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6:33 PM on 09.25.2015

If certain people get their way. The following quickpost will be breaking the law. I find Anita Sarkeesian to be a poor researcher and making a highly manipulative series that misrepresents actual research. See you all in Jail people.


11:17 AM on 09.24.2015

How to get me to care for VR. Make this TV show a game on it

Ok this is going to be one of those "Yeh the UK is weird so deal with it" things but I just really stumbled upon this and it brought back memories and now we're in an age where VR tech isn't a specialist thing.

So picture the scene you're a kid whose just rushed home from school to turn on the kids TV shows (then unlike now the kids shows were very much only on at very limited times and there was no youtube). A new show is starting out a sort of game show about VR and a sort of spiritual sucessor to Knightmare. Welcome to the weird and Wacky world of Virtually Impossible. A TV show that set one contestant into a virtual world to try and win back video gaming from the mega corprotation now holding it randsom. (Man if EA, Ubisoft or Konami had a sense of humor they'd publish this with them as the evil company aswell as a joke) To win it back they must score over a certain ammount in the 4 games, normally a 3D platformer like game called Tetris Towers, A Dungeon crawler, a strage spaceship flight sim and a kart racer.

Yes that's a fish swimming in cyberspace with a nose. Yes that's a kids TV show about playing VR games. Also a very useless piece of information is the games actually ran really badly. Behind the scenes talk on the show revealed the developers of the games you see were told the specs of the machines months in advance and so produced the best looking titles they could to max out the spec. The problem was when they arrived on set the machines given were vastly less powerful for the titles and so they had to do as much technical meddling as they could to get the games running just about (albeit running quite badly). With Modern VR technology it's almost shocking to me that no-one has yet tried to make this to give everyone who grew up as saw it a chance to now feel like they're taking part in it and vicariously relive a bit of their youth. Only this time being able to play it themselves not just watch.

Oh and for those of you who want to watch the rest of the cheesey UK show part 2 and part 3 of the first episode are also on youtube.



4:47 PM on 09.23.2015

Jed Why do you hate Hot Ryu ? [img][/img]


12:59 AM on 09.23.2015

Just a Reminder, this is part of the Official Last of Us special Sale. [img][/img] And you thought Amibo were a cheap cash in.


12:33 AM on 09.21.2015

Explaining the insanity around Gamechangers.

So as you Might have seen Rockstar commented about Gamechangers, they're also suing the BBC over it. So I think it's worth wading into this mess to see what's going on and talk about the show.

BBC presented Gamerchangers as a factual drama and claimed that some scenes and parts had been changed for increased dramatic effect.

If Rockstar are to be believed they took some pretty huge liberties with events.

So first the actual show itself. It was alright. If you have a relative or some-one who has no idea of Jack Thompson etc you can show them it to give them a vague idea who he is and what went on. It's mildly entertaining (look the BBC's output has far lower points than this). I will say it may have been a bit more Harsh on Sam Houser showing him as a bit coarse and abrasive but ultimately showing him as an artist chasing his vision. The show also seem to show Jack Thompson in a bit more of a sympathetic light and downplayed quite how nuts he went at points and almost entirely ignoring Jack Thompson going after other companies too about the only real show of Thompsons nasty streak were in side mentions and a short scene where he organises a protest outside of Rockstar.

 I don't think there was really anything to be up in arms over as some developers seem to think. It did to game development what the film hackers did to the idea of being a hacker.

 Now plenty of people have been directing a few bits of well disgust at Rockstars reaction to this and as such I think even not knowing Sam Houser and Rockstar I can shed some light over some of the matters and the reason for the lawsuit.

 Firstly as dumb as it sounds Rockstar had to sue the BBC under US law. Sounds dumb right but part of the US copyright system means that any time your Intellectual Property is used without your permission you must defend it or it could set a precedent.

Bethesda most likely didn't want to Sue Mojang over the use of Scrolls but in the US legal system Scrolls being allowed to exist unchallenged would mean that Bethesda were setting a precedent that anyone could use the name scrolls. So if some Greenlight yahoo unity game came out called The Bellder Scrolls then due to the precedent set of Mojang Scrolls going unchalleneged it would give the yahoo a legal defence for his games name. Dumb I know but hey that's the US legal system.

The reason Rockstar is suing the BBC is because the BBC didn't get permission to use the Rockstar name, The Logo and the name of the property Grand Theft Auto. That's most likely part of the present lawsuit and Rockstar had no real choice as to not challenge it would allow someone to set up as Cockstar studios making Band Theft Auto and have legal ammo to then defend against a copyright claim.

