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TheKodu's blog

Mighty Tactical Shooter: preview
9:35 AM on 07.20.2014
Pre-orders: Aliens sold separately, the reason Iíve bought recent WWE games.
3:44 PM on 07.17.2014
And you thought you'd met some sore losers in games. [Strong Language]
10:49 PM on 07.06.2014
The Mandatory E3 blog : Annie get your Gun [NVGR, no really]
11:16 PM on 07.03.2014
Of Minecraft and Money
4:27 PM on 07.01.2014
XBLIG review: Battle for Demon City
1:55 PM on 06.02.2014

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Community Discussion: Blog by TheKodu | TheKodu's ProfileDestructoid
TheKodu's Profile - Destructoid


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A qualified Environmental Chemist who happens to live in a fairly dense city with no real environment or chemistry industry.

I review indie games on another blog and you'll see them pop up here if I think the review is a good or interesting one (along with a shameless bit of self promotion)

I also operate another blog reviewing films and I mean t pick that back up when I can.

I've been gaming since the SNES days. I've been in the pro scene before for tribes 2 but hate the present pro scenes and have no interest in going back into it.

I tend to get into quite a few Betas and love ones without NDA as it means I can write about them. I have even beta tested an xbox 360 game in my time (and no not a normal public Beta one )

In gaming I'm normally the guy looking at the shelf below the AAA titles first to see if there are any great hidden gems.

My gaming drug of choice: Timesplitters in any flavour (Why won't you make Timesplitters 4 Crytek, why ????? I need my fix of insanity )


As with all preview pieces this is based upon a short time with a title that is still very much in development as such anything mentioned here is subject to change.

All footage was recorded with a 3 mega pixel camera unless the footage is the developers own trailers.

I did actually get some free pin badges off this developer (there were pin badges on the others to but I only ended up with pin badges from this one)

So take one part Ikaruga and mix it with one part Final Fantasy and throw in a dash of FTL and what you get is Mighty Tactical shooter a turn based bullet hell game. the game starts with the staff on a space station celebrating the completion of the new high tech prototype ship when something goes badly wrong, in the chaos the ship activates itself and grabs one of the nearest people about to pilot the ship.
Here's the intro for you courtesy of the developers own footage

It's up to you using a turn based combat system to fight through waves of enemies to reach the end of the level and take down the huge bosses. The game really does capture the feel of bullet hell shooter with the huge monstrous end of level bosses. It also manages to create a very deep turn based strategy game with plenty of abilities and tactical options.

The gameplay is surprisingly intuitive and deep as you plan your moves. Moving the ships destination icon to where you want but also being able to curve and modify its course to allow for more complex moves. All the time the screen showing where your own shots will go from the standard gun and where the enemies will move to and where their shots will go.

Here's some footage I took and after it I can talk a bit more about specific aspects and show some more of the developers own footage to better illustrate them.

The amazing extra tactics that come into play here compared to other games are the gravity weapons. Most weapons and even enemies are impacted by gravity, so on the ship you have two gravity weapons. A gravity wave which can be deployed to push shots and objects away from it and a gravity well which sucks things in.

Here's a demonstration of the Gravity well in action for you from the developers footage:

That extra level of tactical decision making just pushes the game beyond the norm.

You might also have noticed the nanodust being collected in the video above. This is used by the ship to repair damage using the repair buddy on the left and to use on the on ship production facility to refill certain special weapons such as missiles and gravity weapons. You are awarded nanodust for killing all the enemies present in a wave on screen and then collecting the dropped dust.

The FTL element comes in the form of being able to balance your weapons power and your shield power. More weapons power means you can do more damage and restore your laser quicker while more shield power means your shield can absorb more hits in on go or restore the shield if it's been broken. This further element adds so much to the game as you might find in the middle of a fire fight your shield is broken down and you end up diverting most of your power to restore the shield at the expense of your weapons. The importance being if your shield is down you take damage which takes time and dust to repair. However this is countered by the fact your weapons are less powerful. This dynamic allows for two pretty distinctive approaches to enemies: either you raise the shield and minimise damage or you go on the offence and keep your power as is then try and wipe out the enemy before they wipe you out.

Infact through out the game there are multiple ways to approach many situations. In this footage from the developer you'll see one possible solution to one of the obstacles present in a level.

Now in that footage the other possible solution could have been to loop a missile round and hit that power node. At another point you find yourself faced with falling rocks. you can either shoot them out the way or use a gravity weapon to hold them up until you've passed.

