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TheKodu's blog

Infamous second son cums closer with pre-order information [Rumour]
11:47 PM on 02.07.2014
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3:10 PM on 12.24.2013
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9:26 AM on 08.23.2013
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3:27 PM on 08.21.2013
You people disgust me.
5:50 PM on 08.19.2013
Questioning vs tropes 2 :Part 2 , messed up fantasy ? [18+ content]
6:40 AM on 08.17.2013

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Community Discussion: Blog by TheKodu | TheKodu's ProfileDestructoid
TheKodu's Profile - Destructoid


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A qualified Environmental Chemist who happens to live in a fairly dense city with no real environment or chemistry industry.

I review indie games on another blog and you'll see them pop up here if I think the review is a good or interesting one (along with a shameless bit of self promotion)

I also operate another blog reviewing films and I mean t pick that back up when I can.

I've been gaming since the SNES days. I've been in the pro scene before for tribes 2 but hate the present pro scenes and have no interest in going back into it.

I tend to get into quite a few Betas and love ones without NDA as it means I can write about them. I have even beta tested an xbox 360 game in my time (and no not a normal public Beta one )

In gaming I'm normally the guy looking at the shelf below the AAA titles first to see if there are any great hidden gems.

My gaming drug of choice: Timesplitters in any flavour (Why won't you make Timesplitters 4 Crytek, why ????? I need my fix of insanity )

So Infamous Second Son is getting closer to being released and the Italian special edition pre-order details have been reveal. Why am I writing about the Italian pre-order pack when Iím from the UK ? well it caught my eye and got me thinking for one main reason. The pre-order pack allegedly comes with not only at least 1 can of RedBull but also some glow in the dark condoms.

No Iím not joking, you read that right, glow in the dark condoms.

So I honestly wanted to post this simply to make as many puns as I could think of about this piece of information.

Iíve heard of gaming safe but isnít this a little too far ?

Is it wise to include such a thing in a special edition or should they have played it safe ?

I wonder what other versions will cum with......

And finally the potential marketing slogans
Infamous second son, make sure itís not yours too
The best next gen game pre-order now to help prevent the next generation of gamers.

So over to you readers to contribute to the puns this deserves to have.

^Not me but I think you get the point†

"Twas the night before Christmas and all through the online store.
Nothing was stirring, all those indie titles hoping for someone to buy them and to adore.
The indie games were listed right there on the page.
Thinking they were safe hidden from any reviewers gaze.

The developers were nested snug in their beds.
Dreams of easy money running through their heads.
Feeling so safe as the reviewers had passed by.
No reviews out, so critically their games couldnít die.

But in the darkness with a grunt and a swear
One reviewer had come, his verdict to bear
For even at Christmas some games are worse than coal
(have you seen the price of that stuff lately ?)
Developers releasing crap for easy money, their goal.

To keep a few from disappointment that surely would be.
Out cried the reviewer ďNow you face meĒ"

Welcome readers to the second Christmas massacre. Where I pick up my handy bottle of whisky and jump into the Xbox live indie games marketplace, fumigation spray in hand, and attempt to contain the annual outbreak of really crap cash in Christmas games. After my work last year it seems this yearís batch is rather smaller either that or after Christmas there will be a lot of games late to the party. However as you might soon see somehow they have managed to concentrate the crap into a smaller volume.

First up on the naughty list is a game actually only here because its tradition seemingly I review some kind of winter related game.

Name: Snowboard 2D

Cost: £0.69 / $1

Take one barely ok snowboarding game, add the promise of nudity, sit back and relax and wait for the money to roll in. That was the recipe the developer must have followed in the production of this game. In terms of quality the game manages to just and I mean just become superior to a flash game with the physics engine being its main saving grace. While the snowboarding does give you the feel of being an awesome snowboarder.