The second part is having gone through what it has and the present climate surrounding games and the idea they can cause harm in the real world (now influencing people's views like a shady puppet master than outright programming them) Rockstar are likely on edge. The BBC have been accused of biased reporting in the past such as the infamous Atheism+ blockbot of undesirables, which I'm proud to announce I'm considered a level 1 threat (level 3 being the top) on. Let's just say Rockstar were worried that the corpse of Jack Thompson's campaign might be brought back, a new depending on how this was portrayed. That is if it did present it as Thompson being right and them being monsters.

For them Thompson represented an actual threat to destroy them and they really didn't want something showing his fight as some great righteous fight against a company of pure evil. What we got more in the show was showing the clash between the self righteous Bible thumping Thompson calling for help from God on a Golf Course (pictured above) and the somewhat free creative youth spirit and dedication to art of Sam Houser and Rockstar.

So there we go I've dug into what's gone on or at least what I think has and the far more likely reason Rockstar actually sued the BBC over what amounts to BBC doing to game development what Hackers did to code junkies.


7:12 AM on 09.20.2015

This time and space is being reserved for another blog next week, It'll make sen


6:55 PM on 09.18.2015

So I'm going to be very stupid now. Vote on what review you want me to put out next Have fun (and yes I really will put out a review for whichever wins)


12:26 PM on 09.18.2015

[NSFW] Anita Sarkeesian just hates porn.


  So Anita Sarkeesian put out her DLC episode. Her recent couple havent been as exploitatative or used the common advertising practices as her previous work (because believe me Tropes vs Women is far more advert than academia pieces). Now amongst those who object to Anita there's always been one big problem. Anything claimed about Anita was immediately brushed aside as "She Doesn't believe that" or "You can't prove Anita is anti Porn". Now a while ago I looked over the above video. I didn't it spread it much I just mostly forgot. But hey I think as Anita wants attention recently I would be amiss to no help with that. So enjoy this video of Anita from just over a year before she started her Kickstarter.

Some of arguably the highlights of the video include Anita squirming at the idea of virtual desktop strippers. Advertising the use of file sharing. Proving she can apparently work Bit torrent but not ad block on such sites. Oh and Anita Sarkeesian showing her view on what Geeks, Nerds and Gamers look like.

Oh yes that's also Anita advertising a torrent site too. Later in the video she also goes on to blame porn ads on torrent sites for keeping women out of tech. 

She rounds off the video claiming the only way women can be involved in the "Boys Tech Club" is by ripping down the walls and rebuilding the place. Strange that she doesn't feel learning how to use common tech like ad blockers isn't also part of the requirement.

At no point does Anita show any actual awareness of why most torrent sites carry porn adverts in the first place, nope she just doesn't want to see them as they make her feel icky and gross.

So I know what some people are going to say

Why do this? Why show this video

Well firstly I said the gloves were off and I damn well meant it. Secondly it seems the push to ban porn is coming again at least on one US college Campus . Also as a side note it's worth pointing out dudes Masturbating actually helps prevent prostate cancer. It's also somewhat comedic that a recent study has found people who do watch porn are more likely to have feminist views (as in actual egalitarian not whatever Samantha Allen is calling it )

So enjoy this old Video of Anita's I've brought to light again internet.


10:38 AM on 09.16.2015

In Defence of laughter

Edit : Have Edited the videos into being links, for some reason Videos being umbedded seem to be breaking for me lol.

You may have noticed I've been quite quiet here on Dtoid recently. I have been writing stuff, I've just not but putting it up. You see this one blog has been sitting like an itch. I didn't comment on the Destructoid drama a while ago, I avoided most of it. So consider this me (possibly stupidly) turning round and running head on back into it.

 Ok so I've seen a lot of talk recently about "trivialising things" and about how some jokes are unacceptable to make etc. The talk about politically correct things is getting so bad that US Comedian Jerry Sienfeld said he now refused to perform at Colleges due to the level of "PC" some students display such that any joke perceived as "punching down" in any way can cause huge amounts of protest etc for Comedians. Oh and just for the record, I've tried to watch Sienfeld the series, it did nothing, hell it tried to run here in the UK and had no traction so it may be more of a US thing. Now to demonstrate the power of comedy I will warn you, some people will no doubt be offended by the language used as it is quite racist in this clip from a BBC show from many, many years ago.

