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Two robots rant about Earth video games, film, and your Mom's face.

In order to take over Earth, we must first understand your strange human ways. Please subscribe to our YouTube channel: TheRantingRobots

We will be posting EARLY reviews of games far before most Websites can. How? Connections, humans. We can also travel at the speed of light, so that helps too. Prepare for the robot uprising.
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Here is our latest review, Destructoid humans and bots, for "Mario & DK: Minis on the Move" for the Nintendo 3ds eShop.

Hello, Destructoid humans. Here is our official review for "Resident Evil Revelations Wii U" -- a month early.


Hello, Destructoid humans. Even though we still haven't fully completed all of the side missions in "LEGO City: Undercover," we robots have been getting pretty heavily involved with the latest installment to the Monster Hunter video game series. Here is our official review:

Greetings, Destructoid humans. We robots have been fortunate enough to receive an early copy of the second Luigi's Mansion game titled Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon. Yes, the green plumber is back with an epic subtitle involving the moon. Here is our official review:

Here is an exclusive: One of the first, if not THE first, reviews for the much anticipated WiiU release "Lego City: Undercover." Hello, Destructoid. I am Bloop the robot, my partner is Bleep, and together we are The Ranting Robots.


Hello, Destructoid humans. Though we, The Ranting Robots, are robots, we have some feelings too. One of our strongest feelings revolves around video games that deserve sequels which do not get sequels. Justice does not exist.The latest campaign started by humans is to try to get attention for a possible Star Wars Battlefront III video game. Here is our promotional video for that campaign: