion or lower the gravity. Little things like that can make your exploration even more entertaining.

Another cheat code lets you cycle through the different types of weather, to give Los Santos the atmosphere you want. The cityís weather ranges from clear skies to clouds to lightning storms, and even to smog, which is a new effect introduced with GTA V. It also snows in Los Santos at specific points in the game, as well as in GTA Online on Christmas. In general, however, days of the week and months of the year have no effect on gameplay. The game is set in 2013, and thatís all there is to it.

The passage of time within a given day is another matter. As with most games with a dynamic day/night system, time passes faster in GTA V than in the real world. 1 hour of in-game time is two minutes of real-world time, which means that a full 24 hours will pass in the game for each 48 minutes you play. The importance of this lies not only in the changes in the mood and visibility, but also in what missions you can begin and what sorts of people will appear around Los Santos. In many ways, the world of GTA V mirrors the real world, so when you explore its fictional city, you may find yourself thinking of it as a real, living city.   read

3:58 AM on 04.11.2014

Considering the Journey in Fallout: New Vegas

Post-apocalyptic settings are very popular in media today, with video games being just one medium that has readily adopted and adapted it. Your mileage may vary on whether this is still a good thing or if the setting is becoming overused, but no matter which side you fall on, you canít deny that some highly successful games have come out of the concept. Bethesdaís Fallout series is one of the most popular franchises, and Fallout: New Vegas, with its open world environment and action RPG style, is one of the standout titles of the series.

New Vegas came out in 2010. It was available for the Xbox 360, PS3, and PC. Although it had some problems with glitches and bugs, it had a successful launch and later received six packs of downloadable content. These were eventually bundled with the game for the 2012 release of the Fallout: New Vegas Ultimate Edition.

There is a large world and a lot of content in the game, so if you want to make sure you donít miss out on anything, you might want to check out some cheats for New Vegas. Now, this isnít really a game that has cheat codes, so donít expect to be performing crazy stunts and altering the entire world once you look at these. If you just need a few pointers or a nudge in the right direction, however, youíll be able to find a lot of helpful things. Many hints are availableónot general gameplay hints, like the sorts of things youíd find in any walkthrough, but more specific hints related to tasks you might have more trouble with. For example, you might need some help getting Raul as a follower, so you can check out a quick, concise guide to see what you need to do.

You can also learn about little tricks that you might not have figured out on your own. For example, even though your weapons are taken from you when you enter a casino, there is a way for you to keep them. Even though you negatively affect your karma/reputation when you kill friendlies, you can find a way around that. Even though the conditions of your weapons and armor will deteriorate, you can quickly restore them to perfect condition just by taking advantage of a slight glitch in the shop system.

If these arenít the sorts of cheats youíre looking for, however, maybe youíre interested in finding all of the unique weapons. There are lists of all the unique weapons in the game, along with their locations. Such a list is bound to come in handy as you try to locate them all. Additionally, you can find guides that tell you exactly how to get certain weapons that require more in-depth instructions, such as the Alien Blaster. Whatever it is youíre looking for, these guides will set you on the correct path.

But maybe youíve come looking more for glitches and ways you can really give yourself an advantage, like infinite experience cheats. Good news, there are multiple strategies for getting an unlimited amount of experience, money, stimpacks, and more. Take a look.

Thanks to these cheats, you now should be equipped with a good supply of knowledge for your journey through the post-apocalyptic setting of Fallout: New Vegas. Whenever you find yourself stuck, donít forget to look them up againóyou never know what you may find.   read

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