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TheRob91 avatar 2:42 AM on 07.02.2007  (server time)
Rabid forumites, simply hilarious

I'm excited about Fallout 3, you're excited about Fallout 3, everyone is excited about Fallout 3. Except, of course, for those rabid Forum posters. O how I love thee, rabid forum poster, each of your pots is as intelligent and well thought out as the last. Just look at some of these gems from this site:

"Please, no more
I've had enough of this
Remember how one of the FO devs said that selling FO license is like selling his own daugter?
Well, this daugter has been beaten badly and violated by 5 super-mutants


Its beautiful. No need to use periods when you can just add a whole new line to your post, the longer it is the better. Also, in rabid forumite mode there is no need to make a point, other than something has been really screwed up by someone else, somehow, and this angers you to no end. "Ive had enough of this". But why? Who knows, its not important, because we all know that this guy thinks Fallout 3 is crap from a news story by one guy and some still screens of a demo he has never seen in action. The "duh" is added in to emphasize that its common knowledge every game that this person has never played, because it isnt even out yet, sucks.

But wait, theres more. Look at yet another brilliant example of how the forum goers get their point across so eloquently:

" QUOTE Back in 1987, while working on their own RPG, Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall, they fell in love with Fallout."

It's impressive that they can get stuff like this so wrong. Don't these people spend any time on research?"

This guy TOTALLY nailed Nick Brutal. Brutal obviously doesn't even know what decade that fallout came out, or Elder Scrolls 2, or any game for that matter. Could this merely be a typo? HA, the forum junkie laughs at you, for every single piece of information ever typed is written in stone, and there are no typos.

And, of course, the analyzation of the gameplay from a post about a demo that was played in front of the writer(so thats twice removed gameplay) is equally amazing:

"QUOTE did someone from Bethesda ever send you an email saying that "We only care about money and don't give a [insert unspeakable word here] about the quality of our games."?

Close, but not really.
They've dumbed it down to another fps so they can get larger audience and more $$$

They have non-turn based gameplay so the game has obviously been dumbed down to an FPS. Forget that they still have the targeting system with the VATS. Forget that they have talked radiation and how it seeps into multiple parts of gameplay. Forget that it still has the Special system with tag skills, and that there are more perks to be chosen(once per even level, rather than once per third level). It was said that there is non turn-based gameplay, and from that one statement, it is painfully clear that all Bethesda cares about is "KA-CHING".

As Ron Workman would say, the "internet Matlocks" are pure genius.

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