The problem of course them comes when you realise with no multiplayer and nothing other than doing tricks and trying to outrun the avalanche thereís little to keep you coming back. ďAhaĒ the developer would no doubt say reading this ďIíve put a reason to replay in, firstly there is a working global high scores board and multiple charactersĒ. †This is entirely correct, there is a global high scores board (where I presently sit at 5th in the world) and there are multiple characters, oh you donít get to play as them. The attempt to freshen up the genre comes in the form of doing exactly what every other indie developer has done especially on XBLIG, theyíve added a strip element to the game. No Iím not joking, this is strip snowboarding, because nothing says the perfect time to see a half naked woman than a blizzard.............................. Itís at this point I should say again for long time readers, and inform new readers, that XBLIG has a no nudity policy, you cannot show actual nudity on XBLIG and as such all games end at panty shots / bra and panties or implied concealed nudity. Snowboard 2D is no different, so once youíve got on the global high scores list, seen all 3 women in their panties and played a bit, within 30 minutes thereís nothing more to do.†

Yes within 30 minutes I was entirely board with the game and had seen everything it had to offer. It has maybe less replay ability than your standard flash game and will be abandoned by most who buy it very quickly as its just doing nothing new and giving players nothing new.

The verdict: A painfully average 2D snowboarding game with pathetic tacked on semi-nudity. You know what Iíd actually have liked to have seen instead of this game ? Waterboarding 2D a game where you play as a government agency and have to try to torture prisoners for information while moving them round the world to avoid the European human rights agency. At least that game would have something different and could be called a social commentary of a game.

2 out of 6

Name: I want It!

Cost: £0.69

Review bit: Ah good old Silver Dollar. Theyíre like a drunk uncle at a party, everyone just sort of accepts that theyíre there and every now and again they manage something that could be considered entertaining. Though the entertainment is very rare compared to the nonsense, no-one has really got the heart to try and stop them.

In recent years Silver Dollar have been trying to pull themselves up from their gutter level reputation, first with the game ďGame 35Ē a strange exploration of gaming conventions in the form of a 2D platformer. Their attempt at a social commentary game, ďHomelessĒ a game released before "cart life", all about living as a beggar on the streets, a game that had great potential, but ultimately ended up being sick on its own shoes and mumbling about men in black helicopters chasing it. Their main attempt at an art game, ďSins of the fleshĒ which ]was a little grindy with little resembling a game to it. It even managed an actual game in the form of "One Finger Death Punch" which was playable. In its entire running time there has only been a two Silver Dollar games I found actively entertaining, the game was "Try Not To Fart" and as youíd expect was a show of puerile humour, also mixed with the game actively mocking its own events and story. The second being "Fatal Seduction", a horror / side scrolling beat em up, with a unique art style and story telling method which should be experience just for how messed up the story is.

Most of Silver Dollar's games are crap. I mean this, these are the guys behind ďNo LunaĒ, ďwhoís the daddy 2Ē and ďOutbreak on UranusĒ. So the question everyone is now asking is has Silver Dollar games stuck to its seeming new years resolution, have they game a full year without releasing some shovelware crap. Well I wouldnít be writing this if they had. Yes Silver Dollar are back on their unfortunately terrible form with ďI want it!Ē a ďgameĒ about pester power. What nothing says Christmas like kids pestering their parents for a certain in thing toy and Parents giving in only to end up in a real life ďJingle all the wayĒ remake as they fight the hordes of others after that exact same toy.

So what do you do in ďI want it!Ē ? You press a single button to make a child beg for something from their parent, after a set amount of begging the parent gives in and you win. No really thatís it. No story, no gameplay, just some basic art and animations and voices when the child begs. You thought "Dear Esther" lacked substance or that single button press QTEís littering games were bad, well this is a game where you do nothing but press a single button to make next to nothing happen.

