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3:59 AM on 06.01.2007

They F**ked With The Wrong Mexican!

If you're like me, then you like kick ass movies with boobs. Hell, even if you're nothing like me you like kick ass movies with hot women, and as such you liked Planet Terror(the first movie of the Grindhouse double feature by Robert Rodriguez and Mr. Overrated).

After the crappy NORMAL previews, Grindhouse had previews for its own movies, and like everyone I know, I assumed these were all just to complete the experience. BUT WAIT, over at IMDB there is a listing for a 2008 movie from Robert Rodriguez, titled Machete that will be straight-to-DVD. I can't tell you how happy I was to see this, because the preview of Machete was my favorite part of Grindhouse...I'm not kidding, its that awesome.

And, of course, Mexican Danny Trejo is the only guy listed as part of the cast, and really, thats all you need, because although he may not be a person, he is still all this movie needs to be great.   read

4:14 AM on 05.31.2007

Make a Post before the Blogs are overrun!

EA(read: money hungry sons of bitches) may have finally thrown on the last straw. Not only was the last version of Madden a travesty, even to someone like me who has bought each yearly release since 04(stupid football hooking me in when I was young), but they have now made yet another costly experience pretty shitty.

From the very beginning almost everything about this game has just angered me. Even from the moment you boot up the game, which is about as long as waiting for Starcraft 2 to be announced,(hint: a long time) you see something completely unrelated to the game that you don't like, namely the massive EA logo. Granted, its only 5 or so seconds, and many companies(Blizzard included) do this, but there is no skip mechanism, you have to see the EA logo slowly lighten up every single time you play the game. Apparently EA doesn't realize you've already bought the game, and that making me watch the logo light up without being able to skip it will inevitably lead to me hating the logo, even if its a good game. There are ways around this, many of you may say, but when a person buys a game for $50 the programming should be done, I shouldn't have to go in and manually change things, its called customer service, and EA is pathetic at delivering it.

Then you get to the actual game. Lets be honest, Command and Conquer was released without enough testing. This is evident from the flurry of patches that came out, fixing things from glitches in the game to merely getting the video and audio to synch up(years designing a game and it can't play a video? come on).

And now, with the final straw(mentioned earlier) is that they are now about a month overdue on a patch that was supposed to be released to make the game a real RTS. You know, actually make strategies beside "I'm gonna turn on C&C 3, make some tanks, then make some more tanks, then make some more tanks....etc, etc" viable. Normally, I would expect balance patches and this wouldn't be an issue, but to tout a game as being made for competitive gameplay and have such an obviously overpowered strategy in it is pretty ridiculous. You may argue that this is the programmers/testers/designers fault, but if EA is making a game then I will tie them to any faults the game has, it is their product as well.

Quite frankly, if they seemed to care at all about my gaming experience I think that this game would have been great, but allowing such an untested game come out and then foul up the date of the patch that was supposed to fix it numerous times, is getting to be ri-god-damn-diculous.

We all know they have made other mistakes(Def Jam: Icon anyone?), but we all make mistakes. See? You probably just did. But I kept faith and tried out this game, and as this article suggests, its one of the more disappointing and frustrating purchases Ive made, and so, I have now joined the ranks of Jeremy from Purepwnage, in how I view EA. And btw, I will never use that video again...most likely won't.

And so, my first post is now a reality, feel free to call me a retard(somehow I think this would have happened even without my permission), support it, or even create an actual argument/criticism of it that isn't flaming(note: on the internet less than .000000000001% of posts have any logic in them).

Also, vaginas. FUCK YOU LITTLE RED ERROR LINE, "vaginas" is a word.   read

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