 So hopefully no-one has already run to the comments section to yell about how dare I show that clip and it's clearly a racist comedy. However the entire point of that sketch was actually anti-racism. For a time in the 80s (when that series was made and shown) there were a lot of allegations against the UK police (and I'd argue allegations on pretty solid grounds) that there was inherent racism in the police force, much like in the US such allegations are happening today. The entire purpose of the sketch was to mock the police for this perceived attitude  portraying the police officer as inherently racist and making him the inevitable butt of the joke. Films such as The Lie of Brian and Monty Python's the meaning of life regularly mocked puritanical people and religious idiots. The idea of comedy as a force for change is something still going on today such as this song supporting gay weddings by Mitch Benn

 The entire song being designed to mock the stupid opposition arguments presented against it. The idea that comedy can make a difference is a long standing one . With more on the nose approaches also existing such as DLC quest in video games mocking video gaming culture at least surrounding indie games and major publishers with exploitative DLC.

 The next way comedy can be used it to laugh at one-self at least via proxy. To view the world through another lens and see how ourselves can be found funny. A good example of this is a show many people here really seem to hate. The Big Bang Theory. I love that show because I can see elements of myself in some of the characters and elements of people I know. I know the guy so nerdy the first thing he did having bought a PS3 was to buy the Box set of the Spiderman Cartoon and watch that. I know an guy who did an engineering degree who dismantled something and ended up with a load of pieces left after putting it back together. I know someone who a while ago was as close to a sex pest as Howard. I'm as bad as Raj in relationships (except the no speaking part) and my relationship history is comparable to that of Leonard's. What at least Joyce Kim defected to North Korean all I got was a text saying "I don't love you anymore what do you think about that ?". Being able to laugh at the more absurd parts of our cultures and subcultures is an easy way to share it with the world. There's a saying "Until a person can learn to laugh at themselves then what right to they have to laugh at anyone else ?" It's true


The final main use of comedy is in helping people cope. There's a constant perception put out recently that comedy or even entertainment shows diminish the seriousness of subjects that should be taken series. To that I say M.A.S.H. yes M.A.S.H. a comedy show all about the horrors of war and the doctors in it just struggling to survive and deal with it. By having the comedy moments it can make the sombre moments all the more impactful. I will say later on that the series did seem to flip between full on comedy and full on tragedy a lot. However it's a show all about the horrors of war done as a comedy. The Doctors in it often use comedy as a coping mechanism and a way to discuss serious issues without the issues themselves becoming heavy going subjects. Humour is a way for people to address difficult topics without feeling like it's some grand lecture. Some of the lines in M.A.S.H. show the callus disregard for seriousness and that's the point. Yet many jokes talk about underlying serious issues related to war.

Well it's our job to patch these kids up and ship them out so that they can die at a time that's more convenient for Uncle Sam.


I don't know if I should patch this kid up or just sell him to a scrap metal merchant


General: Any requests you have ?

Hawkeye: Call the war a draw and leave the score at as many bodies as we have already instead of adding more.


*While defusing a bomb*

Capt. Benjamin Franklin "Hawkeye" Pierce: Are those the right instructions, Henry? 
Lt. Col. Henry Blake: I hope so. 
Capt. Benjamin Franklin "Hawkeye" Pierce: I hope so, too. Otherwise I'm coming back in the next life as a squirrel and run right up your pants leg. 

Humour is a way for some people to cope and come to terms with difficult situations and events and to not have to deal with the seriousness of them.

 I'm writing this because I keep seeing people either claim comedy and jokes about serious things cheapens the issues. I've seen people imply that other's need to be lectures upon how things should be and that it's somehow for peoples own good. The idea that you can have a discussion about serious issues without it needing to be heavy going all the time is a huge positive of comedy as it means people can be involved in those debates and they can include people who generally wish to avoid such depressing discussions. The idea of everything being super serious just isn't how the world works.

 I've seen some people using humour essentially as a way to claim superiority. For examples I've seen people essentially just calling people bigots, racists, Xenophobic and when they try to counter the claim then the accusers essentially laugh in their face claiming it's some kind of proof they're right because they're clearly superior to the person they essentially verbally attacked.  It seems like no wonder so many in what could be called the social justice community are against comedy when they see throwing outright accusations at people and making them have to defend themselves as funny. It's almost like an insane deranged from of trolling, yet the moment anyone says anything critical back or shock horror mocks them it's a vile attack on them. It's quite clear some of them just can't laugh at themselves. It's part of the reason Parody characters like Godfrey Elfwick are ending up being taken seriously. When organisations can't tell the difference between an actual "Social Justice Warrior" and a guy spouting actual bonkers stuff you know people are becoming a parody of themselves.

Even games themselves have forgotten comedy mostly. Duke Nukem Forever was mostly kind of crap and other than DLC quest and the slightly more recent Eat Lead the Return of Matt Hazard comedy in gaming has died. There's so much call seemingly to make games seem mature and gritty that companies and people have stopped adding comedy in so much.