Verdict: I donít know what the developer wants, but Iím guessing easy quick cash, or lesson in game design. Either way this thing barely qualifies as a game and the thing that should be given is a lump of coal here. Itís only barely redeeming feature is the wafer thin attempt at social commentary.†

1 out of 6

Name: Snowfall

Cost: £0.69 / $1

Review bit: so Snowfail........... wait, Iím getting ahead of myself ďSnowfallĒ was a game I spotted cropping up on the XBLIG marketplace and well it looked like the perfect victim for review. Or should that be perfect victim for an entertaining review. I mean look at that box art, just look at it. The box itself screams terrible game. It has all the elements: implied sex / nudity, prominent placing of said sex / nudity and finally a terrible shoe horning in of Christmas. I poured myself another whisky and prepared for the hilarity of a poorly written Christmas ďromanceĒ game with characters more two dimensional than Bella Swan in Twilight.

Now if this were a Christmas film, at this point the game would turn out to be the most profound and life changing game ever with an amazing message and social commentary. We donít live in a Christmas film however and of course this game was pure grade a bullshit. Oh and I donít simply mean 2D characters, terrible story style. This game is not a ďromanceĒ story game. There is no story, no character development. This is a dropper. Now for those who donít know what I mean by a dropper, itís a very basic genre in gaming that died out commercially after the Atari pretty much. The simple thing is you as the player must avoid the falling [inster object here] and collect the falling [insert object here]. This genre has pretty much existed as flash games, or at best minigames in Mario Party for years. If you grab the wrong item you lose a life. The aim ? Get the highest score possible.

^Grab the green squares and avoid the red triangles that fall. That's basically this game in a nut shell.

Hereís where the game really managed to impress me, with how bad it was. You play as a girl in the snow in a sexy Christmas outfit. Your objective is to collect grapes while avoiding clothes. Because nothing says Christmas like girls getting hyperthermia from being outside half naked. Also why grapes, what on earth does that have to do with either Christmas or sexyness ? You know whatís the absolute topping of this mountain of crap ? Thereís not even any animations, none at all, your character just floats along, itís the laziest copy and replace job Iíve ever seen.†

Verdict: The game is almost like someone took a template game file and just switched out the art assets and did nothing else. You want to know the really insulting part though, thereís a bug in the game. No really in a game this simplistic there is a quite serious bug. The bug is if you hit an item of clothing, sometimes it would double hit you. Thatís right you can lose two lives from one hit, there are no frames of invincibility at all. This is a poorly designed cash in game and the price is the closest thing to any actual sexual interaction the game has. Oh but there's more. So we have : a poorly made game, trying to sell with sex and even having a fairly serious bug, what else could there be right? Well unless you download the demo you don't couldn't even find out what the game was about. On the Store page they are as vague as possible and show no actual gameplay shots

Final score
-666 out of 6

Photo Photo Photo


This article may contain content some readers find disturbing and discussion of issues that are to an extent†sensitive and or controversial†in nature.†

Spoiler Warning in this article for Romeo and Juliet, Green Lantern, Spiderman One more Day, and mild spoilers surrounding Batman, Superman and Spiderman comics. Early game Lollipop chainsaw and Mystical quest a Legend (SNES)

Strong language will be present.

The majority of this article was compiled as best as I could from my own drunken notes having watched Damsels in Distress part 2

This article will assume some level of familiarity with Damsels in Distress Part 2 of Tropes vs Women in Videogames (Warning it has its own spoiler list) as such its suggested you watch it, though how sober you wish to be is up to you

This second series of articles is going to go to some darker places which many might find uncomfortable this is the first part which is going to go to darker places it will not be the only one as at least the next full part will also delve into some pretty serious dark topics.

Also for the record I have watched part 3 and will be addressing that later when the time comes

If you missed part 3 of this series here's a link to it

Trading life for character development

Death is the great levelling device, no-one beats death normally. †The issue with this trope is that by claiming that its only wrong when a female character is killed off for character development is again a problem as male characters do end up being killed off too for just the same tiny amount of plot development. Their deaths sacrificing what until then was a lot of ground work to make them a good character in some cases. Above is possibly one of the more famous examples of killing off a character for a small amount of plot development and also the origin of the Damsels in refrigerators trope.