The game has an impressive range of weapons each with different options related to it. For example you can fire your ships guns in a V shape instead of right ahead, heck you can even fire the gun backward if you need to.

This footage from the developer shows just some of the weapons options and shows one of the large end of level bosses.

The cluster missile being shown is quite a cool weapon however the one I think I should highlight is the laser and the mechanics surrounding it. you see rather than set damage per second the laser has a sort of penetration mechanics. The longer you keep the laser on a target the more damage it does. What this does is change your tactics to match the enemies movement to do maximum damage.

The big difference I should say between Mighty Tactical Shooter and FTL is that in Mighty Tactical Shooter your survival is always in your hands. The game won't screw you over or make it impossible to win. If you're good enough you can escape anything an Mighty Tactical Shooter and as such no death ever really feels cheap or unfair. It's a game where skill is what matters not luck.

Now I absolutely fell in love with this game at the show and it is because I'm actually so exceited for this game that I'm going to point out just two little issues I had. Now the game is still very much in early development and as such I'm certain these will not be issue down the line as the game is changing. So much so that you might have noticed the ship looks slightly different sizes in the different video, this was done because people kept bumping into things due to the ships size.

The first issue that I think the game really does need a "baby's first" tutorial. By this I mean a tutorial that breaks everything down to a very simple level, the kind you find in many games there days and people go "Why do I need to learn to jump in a platformer I've been playing them all my life" the difference is here you need to be told about the weapons and you really do need to be introduced to them in such a basic way to allow you to grasp each concept so when you're using all the concepts and mechanics at once you really are prepared. The game does have quite a good tutorial already however I just felt it didn't quite go as deep as it needed to. I think maybe having the option to turn on or off a deeper tutorial or having an entirely separate tutorial to the main campaign could be beneficial initially to new players.

Secondly the game might need an easier difficulty option. Now I'm not saying make the game easier, the default difficulty should stay as it is but I feel it would be nice for the game to offer an ever so slightly easier option. While I'm not great at games I'm not dire either and it has to be said that I really found the game to be tough (I enjoyed it but I still found it tough). A slightly easier option would be useful to make sure players could get used to the game and if default was too hard they'd be able to drop the difficulty until they were practised enough tackle the default level. Heck you could even deliberately change the game and have either the true end or all levels only available on normal and have the game end on easy before then with a message like "Simulation mode over, are you ready for the real thing Pilot ?"

Now I've got that out of the way what I will say is the developer is extremely passionate about this. When I spoke with him he was nervous about having to do a video talking about the game and making sure people could see he was passionate about this. I wish him all the best in doing said video and can honestly say he was extremely passionate about getting his game out there and it was very evident how much he also loved this project.

I really do hope, down the line, Mighty Tactical Shooter does get onto Steam because the game really did just blow me away with how cool a concept it was and how great it looked and played.

Here's the teaser trailer for the game

Mighty Tactical Shooter is planned for release on Steam for PC, Mac and Linux along with a tablet version for IOS and Android devices though the developer is exploring potentially releasing on the Vita, PS4 and Xbone as well.

An estimate of the price sets it at about £3 ($5) on tablet and £5- £8 ( $8- $13.50) on PC with the PC version having more content to justify the higher price than the tablet version. I can say at those prices from what I saw even though it was an in development version it was well worth the price.

for more information on Mighty Tactical Shooter check out the developers website †or the Greenlight page

Or download and play a demo of the present in development version
Photo Photo

Ah so Alien Isolation has a pre-order bonus which will no doubt be sold separately later down the line anyway. †This leads me nicely into talking about the recent WWE games and why Iíve actually been buying them. You see I may not follow WWE at present and it was many years back when I stopped following but I do still enjoy the idea. I do still to an extent enjoy the games and their ability to let me put old wrestlers in via the create a wrestler option and play out matches that never happened.

Hereís the thing though, I stopped buying the games because slowly the season pass, DLC wrestlers and moves started to become a thing and I knew buying a game at £35 and then having a £15 season pass added on top was not something I wanted. So hereís why I bought the two most recent WWE games. Each of them saw a large price drop within two weeks of release down to £20 and at that price it was £20 + £15 season pass meaning I was paying no more for all the content than buying a full retail game (not including DLC).