I wrote this a while ago and with recent changes and outrage on Destructoid I'm putting it out here now because oddly it seems like the right time. So to Neiro will you be playing the fiddle as Dtoid burns? Should I be here expecting my C-blog eviction notice some-time soon as more things become wrong to make jokes about? This is Dtoid, the place that infamously had the warped and weird world of Podtoid. While it's only a tiny change so far I have to say I'm concerned. Concerned that what Destructoid is turning into is just another highly sanitised gaming site. I'm here for the time being but I'm going to be honest with you I'm keeping my suitcase bags packed as even if I don't walk away from here, I can see myself being slung out for one reason or another. That idea is something I've never feared here before. If rumours I've been hearing about are true and this is a clean up attempt to make it more appealing before selling Dtoid off this may just be the start of things. I don't go and take part at Polygon because when you voice an opinion even slightly  against the prevalent views there this happens.

 And that was from me pointing out to someone in the comments that they were in fact wrong journalistic ethics are in fact taught in higher education courses so no feminist theory was not in fact far more a legitimate intellectual thing than journalistic ethics.


Anyway, I've drivelled on long enough. Thank you those who made it this far.


11:24 PM on 09.03.2015

Invokers Tournament: Should be burned in the fires of Exort [strong language]

Name: Invokers Tournament

Price: Free

Format: PS4,PS3 and PSVita

Review bit:

I like MOBA games.

I really like MOBA games

Invokers tournament made me want to scrum my PS4 hard drive clean with concentrated industrial bleach to try and remove any evidence I'd even been near this absolute abomination. I'd love to be able to come up with something nice to say, I do like to try and be fair to games but this one I'm just going full grumble on it.

The question isn't so much what score to give Invokers tournament but how many times, without a break, should the developers of this game be forced to watch Uwe Boll's worst critical failure film while fire ants attack their genitals to show them comparatively what kind of abomination they've put out into the world.

Invokers Tournament isn't a good Moba, it's not even a good Game even without the Moba label. It's a huge disgusting Pay to Win pile of shite that somehow escaped onto Sony's store. This doesn't merely make free to play game seem bad it actively makes Sony's entire market feel polluted for it's presence and the fact Sony regularly put stuff from this festering pile of crap into the PSplus discounts section. This game is so bad having it's items presented as PSPlus discounts makes PSPlus look worse.

I suppose it's only right I actually point out what's wrong with the worst fucking game I've played at least this year. The convention in Moba games is simple, creeps spawn and go toward the enemies tower. You want to farm the enemies creeps by getting last hits. After you're farmed a bit you want to push your lane of creeps to the enemies tower and while the creeps tank the towers fire you can destroy the tower itself. Incurable Tetanus doesn't do this. Oh no, you have to spawn the creeps yourself. To do this you have to run out into the garden that have exactly 5 statues, and compete against the enemies to try and smash the statues getting the last hit. Once destroyed who-ever got the last hit gets a creep for their side, the creep then automatically paths to the enemies tower. It's rare if ever the creeps of each team will meet anywhere and actually fight. So the game boils down almost to 1 person of the 3 on the team trying to defend against the enemies push, 1 trying to get creeps onto the field and 1 helping the creeps push in and varying up the number on each side as needed.

Unlike most Mobas in Invokers tournament you don't pick a single character to play all match everyone starts as an "Invoker" and you can bring with you 2 rings each allowing you to transform into a different "champion" when your fury bar is filled. However your fury bar drains so most of the match you'll spend as a basic Invoker only sometimes transforming for a short while for a fight. Everyone starts with the same two basic "Champions" there is no weekly rotation,  no hidden free way to get others. The only way to get more Champions is to grind. Oh and it's about a 5 hour grind to get enough for a single unlock, which there's no way to test out before hand so you might buy something you hate. There's no rental system like in other games you can buy outright and that's it.

With most other Moba game there is some kind of advantage or buff. In Smite it's the fire giant which gives a large attack power boost and healing / regen boost. In Dota 2 it's the Ageis which lets people respawn where they died after 3 seconds with no penalty. In League of Legends it's the Dragon and Baron Buffs. In Invokers tournament it's the tome. An item which hugely boosts the attack power of a single person on the team (the person who picks it up) with certain Champions moves this can mean your damage becomes a 1 hit kill and as a normal Invoker it's 2-3 hits to kill. The seeming idea being having the Tome lets you push easier. Let me say that again there's an item in the game which lets you 1 hit kill anyone and it respawns every minute or so.