In comics weíve had Batman die what twice now, I think Superman is at three and spiderman has died about 4 times maybe more depending on the univserse. To claim this symptom of the trope is bad outright is to deny effective use. Yes many lazy writers will kill good characters for minor story gain but again that is bad writers using it. In Superhero comics its quite possible to look at lists of all the characters who have also been killed off or died most often for character development of others or simple plot reasons.

To name but one thing that sensationalises a Male death and infact turns it into a huge plot point similar to video games. Romeo and Juliet the Death of Mercutio. This sequence can be analysed so much as the death of the comedic side character who we know little about however its the trigger for the main action in the book. To say the death of a character who hasnít been made deep and meaningful shouldnít happen is honestly to contradict whatís held up and one of the great pieces of story telling of all time. The extent Mercutio is in the story and justification for the impact of his death are , heís Romeos best friend, heís innocent and not involved in this struggle of houses and not of either house, he introduced and indirectly allowed Romeo and Juliet to meet and explain about women to Romeo. Hardly a deeper justification than the person in love with the main protagonist who is also innocent. So does that mean Romeo and Juliet has no merit or place in existing ?

(what can I say I like the Baz Luhrmann version ok)

With many people Death has an impact, be it wanting revenge or completely shutting down. To claim a death in game is not sufficient reasoning for these actions questions how well you can empathise with the characters. In the past 12 months Iíve had two members of my family die, to say I was shaken up would be very true however in my case I was aware the deaths would happen or not overly shocked when they did as I wasnít overly close to them both socially and geographically speaking. If when I had been with my ex something had happened to her I would have been devastated, so do video game characters not get to do this either ? Is it wrong to impart this bit of realism in characters ?

Damsel in the refrigerator................. The trapped soul motivation.†

Iím not a religious person by any stretch. Iím actually very staunch atheist in my beliefs and have shocked people before when asked about how I see religions. Iím not someone who will claim a person is wrong or bad for their beliefs but I will hammer the religion itself. The idea of the dead and trapped soul is a further extension of the idea of death causing turmoil. If you lost someone you love and were very close to, what would you trade to get them back ?

Oh and Iím not taking in a Spiderman one more day ďIíll trade my marriage and happiness for my aunts lifeĒ bullshit Iím talking the amount of times people have claimed they would make these trades.†

With death sending some people off the rails the idea that the person is still alive or could come back is heavy coping mechanism and driving force to keep them going. Accepting someone is gone and not coming back can be one of the hardest things to do if you were extremely close to them. Heck a simple break up with me caused me to throw myself very heavily into my work at the time and some might say to the expense of other aspects of my life such as for a time avoiding socialising to avoid being asked how I was getting on with my girlfriend (as not everyone was aware Iíd broken up for a while after.)†

The idea of Freeing the soul at the end could be simply described equally well as a person beginning to move on and accepting the person is gone.†

If you want to suggest death canít send some people off the rails I offer as an example my ex having at the time lost her grandfather, who phoned me at 4am on a Wednesday morning to talk about things during which in she said how badly it hurt to have lost him and how she was considering starting on drugs to try and cope with the pain. This is a girl who definitely not straight edge would normally not have considered drugs ever who has now phoned me at 4am and was asking if I knew anywhere she could get some.............. so yes death messes people up.

Too late / dead already Damsels

This is a particularly interesting part to me as it brings different interpretations and questions again if death is acceptable in games. The idea of being too late in itself is a separate trope but again the specific implication here is because itís a female character itís happened to then its sexist.