I donít pre-order games. Not normally Iíve said before about how am gladly still the weird one and I will continue this because unless I either really want the game and trust the developer and publisher completely then I wonít pre-order. In fact Iíll actively harm †a games sales if it is giving away pre-order exclusive content. I will wait for the price to go down knowing said content will + the game will be the price Iíd have paid anyway. The best part of all this ? Iím not financially tied in at all before the game releases, I can wait and if I hear the game is bad I just wonít buy it. By pushing pre-order exclusives itís actually pushing players like me away from games and worse still a month or more down the line Iím not being hit with the media barrage and orchestrated campaign and thereís a chance Iíll just forget and not buy the game. By waiting I get the full game, I get the security to know if the game is good or bad and chances are Iím paying less for it.

I really am some-one who rarely pre-orders games, I have done it twice. Sonic adventure 2 on the Dreamcast and Portal, neither of which I had to put money down on in advance.

Hereís the worst part though. As we move to the digital age it will be the companies behind the games that control them. Itís rare Iíll hammer Valve but they have an amazing example of a problem on the horizon stalking pre-order culture. Pre-purchasing a game, not only are you pre-ordering but youíre paying in full for the game.†

On Steam now, buy Witcher 3 at a small discount and get to play it in over 7 months time.

Say what you will about early access but at least those games allow the critics in and allow you to start playing a version of the game before itís fully finished. Early access has itís issues with pre-purchasing the company has your money already. In this digital age where companies race to be the first to have their review up after the embargo drops it means unless youíre at a midnight launch you can still check how the game is being received to an extent. With pre-purchasing this safety net is being removed and this is but one of the many reasons Iím still concerned about the idea of a digital future. Iím concerned because of who will be on the seat controlling it as do you really trust EA to do whatís right for consumers in a system they control ?
Photo Photo

Ok I thought Iíd seen plenty to harm my faith in humanity. Now some assholes just had to go and go one step beyond.†

In the past in certain games Iíve run into people who have launched a basic type of cyber attack on me for beating them in certain peer 2 peer console games. This kind of attack is possible because of the requirement to connect to a host and certain games allow you to interrupt the hosts connection and cause the hosting to move to another person. Previously the way the attack worked was a group of maybe 5 people would team up together and find their own IP address. Knowing their own addresses theyíd then know if they were connected to someone else or if others were connecting to them. Then if people wanted an easy win in certain games or lost a game and were bitter they could essentially flood other peopleís connections with useless information. †

This kind of attack often forces the target offline and can require them to restart their router to acquire a new IP, if they were on a dynamic IP service provider. If they werenít then the attack could run for hours flooding the IP address. Iíve had exactly two such attacks in my time. One from the infamous and now permabanned from Xbox live host got booted clan and one from a random person who was just bitter. This kind of cyber attack is know as being DDossed. Lucky for me my ISP realised within 30 seconds I was under attack and actually sent the information back to the sender so I got to hear the now immortal lines (at least to me) ďOh Fuck heís sending the packets back at us, Fuck you dude weíll have you for cyber attacking us, we know your IP, oh crap the modems getting hot. Can you guys smell smoke ? Oh shit the modems on fire..............Ē and the line went dead at that point.

Well next time you beat a guy at Call of Duty a new and disturbing trend could see these guys at your door.

Welcome to the new and alarming trend of "swatting.
So how on earth does beating a douchebag on COD potentially have the police knocking on your door ?

Remember how I said DDossing replied upon your IP ? Well once this latest wave of fucknuggets gets hold of it from fairly easy to acquire software they no longer simply try to force you offline. They use your IP and look up information about the location of your IP address. With some IP addresses being able to be narrowed down to your house number using public websites that are just one google away. So now they have your IP and your address so the next step is they phone the police. Not only do they phone the police they make up a scenario, more often one that involves potential violent acts and fire arms or even terrorist activities. †The aim is simple. To have the Swat team turn up at your house believing theyíre about to confront a dangerous armed criminal.

Iím honestly in shock right now. Not because it could happen to me †as it canít not easily, partly due to the fact Iím not in the USA and partly due to the number of exchanges my connection runs through meaning I canít be traced easily via IP. But Iím in shock that someone out there is now going so far as to try and have people arrested and thrown in jail or worse because theyíre bitter over losing in a video game.