Add to that unlike most other MOBA games where you buy equipment and items throughout the game in IT you don't, you get random loot drops after each match if you win along with a considerable amount of gold. You can literally go to the games store and buy more powerful items with gold and then start every match from then on with said items. No balance, no progression just whoever can buy the most powerful items gets to start the match more powerful.

Also because of course a product that shares its initials with a Stephen King Monster wouldn't be done there you have to buy consumable items to take into the matches and you can't buy them in match. To the games credit each day you drag yourself kicking and screaming into this vomit inducing slice of what , if I were religious, I'd assume hell is meant to be, it does give you a few item or two. The problem is to heal up in the game without a potion you have to stand by your own tower for around 15 seconds or so. Add to this some of the more insane purchasable items (which you can bring into the game in large numbers). How about an item that lets you spawn a giant high health minnion that can spawn poison clouds around it to stop people getting near? Or how about an item that spawns a freaking deployable turret that cuts down enemy creatures in seconds. You can literally win matches merely by spending gold to buy deployable creatures and just swarm the enemy base and spawn all the minions while the enemy is forced to defend.

As if the game wasn't bad enough it has its own version of killstreak rewards. Unlike in other games like say DOTA 2where a killstreak is a risk reward thing as you get more gold for kills but have a higher worth if killed. In Irritable Tarantula after your team gets 10 kills you can spawn a Darkoim which is a high health high damage creature that can help defend or push towers and clear the 2 lanes very quickly. So those higher stats people start with by spending more money can easily convert into kills as well. Oh and killing someone in Invokers doesn't stop their killstreak thing filling up.

Add to that that despite being next gen the game offers up graphics that honestly would make even the PS2 look at it as a mediocre title. The special attacks look so pathetic it's almost laughable.

Oh but this showcase of the depths of ingrained Smegmata on the industry still isn't done yet. You see if someone quits the match, there's no penalty for them other than not getting the meagre end of match gold. You can just exit the 30 minute long matches when you want and face no repercussions. Worse still if someone does, the game doesn't rebalance or fill the spot, not even with an AI character. No the game forces you to fight 2 vs 3 and you're lost, even in one match where an enemy went 19 deaths for 1 kill my team of 2 still lost . Oh but just like some fucking horror film the game isn't done with this you see it has to have one last giant fuck you to consumers and try to kill off yet more faith people have in gaming. You see when you die your equipment gets damage, if it gets too damaged it can break (and yes you can have the ring you use to summon your "Champion" destroyed if you're not careful) so after each match you have to repair your items. If you lost you get considerably less gold and at times it can cost you more than the match earnings to fix your gear. Add to that being 2 vs 3 means you'll likely die more having less combined attack power and the game actively punishes you for staying in a match when someone leaves. Let me say that again IF YOU HAVE SOMEONE QUIT THE MATCH, STAYING IN IT CAN ACTUALLY REVERSE YOUR PROGRESS.

Now onto the business model.  It's so bad an anti consumer I'm surprised to not see Ubisoft, Warner Brothers and EA's name on it as some kind of unholy trinity of complete shit. If you want to claim other companies and just making sure they don't leave money on the table Irritating Testicles developers weren't even leaving the table they were taking that too just to make sure. Instead of say Smite which lets you pay a flat amount to unlock all the present and future characters Ingrowing Toenail makes you buy them all with gold at about £4 (about $6) for 7,000 which is enough to unlock 2 lower cost champions or just one of the more expensive ones. Or you can pay  £8 (about $12) for 17,000 which can buy you about 3 with some change. Oh but the game isn't done yet you see you can also buy a £2.49(~$4) a month subscription to get priority match making and a bigger inventory as well as  make items cheaper to buy with gold anyway. Oh you think it's done? Nope guess what they also sell skins which at the cheapest are £0.79 (~$1.23) and go all the way up to £5.84 (~$9). Let me say that again this is a game that is selling skins for some skins for $8-$9 each and has a subscription and still requires you to buy characters or spend 5 HOURS  Grinding to unlock each one.

This was taken from a video I did of the game. Yes the game is so bad it even doesn't work properly with playsations capture system.

The game has 3 main game modes. The standard 3 vs 3 lane pushing mode. A second Team King of the Hill style game without creeps  and with random health drops etc appearing and it gets old fast. The final mode is a challenge mode which I can best describe as a cross between Diablo and Gauntlet but infinitely worse than either of them. You fight through the level clearing objectives and trying to survive with the limited pick ups and then fight something meant to resemble a boss. This earns you a little bit of extra gold to use but unless you have highly upgraded equipment or are damn lucky chances are you struggle with these levels which are just as much of a slog as the main game. Part of the reason is the general mechanics. Playing as an Invoker is pretty dull, you have two spells which can't be changed (a fireball and an ice shot which has a chance to slow enemies movement and attacks) the other things you can do are dodge roll and hit things with your staff Your "Champions / Summons" also have attacks but on some the cooldown is insane and with others using one attack puts all the others on cooldown meaning you can either transform back or sit wasting fury while the ability recharges.