I again have to ask why ? surely the same could be done to Male characters to, in Lollipop Chainsaw the main character beheads her boyfriend right at the start in just such a mercy killing style. Numerous examples of infected people in zombie games could also be brought up where they end up having to be put out of their misery. I strongly question again why the implication of sexism is brought up when the trope can be applied to either gender just as well. The trope also again links back to the idea of death, except now its not an uncontrolled death its a choice between two horrible scenarios.†

This is concept of terrible choices is very much present in Many of the Saw films. The idea of survival at what expense and picking which of the evils you will go for is almost a separate trope on its own. The idea of killing the character makes sense because in Mystical quest a Legend on SNES the character not being killed simply sticks round as a constant irremovable show of the Heroís failure. While you can say this makes them a deeper character by having to constantly face this failure and have it almost thrown back at you itís debatable how enjoyable this really is when in the fantasy setting youíre trying to be this perfect Hero.Death as Iíve said is a more permanent end to this.†

The example of Prey being brought up involves a woman not in control of her own actions and being forced to harm the person she loves. Having being incapacitated with the potential to be revived / restored and forced to fight again she asks for the player to kill her, because as many of you will know and say, you will do anything to protect those you love from harm if need be. In this case be killed to prevent it, I will be delving a little further into this concept in part 5.

Saying thank you with their dying breath is not for the violence itís for ending the perceived pain/ suffering being caused.†

The idea of placing the personís life in the hands of another is simply because of the human spirit. I wonít go too deep on my personal experiences because as mentioned before I really should be on a couch explaining this to a psychiatrist trying to sort out the many character defects Iíve got, however the human brain is a rather determined thing and overcoming ingrained survival instincts is far harder than many realise.†

The concept of placing your life in the trust of someone else to end it is actually something far more logical than attempting to overcome your own survival instincts and having to fight your own brain over this.

This really isnít a matter to bring up here though, honestly itís more one for governments and courts to decide if ending pain in a rather final way can ever be justified. For some it actually is to them while others will no doubt claim the sanctity of any level of existent life. *Proceeds to hit a fly* damn things been annoying me all night, now what was I talking about, oh yeh the sanctity of life. What this asks is, is if any quality of life is worth it no matter how much a person is suffering, with places like the Dignitas clinic allowing terminally ill people to end their lives on their own terms to an extent or to escape their suffering. As I said though this is a far bigger issue than me as just one blogger alone and is almost a global issue being tackled by many governments world wide.

So I'm going to tell you what's coming next time before I've finished off fully this time as I'd rather get the last of the dark stuff out of the way before the ending.

In Part 5:
-Domestic violence †

Ok it seems only appropriate here to quote Monty Python as part of the rounding up of this part.
"Life is a laugh and Deaths the Joke"†
and to leave you with something of a joke after what's been a rather dark part.
Photo Photo Photo


Spoiler Warning in this article for The Darkness, The Mummy The Scorpion King

Strong language will be present.

The majority of this article was compiled as best as I could from my own drunken notes having watched Damsels in Distress part 2

This article will assume some level of familiarity with Damsels in Distress Part 2 of Tropes vs Women in Videogames†(Warning it has its own spoiler list) as such its suggested you watch it, though how sober you wish to be is up to you

This second series of articles is going to go to some darker places which many might find uncomfortable, I'm warning you of this now as it is coming later down the line and for me to consider it darker places, well its pretty dark.

Also for the record I have watched part 3 and will be addressing that later when the time comes

If you missed Part 2 its here for you

Feeble attempts to form a connection..............†

Oh fuck you.†

The use of the Darkness in there is actually really annoying because having played and loved that game the initial section and relationship was very much like being in a relationship, many aspects mirrored my own relationship at that time.

Here have a look, and yes if you want to you can stay longer in the game and watch the complete film To kill a Mockingbird.

Then barely a third of the way into the game†

Spoiler warning†

Gangsters Kidnap and Kill Jenny infont of you it echoed deeply of losing someone you loved and having no control over it. I donít mean simply being dumped by text from 100s of miles away I mean never coming back and knowing that character is no more. To claim this is a cheap trick may be right but when the characterisation of them is that realistic and well done its almost disgusting to see the effort brushed aside when its claimed people want more realistic characters or at least connections in game. You see while Jenny doesn't say huge amounts to you, you're not given huge exposition pieces about her life etc you do get to experience what is to an extent a seemingly ordinary evening together in their relationship.†

