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TheRomanian's blog

2:33 AM on 05.25.2014

Returning to Wolfenstein with The New Order

Itís 1960, but itís a far different 1960 from the one you and I know of. In this alternate timeline, 1960 is a time of terror, ruled by the Nazis and the deadly machinery that gave them the edge needed to win World War II. Jo...   read

5:48 AM on 05.05.2014

The World in Grand Theft Auto 5

Every video game has some sort of world it takes place in, no matter how realistic or fantastic that world might be. Rockstarís Grand Theft Auto series opts for a somewhat realistic world, with fictional settings based on rea...   read

3:58 AM on 04.11.2014

Considering the Journey in Fallout: New Vegas

Post-apocalyptic settings are very popular in media today, with video games being just one medium that has readily adopted and adapted it. Your mileage may vary on whether this is still a good thing or if the setting is becom...   read

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