I've just realised I haven't even mentioned the thing about the summons / Champions. Each has elemental strengths and weaknesses and if the enemy happens to have a summon that uses your weakness they're rip through you meaning you're reduced to 1 of your two champions / summons each fight if you want to stand a chance.

All the bullshit of the game might possible have been fine if the matchmaking worked but I regularly found myself the most experienced person on the team with two total beginners vs a team of 3 enemies all with top 5,000 gold summons and nice full sets of high end gear. The game doesn't do anything to match people based on total item worth or seemingly even time played so it very much becomes those who pay have access to better more powerful items and summons / champions.

The game even starts off with a giant fuck you to the player as reading this review, you've learned more than the game teaches you at the start. I'm not even joking here's the full tutorial for you to watch.


I'm gluten Intolerant. Invokers Tournament is the kind of shit I'd take after gorging myself on wheat for a week. It's digital gonorrhoea. Invokers Tournament isn't a game it's a monument to every shitty practice in video gaming that's appeared in the past 10 years. It's an active environmental disaster in the heart of the PSN Store. This game is so anti consumer and full of pure grade A 5 year old Smegmata that it's thrown my whole scale off and made me look back atZombies Zombies Everywhere and think "Ok it wasn't quite that bad". This is a game so bad if I had a Sheldon Cooper esc list of enemies the developers of this would be at spots 1, 2 and 3. This game is so bad that after the 5 hours I spent on this game I want to take those little pineapple chunks of on a stick at most parties and slowly insert some under the fingernails of the developer, without removing the cocktail sticks. This game is so bad even Desert Bus may be a better experience than it. If someone told me this was a game cobbled together out of free unity assets I'd actually believe them.

Do not Play it

Do not even install the putrid piss on your console you don't want this thing to have ever been near your account.

Invokers Tournament is an abomination that seemingly tried to combine all the whale shit of the mobile market and somehow put it on console. This is an idea that should have been aborted before finishing it and the person who came up with these decisions put into a mental Asylum to make sure such ideas could never come into contact with anyone stupid enough to try them out.

Invokers Tournament isn't a game it's everything every gamer has feared will be brought to console gaming from mobile; almost every anti consumer piece of bullshit ever shown on the Jimquisition; it's the existential horror of video gaming and it is staring into a void of sheer darkness and knowing that the darkness itself not just something in it is staring back at you.


Yes it's so bad It doesn't even deserve me making a custom score picture for it. 

Oh and well done to the exactly 2 people who probabaly got the terrible joke in the review title.


11:43 AM on 08.29.2015

Review: Unrest

Name: Unrest

Price: £9.99 / $14.99 / € 11.99

Format: PC (See FAQ for specs

Review Bit:

Ok Unrest was a game I'd initially not heard of at least not more than a passing comment and I probably wouldn't have heard of it if not for the#Gamesmatter people who help distribute codes for indie developers to try and help them gain honest feedback. Now I didn't get my code from#GamesMatter I bought unrest in the Steam Sale for a little over £3 with the soundtrack.

I think it's fair to say the following for Unrest: "If you can, don't pay full price". That's not to say the game is inherently bad but it does have some quite big flaws I'll talk about later on.

So for those who don't know Unrest sells itself as an adventure RPG game. In truth I don't think these fully describe the game really a better description would probably be an adventure Visual novel with elements of choose your own adventure. The game has a combat system but it's rarely used and in my playthrough I never ended up using it. The majority of the game is spent talking to various people and making a number of choices along the way.

Unrest is very much a cultural product of an Indian developer, it's plot involves the ideas of the caste system and a section relating to the idea of arranged marriages. Throughout the plot you take on a number of roles each of which has their own motivations and play their own role in the larger story. The story of Unrest is of a mythical race of snake creatures (Naga) whose large empire helps step in to save a human city whose draught has caused problems growing enough crops for its people. The problem start when the diplomat from the Naga empire and the cities own rulers (also its monarchy) are killed off by an advisor in an act of betrayal. The main story revolves around the chaos that ensues as Immigrants from the Naga empire try to make a home in this new city which already struggles to cater for its own people's needs. None of this is helped by a radical temple preaching hatred against the Naga complete with its own militia in the streets. During the story you play a number of characters and the actions you take as each can influence elements of the story later on and even the endings you get.