You don't get your information about her thrown in your face but you can pick it up by her actions and the way she reacts. In the game your character of Jackie is so broken up after her death he tries to kill himself. So to brush this aside as a feeble attempt at a connection and a throw away shock death is a serious dis-service to the series as you could just as much throw the death or Mercutio on Romeo and Juliet away in the same way despite its huge plot ramifications as he too is an innocent as such.†

Damsels in distress showing a power inbalance...............†

this is one interpretation. The other is in a relationship you help one another and get along. Sure some of us may have actually walked bare foot over broken glass for someone they love (donít it hurts like hell, more so if you get dumped later) the idea of balance in a relationship is important so while I agree with the imbalance being a problem I donít agree with the implication that it therefore makes the Damsel in distress trope bad. Let me ask, how far would you go for someone you loved ? Well thatís the damsel in distress trope there creating exaggerated insane scenarios which to be honest could happen either way round in most cases its a scenario where the odds are stacked to make sure the person can't fight it and often you'll note the loved one is only able to due to coming to the scene later and witnessing essentially the tail end of it.†

Rescuing the daughter................†

This extends far beyond the annoyance of justification of the tropes evil here and actually into the fact its attempting to brand a second trope as part of the Damsel in distress Trope. The concept of this trope is empathising with a person who has children. The protective nature of being a parent often leads to comments like ďI would do anything for my daughter / sonĒ†

Is this a justification for the Damsel in distress trope being wrong just because in some games the captured child is female ? Or is it again another example of a separate trope which has been discussed by others before and pointed out that the issue is writing the child characters convincingly the examples commonly given are comparing Heavy rains protagonist to that of the child character Clementine from the Walking dead games. One easy to note this is to look at another example of this in the film ďThe Mummy ReturnsĒ when Alex is captured by the villains. The idea of a child fighting off gangstaers or super human demons is implying depowerment not based on gender but because ďhey theyíre a kid for crying out loudĒ you wouldn't expect Clementine from the walking dead to suddenly go all Buffy the Vampire slayer and kill everything because hey she's just a kid even in this seriously messed up world.†

Now if you don't think the idea of a child being de powered is a trope I present to you this.

Yes Scrappy do the one joke character who's whole joke is, he is essentially a little Puppy who wants to fight everything when clearly he'd be no match for it, and even a few times realises this and runs for it. That is if you take the initial imagining of him and not the far more entertaining film re-imagining of him as a pain in the rear with a growth defect.

In Heavy Rain Jason doesn't escape the Origami killer on his own. In the Mummy the scorpion king, Alex doesn't escape the supernatural monster alone. Kids are kids and while there are plenty of examples of kids being powerful character in their own right. The default state of a child is normally powerless to a degree, they can't vote, they rely on parents for most things and they are often an easy target for the media to pick on and for people to aim at for not being good enough or not doing specifically what the public want. †To quote Dara O'Briain "you give kids one chance to prove themselves when their exam results come out, you moan about them being terrible all year and then results day comes and they prove themselves with flying colours and what do you do ? You still have a go at them by claiming the exams and test got easier and not that they actually worked hard and achieved because that would prove everything you've said all you wrong"

I man be 24 now but I can still see and am still annoyed at seeing how in reality the youth can and will be the targets of plenty of flack because they have no real voice as such to protest this, or at least they didn't until social media.

Coming in part 4:

-Death & Euthanasia (I did warn you this would go dark)
Photo Photo Photo

5:50 PM on 08.19.2013

There are plenty of other planets, this isn't a threat of death more one asking you to politely reconsider joining that Mars Mission that one company wants volunteers for

So this isnít some piece about the Dtoid community or anything like that but actually about certain aspects of the gaming press and gaming "fandom".

