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TheMachination's blog

5:06 AM on 06.19.2010

What have indie games become?

Six months ago I had a plan. I felt confident, and I felt enraptured in the world of indie games, and after many unsuccessful attempts I felt just a little bit pissed off. But it was an idea. At the time, I was pretty well s...   read

5:12 PM on 05.18.2010

Teaching you how to play

Throwing praise at Valve is a bit like pissing in an ocean. You're going to be surrounded by people who can piss much harder than you and who have been doing it for much longer, but ultimately, you're going to wading knee dee...   read

11:55 PM on 05.01.2010

Not all adventure games grow up to be pirates

I'm a horrible, horrible person. Almost five months ago I completed that dashing little indie adventure game Machinarium by Czech wizard and sometimes game designer Jakub Dvorsky and I, in my audacity, promised some kind of ...   read

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