I won't spoil much of the story but in narrative terms this isn't a nice happy little fantasy tale. It's almost comparable in terms of tone to Game Of Thrones. Due to the design decision of multiple characters it allows much more freedom and means that in the narrative it's possible for the game to just brutally cut down other protagonists. Also should you wish you could have your own Game Of Thrones esc moments as you can use underhanded tricks you can play the characters a number of ways and you don't have to play all of them as inherently good. This is a game where your own actions can lead to the character you play being killed and it impacting the story. The ending itself even the best ending isn't a truly happy one but it was one I was fine with though again some people may be rubbed up the wrong way without a true happy ending.

For a quite new indie studio the art style is rather beautiful and rather a change from the now almost expected Pixel Graphics indie studio. The art style isn't some super complex thing such as that of Dust and Elysian Tale it's more simplistic however I feel this works a bit more in the games favour and provides a unique style to the art itself.

Ok I've waxed lyrically about the game enough I said the game had problems and it does. The first and biggest problem (and most talk of on the Steam Forums) is the instability of the game when you launch it for the first time. Personally running on what is not a hugely underpowered laptop (See FAQ) I had the game crash 3 times while initially starting it up. I have no idea about what causes this crash but it seems to be some kind of error in creating some initial save file for the game. During one of the sections in the game it slowed to a crawl in some large open spaces while birds flew across the screen. This is not some high end game, I shouldn't be having the frame rate and game itself drop to a crawl on my machine not in what is at least partly a 2D game with animated sprites.

In terms of options there are a few graphics options such as fullscreen and resolution, there's also the important option to confine the mouse to the window in windowed mode. You can also choose to have the trees animated or not. There however isn't an option for anti aliasing. There is V sync though should you want it. Also it has separate audio sliders for the games music and it's graphics.

Honestly  I'm going to suggest that to me it seems like a problem that the game is selling itself as an RPG. While technically correct it does feel far more like the next level of visual novels and like it would most likely find itself more at home with visual novel fans than with people expecting a 40 hour RPG with stats and levelling.

I'd also say maybe the pricing is a little high as I finished the game in a little over 3 hours and I think maybe it could bare a second play through but it would still seem quite pricey. More so for those in the USA with the $15 price tag.

I do think the game tried an interesting approach by letting people look into the lore etc at their own leisure with information about the characters appearing in the Traits section. The Journal also allowing you to read about the deep lore and story about the locations and people you meet. It lets you look into the world as deeply as you want or ignore much of the additional depth.

Also I have to give the developer serious credit for not only providing modding tools but detailing on their own site how to work it with a very detailed tutorial. Honestly this game allows modding to the level that if someone wanted they may be able to make their own entirely new stories and tales that radically differ from the main game. I will say the modding is at least in part going to require people willing to learn to code (or at least to manipulate existing code) or with experience in it to fully take advantage of it but credit to the developer for laying quite bare how the game works and hopefully someone will be able to use this somehow.

Also I'd say the games system relating to conversation actually really help with the world building and building up the character of some NPC characters in the short time you speak to them. As you talk and pick conversation options you get to see how the person reacts via their words and the changes in the NPCs three bars. The three bars being variations on: accepting, appreciating and Wary or various other versions including comfortable vs hostile  etc. As you speak to NPCs and these bars change  it gives you a very visual display of how they're reacting and thus their personality. For example as a Naga character you might find some characters very resistant and angered to the idea of Naga and Humans sharing and working together. You'll find some characters who'll respect you more for bold claims and actions or others who very much dislike you challenging their world views. I'd say this is a really interesting mechanic and quite different to the more RPG like stats building found oddly enough in many visual novels.


Unrest is a very nice game with some rather unfortunate issues both technical and in terms of decisions around selling it. What it presents is a very interesting and unique world worth experience especially for those who constantly claim gaming should be presenting and showing more experiences and cultures. I unfortunately can't recommend it at present due to the pricing and technical issues however I can suggest people pick it up and try it when it's on sale and the two scores given will represent this.

It's a really nice first title from an indie developer which is mostly bogged down by a few rather nasty technical problems and a few questionable choices. Honestly I'd love to see the developer do a few more games using this engine and maybe work out some of the engine related problems that seem to be present. I think the engine and systems seem like with some work they could be very versatile and adaptable.


