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TheLegendaryMan's blog

10:36 AM on 01.22.2010

11 small reasons why modern FPSs are unrealistic.

Ok this may not be the most original thread but i was thinking last night all the unrealistic things i saw happening on FPS games. This is a list of things in FPSs that make no sense compared to the real world.Now please do...   read

8:20 AM on 01.02.2010

Where are we going with this :Woman in gaming

As a male gamer i usually don't think about the other genre when i play games. When i see so called ''Princess'' A.K.A. Damsel in Distress i just go with it. But recently i have been thinking about the role of woman in g...   read

10:56 AM on 09.18.2009

Developers say Baynoteta was going to be an 360 only title.

Apparently the developers of bayonetta admitted that they where actually going to develop Bayoneta for the 360. In their blog (which is all in japanese and i needed a translator) they said that innitially it was going to be...   read

10:30 AM on 09.15.2009

Star Ocean 4 COMING TO THE PS3

Star Ocean is comign to the PS3. Apparently i got news that tell that Star ocean 4, a Xbox 360 exclusive,is been ported to the ps3. Here is a picture from a magazine in japan telling that its going to be released in the PS...   read

11:04 AM on 09.13.2009

The Legendary Man: A Megaman Review

I remember back when Megaman 9 was anounced that i wonder what the series had become in general. I havent playied any of the NES megaman games. And that boils down to that i dont have an NES.Ot atleast i thought i...   read

4:57 AM on 09.13.2009

The consoles and games i found in my basement.


11:55 AM on 09.12.2009

Something old: A review of Megaman.

I remember back when Megaman 9 was anounced that i wonder what the series had become in general. I havent playied any of the NES megaman games.And that boils down to that i dont have an NES. Ot atleast i thought i d...   read

1:12 PM on 09.09.2009

FPS trends every video game developer should avoid if they want their game to be different/good.

1.You shall not put health regenaration in the game If you havent read my post about Health regenaration here it is READ IT... If you dont have time to read it here is an sh...   read

12:02 PM on 09.09.2009

Why so much hate for Jim...Explain in the comments/

So i was looking at some old posts of this guy named Jim Sterling.I had noticed that he was ussually had problems with Sony and Microsoft but mostly Sony.Now i didnt have problem with that (even through i am a Sony fan...   read

3:53 PM on 09.08.2009

The Health Regenaration Problem:What Halo Really did to Gaming

I blame Halo I blame Halo,that mediocre FPS shooter by bungie for what it did to the gaming calture. So today i will talk to you about a the health regeneration problem.More on why i call it a problem later. Now we all...   read

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