After watching the Rev 3 Casual Friday about gamer rage I felt I really should write an article on this because itís a little bit of an industry problem now and with the recent spate of moronic elements sending death threats I thought it was time to address this issue and point out how itís not a simple case of pointing the blame just at gamers and going ďoh look how horrible you people are beingĒ you see there has been an issue going on for a while and itís getting worse.†

You see the problem gaming is seemingly facing is a constant ramping up of the stakes so to speak, both gaming media and ďfandomĒ are fighting to be heard. If youíve followed the gaming press recently it seems far too often itís less a case of the most interesting story that gets hits and more the most sensationalist the most campaigning and the most damning "This company is evil / against XYZ and you should hate them for it". You might have noticed some publication and †organisations heavily leaning towards sensationalism and the events with Phil Fish show that some Journalists are going out of their way to make their own conflict or attempting to find conflict where in reality there is little.

A great example of a very recent set of hunting for conflict were the outcrys when a glitch in Harvest moon was fixed wit many claiming it was Homophobic action by Nintendo to fix a bug which allowed people to marry others in game of the same sex. If you looked in the C-blogs at the time youíd have found a very interesting article by a C-blogger explaining the wider possibly game breaking implications of the glitch because it was a glitch which impacted more of the game than youíd initially believe. Would it have been nice for Nintendo to include the option initially ? well yes but the argument was that Nintendo were making sure people didnít have a game with a potential game breaking bug in it and the unfortunate consequence was removing what many saw as a positive side effect.

So what the hell does this have to do with morons sending death threats to people ?
Well as the battle in the media to gain hits is ramping up the battle for people to notice complaints is ramping up as after the Mass Effect ending ďprotestsĒ and complaints. So with games journalists acting like little kids on twitter towards developers, well some complete braindead elements are seeing so called professionals in the games industry acting this way and are seeing abuse as an acceptable thing.
Allow me to share a personal message I actually received.

This is just one of the messages I have from said person including one threatening to burn me and my family alive in our home. No Iím not joking, you know what should have concerned me ? this guy knows someone who actually does know where I lived, these messages were from a few years back but their purpose is to demonstrate how certain elements believe threats of violence will get their point across. This message was actually from the new boyfriend of an Ex after we had a talk to clear the air which resulted in some less than pleasant exchanges (on both our parts) this message was months later because my Ex apparently felt I was still irritating her. Apparently making my facebook wall private friends only and never actually talking to her again after that night wasnít enough somehow. This however is not about me but to show the unfortunate level some will go to in an attempt to put a point across and with the actual paid professionals in this industry seeing it fine to imply a developer is a hack as such, well you can start to see why some individuals feel they have to up the ante a touch to get noticed.

You know what the worst part of all this is ?
Itís working.

As much horrible bile as people want to throw at these guys for being disgusting cretenious human beings its actually simply making things worse. Have you ever noticed how seemingly 1 instance of this happens then more very quickly ?
The gaming press reports these and while unlike say school shooting these donít have actual deaths associated with them and to some credit the gaming press hasnít started naming those that made these threats (Though Iím sure some agencies would love too if they could) however they have been making a large fuss and advertising them. When someone is trying to showcase their view on an aspect of a game, games journalists are now making it a near front page thing because of these threats.†

Gaming Media is happily giving these morons the platform they desire so easily. It might seem easy to say this and hard for some to do, more so for those with families but to an extent you have to realise how stupid these people are and how pathetic they must be to have to resort to these levels. You have to, to an extent ignore it and not make a fuss, because when you make the fuss those making the threats have already been shown to have an impact and may well be getting their point across. Iíve had no less than 9 death threats in my life, only 2 of which could have carried any weight †and you know what, even those 2 that did carry weight, I simply called the bluff and essentially said ďYou do that, then you will rot in jail as the evidence is right here so enjoy admitting your own guiltĒ. People didnít want a certain writer, writing Dragon Age so they made death threats, now said writer has resigned and theyíve got their way. The worst thing you can do is give in to morons in this way and you know what I have to say to those making these threats ?

You people disgust me, but you know what else Iím disgusted by the gaming press for allowing this kind of vile display of humanity to gain the platform it wanted, Iím disgusted to see the gaming press actually putting this as front page news and stating the reasons for the death threats. Obviously the reason for the death threats was seen to these individuals as big enough to make the threats so making it front page material is doing just what they want.