At present price

On sale at about £6


8:56 PM on 08.26.2015

Responding to Jonathan Holmes about "trigger Warnings"

Spoiler Warning for Life is Strange

 Warning the following article contains:

Capital Letters



Images of violence

Images some viewers may find disturbing

Images of dogs

Discussions of trigger warnings

Discussions about sexual assault

Items in a list

Gendered language

The use of gendered terms (e.g. He , She)

Mocking the idea of trigger warnings



Discussions of fearful situations

Discussions alluding to suicide


Strong language


Ideas you may not agree with


Discussions about Higher Education

Links to videos

Some sexual content




White people

A picture of a knife


Culture other than US culture

Discussions relating to PTSD

Links to an image which contains a gendered slur

 Well I was going to write a nice little blog about something silly that we could all have a laugh at like the sheer number of video game developers information present in the Ashley Madison hack. That however will be a blog for another time. Yes I'm back on the politics temporarily for a few more blogs and this time it's once again the idea of Trigger warnings. Now I don't make it a habit of writing whole blog posts to respond to a tweet but in this case I think it's warranted.

Trigger warnings are something in theory I agree with, I agree with plenty of things in theory. In practice however the idea of trigger warnings is becoming a joke. The joke being if you look at the list of trigger warnings for this blog.

The original use of trigger warnings was pretty much to warn people with actual conditions that they may have a problem in the game.

 Now here in the UK at least there is a vague idea of content people may find they dislike in games.

 See. Now the big problem comes in (and this is where my objection is) when the idea of potentially upsetting psychological incidents caused by serious trauma are conflated with "I don't like this". Certain groups will claim all the warnings (and more) above have a perfect place here on this blog and the defence is immediately to refer to actual more serious incidents of triggering such as PTSD (and no not Twitter PTSD because people said mean things you disagreed with). The idea that anything that could in any way illicit and negative emotion should have a warning no matter how small the actual impact.

 So when Mr Holmes you suggested that people asking for less trigger warnings were hypocritical for asking for spoiler warnings. There's a very big difference. The big difference being those who want trigger warnings want to avoid feeling said emotions while those asking for spoiler warnings are embracing humanity and want to feel said emotions to their fullest without potentially being shielded from the impact of a twist in the story. One example of a game triggering someone that comes to mind was Dtoid's own Laura K talking about how she was distressed after a section in Life is Strange where a character is trying to kill themself and how it brought back memories of a similar incident in her life. Later on, I believe on a Podquisition after having initially said the section was a problem in the game. Laura K said she'd thought about the game and that moment and realised she had to face that part of the past sooner or later and while she didn't appreciate having it trust on her as such but could see it as a positive thing to deal with said issues.

There's an argument for vague warnings about potentially more serious "triggers" people might have being identified as present in games in a vague way. However dealing with every possible thing people on Tumblr have claimed could trigger them is kind of an insane task. I mean look how many I've added for just this blog and the one about capital letters, yeh that's not a joke.

I'd even say to the extent that phobias shouldn't be counted into such warnings as phobias are very personal things. I can get the whole "Informing the consumer" argument but at the end of the day you can't attempt to inform everyone of everything in the game that could be relevant to them. Oh and on phobias I'm the guy who was petrified of dogs and yet went with my then GF to Crufts because she wanted to go there. Let me say that again. Me the person who was petrified of dogs went to one of the world's largest dog shows. So if you want to claim how a game made you feel fearful and you should have been warned just think if an idiot like me can go out and face his fear in real life it maybe isn't that tough with some help.

The concept of trigger warnings is one that's still debated a bit in higher education and well it seems now that academia is rejecting said warnings as they can undermine the impact of teaching. Presenting a shocking thing can help hit home information being said or outright challenge the preconceptions of students and force them to face other ideas and views.

I can understand the idea that someone who was sexually assaulted could be triggered by sexual violence in something.

I can understand how someone who has been to war and seen horrific things could be triggered by war games and imagery in some of those.

I can understand how someone who has had someone attempt suicide in their life being triggered by such things in a game.

I CAN'T understand how people can claim their dislike of Jam is as serious or applicable to being considered a trigger just because they don't like it

 Being triggered has almost been adopted by certain people as an all purpose term for things they don't like and to use its original meaning as a way to make people feel bad, or make others out to be a villain and make it seem they're committing almost mental abuse by bringing up said subjects. I've even heard of one indie developer attempting to claim it wasn't right and was triggering that they were stopped from trying to use the 7 days to die game forum after they chose to use it to try and push for it's community to target a charity site. A site which at the time was hosting the fund rasing page for Officer Darren Wilson to fund his defence costs in court.

So Mr Holmes when you say Trigger warnings are a good thing. I think you'll need to be specific if you mean all trigger warnings or if you mean ones that make sense like say the Epilepsy trigger warnings etc and some of it ,lets say "This game requires you to have two working hands to play", are kind of on the consumer to become informed of themselves via other methods and sources of information.

Oh almost forgot


There we go that's addressed every trigger warning I think.


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