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TheKodu's blog

1:17 AM on 11.07.2015

Sick, Sad and just dumb news

So I wanted to do something just pointing at some of the more insane stories that have some loose connection to gaming and I don't think they demand their own full articles but they're just downright insane enough for me to j...   read

12:29 AM on 11.04.2015

Down this road there are no good female characters

(Header Image by kukuruyo) So I've been looking into this one for a bit. Trying to get all the info together to put it out. Essentially I'm about the fire a harpoon through the biggest argument being used to justify why cert...   read

6:39 PM on 10.13.2015

you're leaving a $hit on the table [Strong language]

(Table image source)So Rise of the Tomb Raider will have 300 microtransactions which give gameplay modifying properties like increase bullet resistance and big head mode. Worse still as if selling cheat codes weren't bad enou...   read

5:56 PM on 10.07.2015

Jimmy Page is an illegal underground FGM surgeon

Some of you may have heard of a scumbag organisation called Gamergate well a totally anonymous source today told me that one of its members who goes by the twitter identity @Dwavenhobble. is secretly an underground surgeon...   read

11:11 PM on 10.01.2015

The ESRB just called out the United Nations over video games.

(Header Image source ) Ok that may be a little bit of an exaggeration more correctly a group backed by the ESRB called The Video Game Voters Network just put this out on twitter. We firmly oppose the views on #videogames fo...   read

4:13 AM on 09.29.2015

Can I have some More: Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon

Ok so I know there's a sequel to this game but we don't talk about that because it turned into a 2D adventure game without most of what made this game great for some quick cashing in because as true as it is now it was also ...   read

3:11 AM on 09.27.2015

My Entirely Politically Correct review of: Gone Home

Price: £14.99 / $19.99 / €19.99 (On Steam) Platform: PC (See FAQ for spec this take you to my main blogsite) Review Bit: Firstly this review was written by me but in the interest of political correctness it has be...   read

11:17 AM on 09.24.2015

How to get me to care for VR. Make this TV show a game on it

Ok this is going to be one of those "Yeh the UK is weird so deal with it" things but I just really stumbled upon this and it brought back memories and now we're in an age where VR tech isn't a specialist thing. So picture th...   read

12:33 AM on 09.21.2015

Explaining the insanity around Gamechangers.

So as you Might have seen Rockstar commented about Gamechangers, they're also suing the BBC over it. So I think it's worth wading into this mess to see what's going on and talk about the show. BBC presented Gamerchangers as...   read

12:26 PM on 09.18.2015

[NSFW] Anita Sarkeesian just hates porn.

WARNING THE VIDEO CONTAINS NUDITY & Anita Sarkeesian   So Anita Sarkeesian put out her DLC episode. Her recent couple havent been as exploitatative or used the common advertising practices as her previous work ...   read

10:38 AM on 09.16.2015

In Defence of laughter

Edit : Have Edited the videos into being links, for some reason Videos being umbedded seem to be breaking for me lol. You may have noticed I've been quite quiet here on Dtoid recently. I have been writing stuff, I've just no...   read

11:24 PM on 09.03.2015

Invokers Tournament: Should be burned in the fires of Exort [strong language]

Name: Invokers Tournament Price: Free Format: PS4,PS3 and PSVita Review bit: I like MOBA games. I really like MOBA games Invokers tournament made me want to scrum my PS4 hard drive clean with concentrated industrial bleach t...   read

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