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TheManchild avatar 9:44 AM on 10.15.2013  (server time)
A Contradictory Blog: My Music, Please Listen.

It's contradictory because I just Tweeted how I am going to "stop blogging about games." But in a sense, it's true; or at least, I am not going to bother tackling game "issues" anymore. Sick of all that horseshit. Had ENOUGH. I don't want to get wrapped up in all the negativity anymore; and ANY side, no matter which stance you choose to take on X, is so thoroughly immersed in negativity that there is no escaping it. I love the folks on here who try to keep things positive; sick of all the angry little shits whose prime motivation is to make other people feel like shit. You know who you are, and you can go fuck yourselves.

Anyways. Hopefully that is the last negative thing I'll ever say here.

The fact is, I've been playing games more often lately, but it happens in between real life, which is busy, busy, busy! That's an understatement, in fact. It's fucking crazy, and I am not even working right now. I had a nice, long vacation from the internet that did me good on a personal level. Getting away from all the negative crap helped me to look at my position objectively, and realize just how unhappy it made me to go anywhere near it. I just like games; plain and simple. But I want to do something related to them, creatively, which is positive. And I think I'm finding my niche, even if it doesn't amount to anything.

A few weeks ago, had some friends over for board games and beer. My best friend in the world, a piece of shit who I have known since my days of working at Gamestop, has been working real hard at board game development. That is his muse, his passion, and after working very closely with the folks at AEG, the publishers of card games such as Smash Up, on a new project, he started to make contacts on a local level through a local shop owner; people who he could potentially collaborate with on future projects.

He brought over one of these guys, a fella named Mike, who is one of the co-creators of the platformer Krunch; a wicked fun, retro inspired PC game where you navigate a floating head through mazes in a constant, tense race against time. We played Lords of Waterdeep, a great little worker placement tabletop game, since Mike and his partner on Krunch had recently gotten into tabletop games, and were showing interest in trying new things. It was a great night, Mike was a cool guy, and when we got to talking about TEH VIDYAGAMES, he mentioned a program called Bosca Ceoil, a program created for the express purpose of making looping music that he had just recently started tinkering with. 

Since I was a little kid, I have worked in a musical medium to some capacity. From my days learning to play piano, to electric guitar, and then to messing around with synthesizers, I've never had any real formal training, but I have an ear for tones. I can understand when something sounds like music. And that may not sound like a big deal, but it's a skill not everyone actually has naturally, and that some musicians have to work years to acquire with great effort. So to have that natural ability has always been helpful when I wanted to sit down and create something.

As much as I like new games, I am absolutely enamored with the past. Specifically, the Sega Genesis, the runner-up in the original console war, the second banana, the born-to-runner-up. Specifically, I love the sound chip. So when I got to playing with Bosca, and started making tracks, the first types of sounds I gravitated towards were those that resembled the grindy, abrasive sound of my beloved Megadrive. Bosca is capable of producing a pretty decent range of music, anything from simple MIDI to pretty complex sounds resembling a wide range of different consoles throughout history. It will be interesting to see where Terry Cavanagh goes with the program, since it was made specifically with his own personal use in mind; but it's the first thing I have found that cuts the bullshit and lets you produce music, game music, which would easily be suitable for the various retro inspired games that are released on a regular basis today.

My favorite part of games is music. Hands down. I remember most songs from my favorite games note for note; I have an insane amount of onboard memory which is filled with absolutely pitch-perfect knowledge of entire video game soundtracks. If a game has shit music, I won't bother with it if it doesn't have a mute option. So after spending some time with Bosca, some serious time, and continuing to improve at a pretty good rate, I think I've found my niche.

I want to make music for games.

Any games. I don't care. I just really enjoy doing it.

So this is as much a blog about a shift in my personal creative direction as it is a cry for help, in a way; or rather, an offering of services.

Basically, if you are making a little game and you want some music for it, I'd be more than happy to make some loops for you. Free of charge. Just so long as you enjoy the style I am working in. 

After Bosca, I have already started to look into more advanced software and recording procedures. But because I love the Genny so much, I am primarily looking into trackers which are made to replicate the capabilities of that sound chip. There is a lot more work involved on a much more technical level, but I'm willing to put the time in. For now, Bosca is more than sufficient; I could see easily making another fifty tracks with it before ever coming close to any kind of "limitation." It really is beautiful and elegant.

So here is some of my music, if anyone is interested. This work is all very early, and I am working on things currently which far surpass this stuff in terms of variation and overall quality, most notably, I have moved away from trying to make "complete" songs and am focusing on making minute long loops which are meant to repeat ad-infinitum. Definitely suitable for platformers, shooters, and other games of a brief, one-off nature.

I don't know of a way to embed this, so I have linked to the songs below instead.

I don't know how much crossover there will be between my blogs and my music. But for now on, I'm probably going to use my blog primarily to update about my progress, and any potential projects I become involved with in the future. I really want to be involved in my hobby on a more hands on level, and this is really enjoyable to me so far. So please take a listen and let me know what you think. I'd love your feedback.

I'm very excited for the next batch of tunes I am making, so I will probably come back in a month to share those once they are finished as well.

Thank you!

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