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TheRob91 avatar 1:13 AM on 06.04.2007  (server time)
Ahhhh, Nostalgia, isn't it grand?

As we all know, nostalgia is a very powerful feeling. Whether some of the things people my age love and cherish from our childhood(Ninja turtles and hand drawn transformers) are really better than the "new age" stuff("darker" ninja turtles with "attitude" and CGI Transformers that look likethis)is irrelevant to this post. Though, I would like to throw in that they are.

Anyway, being the nostalgia whore that I am, I thought I should bring attention to this article from that has a list of 15 of the most memorable cartoon theme songs:

Why on earth they include "painfully" in the title is unknown to me, because every single one of those was great. The best part is when you get to one that you don't remember, then by the end of the video you are singing along and remember half the series. This happened to me 5 times in that list.

Why they didn't make the list 16 and include Darkwing Duck will rack my brain for days, but I guess that is what lists are for, to create discussion. Also, does anyone remember The Pirates of Dark Water? It really has nothing to do with theme songs as its opening is just a story, but it should be mentioned somewhere in a thread about old cartoons.

So, I'm sure there are plenty of cartoons out there(like the 2 I just mentioned) that should be included, so start listing them in the comments below!

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