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TheLibertarianTechie avatar 7:21 PM on 02.27.2013  (server time)
Technology, the key to more or less freedom?

As we all know technology is constantly evolving with new revelations every decade or so. In the mid 80's PCs started to become common place, as well has home video game consoles. The mid 90's brought us the internet. In the middle of the 2000's society was blown away by smart phones. Now, recently I've become aware of a new serious game changer.

As a child of the 80's I grew up watching Star Trek: The Next Generation with my parents. If you're unfamiliar with the show, you should check it out. Besides the Enterprise, the cool phasers, and the holodeck, the number 1 coolest thing on the show was the replicator. Imagine being able to ask the computer to make anything you wanted, and it was yours in a matter of seconds. Well folks, we're almost there.

I heard about 3D printers about a year ago, but just thought it printed out popup book style things. Like if you wanted to print a model of a building you were construction, or something to that effect. The problem with the perception is the fact that they call them printers. In fact they're basically modern day replicators. For example if you wanted to make a watch, of your own design, you put all the necessary materials in to the printer (the metals, plastic, whatever,) upload the design on the computer, and hit print. The printer will build a fully functional watch for you, to your exact specifications, within an hour.

Now as cool as that sounds, I didn't think too much of it, as it's a machine making another machine. We've had far less advanced examples of this for decades now. So it just seemed like the never evolutionary step. I became really interested in this once I heard they now have 3D printers that can construct organic material. That's right, with the basic ingredients they can now print meat. That's when I stopped calling them printers, and started calling them replicators.

Still more astonishing is they're now printing organic stem cells for scientific research. This research could lead to the ability to use someone's genetic material, and literally print replacement organs with 0% chance of rejection. That would make this the greatest medical leap of our generation.

At this point I realized the world we live in now, will be drastically different within the next 10 years. I look at the announcement of the PS4 and compare it to the fact that we can soon literally print food, and realize how far behind the times the PS4 already is. There's technology out there that's so amazing most of us haven't even heard of it.

As the name implies, I am a Libertarian, and any technology to strip power from our Government (USA,) is a good thing. Imagine how useless it would be for the clowns in Washington to ban something. For example in NY city they're working on banning soda all together. Once these printers are common place, you could just say the hell with that, and print whatever soda you want. Or if you live somewhere that has magazine limits on what you can have in your gun, just print a larger magazine (This is already available by the way.)

I personally believe this technology will be the largest game changer of our time. People will be able to freely share items between each other. New mods for cars can be designed on your PC, printed, then put directly on/in your car. If it works great, share it with all of your friends. If it helps boost mileage, or does some significant good to the car, you could potentially become the worlds greatest engineer overnight. The point is there is no one standing in your way anymore telling you to follow this rule, or register here, or follow this regulation. You just do it, share it, and it's out there for all time at that point.

With elites in Washington D.C., and all around the world, trying to dictate, silence, and control every aspect of people's lives, I'm glad to see that through technology their objectives will soon be impossible to achieve. As I said earlier, you can already buy a 3D printer (They start at around $2000,) and there are already free schematics for gun, and automotive parts. Even if Obama, and the rest of the clowns in Washington try to ban guns entirely, they can't. You + 3D printer + $50+/- work of material + Computer can make one whenever you want to.

The point is through technology I believe a new era of freedom is coming to all the people of the world, and I can't wait to see it.

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