This isnít to say Iím condemning those putting across legitimate concerns in a mature or at least creative way. The complaints etc to the ending of Mass Effect 3 at least showed some level or originality with the cupcake campaign however it seems many well thought out objections are simply being overlooked in favour of ďOMG that guy threatened someone because of a change, hereís details on that changeĒ. So people seeing this tactic working are copying these actions. Hence why I said about the school shooting example as its been shown after one major shooting occurs others then occur soon after too.

If we want to see an end to this we need to see at least some criticism aimed at sites that are doing sensationalist baseless stories and to actually stop this seeming wall of ďWe are the gaming press we stand togetherĒ. If you canít be critical of yourselves or at least peers in gaming press, how are people meant to respect your critical analysis of gaming ? Is it not the slightest bit hypocritical for so many to be writing articles about Phil Fish painting him as "that guy that said those stupid things" rather than a game developer, and yet to now be criticising gamers for also being rather vicious, especially considering the words of a paid journalist can cut far deeper on their own than the words of a braindead twat with 30 twitter followers.

What Iíd like to simply ask is can we all start to act a little more like adults, gamers stopping threats and gaming media throwing blame or creating their own sensationalised stories or throwing insults constantly over twitter to create stories and maybe just maybe not giving morons the publicity they seemingly crave. If we can do that maybe just maybe we can all get back to hitting people with Dildo bats in Saints Row like the mature people we are, who can appreciate it. And if you really must release some bile, do it on DOTA 2 like most other people seem to.

Oh and one last thing can we not have a huge sensation when Payday 2 comes out, yes youíre shooting police and robbing banks as a near a morale criminal, welcome to the idea of fantasy, maybe youíve heard of it.

Oh and one extra last thing, Just because I really donít like the work of Shakespeare doesnít mean I want him dead, if I ever did meet him though Iíd totally see something like this happening.

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Warning this article contains graphic content some readers may find inappropriate including scenes of violence and nudity†

Spoiler Warning in this article for Kane an Lynch 2

Strong language will be present.

The majority of this article was compiled as best as I could from my own drunken notes having watched Damsels in Distress part 2

This article will assume some level of familiarity with Damsels in distress part 2: Tropes vs Women in Video games†(Warning it has its own spoiler list) as such its suggested you watch it, though how sober you wish to be is up to you

This second series of articles is going to go to some darker places which many might find uncomfortable, I'm warning you of this now as it is coming later down the line and for me to consider it darker places, well its pretty dark.

Also for the record I have watched part 3 and will be addressing that later when the time comes

Male power fantasy and the brooding deep Hero.
Oh great this again, I did talk about this before†but it looks like its coming back again. can I ask what the hell is wrong with a male power fantasy ? Iím sure out there the option for women to play out female power fantasies is not being used as a catch all negative aspect like this. Is the problem Fantasy ? well no because to deny fantasy is to deny imagination. So †is the issue Male, well no because honestly to say itís only wrong due to being related to one gender is sexist in itself, During the male power fantasy section we even see clips from Kane and Lynch which if youíre male power fantasy involves being tied to a chair naked and tortured, well all power to you but I donít think it fits with the conventional idea being portrayed here.

Seriously, I'd actually like to know, does anyone consider this a power fantasy ?

Token empowerment ?

Ok so now mentioned is the idea of a single use or breaking of the trope itself also being bad as it excuses the use of it. Well how else is this trope meant to be broken without a character being able to show that they can handle themselves and it was just that situation they were unable to handle / needed help with.†

Iím fairly sure that to develop any kind of meaningful connection in gaming to characters there must be moments where they do need one another. So unless weíre planning to go with two male or two female set ups then someone will at one point or another always be saving the other. Or suddenly youíll have another character with you who makes you question if honestly youíre needed at all as they perform everything far better than you and while you as the male protagonist need help they are fine escaping every situation themselves.

So all that's left for me to do in this part is to say what's coming next time.

Next time:

- feeble connections

-Power imbalance

- Daughters vs Damsels
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