This is honestly one of the most disgusting displays Iíve seen in a long while. Donít believe me that itís being done ? Here's a video posted online of a Twitch user†who ended up on the receiving end of such an event. Apparently an individual is now going round targeting Twitch TV streamers recently being able to acquire their broadcasting IP and use that to have them swatted. †

You might be pleased to hear though in recent bills being passed into law in various states in the US. The "prankster" responsible for the swatting if caught can now be held liable for the costs, which can be $10,000 +
Photo Photo

So itís E3, everyone else is writing their E3 blogs and as such itís customary for me to join in. Now the question is which way am I going to write it. Will I be swept up in all the hype and coverage and say how it was the best thing since Strawberry and Vanilla Flavoured water or will I join the anti-hype train and try to bring someone down.

Well the answer is neither. Thatís right neither, in fact this blog only happens to relate to E3 in an indirect way. You see while I was watching the conferences and tweeting along, someone I follow on Twitter posted this.

Now I have a rule, the person being referred to in the tweet I wonít write about or look into unless itís brought up by some-one else first. In fact I wonít go out looking for controversial stories and constantly checking back unless someone else tells me about if first. Well itís another blog about Anita Sarkeesian, sorry folks but Iím going there again. Last chance to bail out of this blog now.

OK if youíre still reading donít say I didnít warn you. So letís start where the controversy all kicks off shall we. Days before E3 on May 27th when this tweet appeared.

Yes that does seem to suggest that Smash Brothers is facing a misogynist rampage. Now Iíve said before and Iíll say again the new stiletto heels for Samus look stupid and impractical in a fighting game setting and in any kind of cannon with her character and setting. So maybe you can brush this off as a simple over exaggeration right.

So the next part.†

Ok so beheadings are horrifying but dancing games are great . Yes real life beheadings are horrifying, video game beheadings are common place seemingly though but this ended up on a tweet, which honestly I canít respond to any better than to post another tweet by @Indiegamerchick because it's just so well done and hits the nail right on the head with cutting sarcasm.

So next we have the contempt for a female character being seen as a hostage.
Followed by this.

Yes a surprised claim that by saying that her with 80,400 followers had received some abuse because of it when a relatively unknown person with 2,624 followers hadnít obviously because he was Male and not in any way the vast difference in exposure each sees. Then we have this tweet.

Yes female playable characters in Rainbow Six are great aren't they.

Oh sorry thatís the wrong picture thatís from Rainbox Six Vegas released in 2008. No really Iím not joking. So this is followed up by what is a very typical example of stringing up a nut job that regularly happens rather than you know any actual discussion with people making anywhere near valid points.

Then a hasty clarification that itís fine for men to be hostages because itís fine to show them depowered but how dare someone show a depowered female character. †This is because obviously the makers of said games are trying to transmit a certain message about oppression. It couldnít possibly be reading the meaning you want into a piece of media because it entirely fits the message you want.

So there we go Dtoid and cbloggers, the mandatory Garms Jurnalist E3 blog †because people should feel guilty for being born white and or male, how dare we !

I hope you've enjoyed this rather unique E3 cblog even if it is so late being released.

Note: This was originally written during E3 but I left it unposted as I decided to take a break from writing articles.
Photo Photo Photo

4:27 PM on 07.01.2014

Ok so rather than writing my mandatory and highly controversial E3 blog (which is late) Iíve decided to post this one about the latest nontroversey to erupt in gaming.

Mojang have finally decided to crack down on people monetising Minecraft with a set of rule for server. No this is not Mojang banning lets plays, let me get that clear and out there to begin with.

Iíve played Minecraft on a number of servers and honestly I can see where Mojang is coming from. There have been plenty of servers I tried only to immediately leave because of the monetisation methods used.

Now I entirely get that monetisation is used by people to support the servers as servers cost money. However as getting people to cough up an upkeep when they already bought a paid for game is a problem and some servers have just gone too far.

Minecraft servers can range from very ethical Valve level to Korean MMO level of pay to win. Some servers have tip jars, others give aesthetics to peopleís names or use other mods to allow different options like custom capes (capes now actually being against EULA but hey ho you can still charge for hats) . Then there are the servers people hate the servers like one I once spent 30 minutes on that charged you $20 for the ability to mine diamonds. Thatís right there are servers out there that wonít let you mine the most durable material in minecraft unless you pay. Iíve seen servers run a popular mod called MCMMO (which adds MMO levelling and ability elements to Minecraft ) then charge people $15 to unlock the function to use MCMMO abilities. †Some servers have their own currency and then offer the chance to charge to top up the currency.

Mojang are not being the devil here. Theyíre bringing law to the wild west they created. A wild west thatís often as wild and unethical as the android or IOS marketplace.

Now the issue of the wild west shouldnít be placed entirely on Mojang or even server operators as honestly itís the same issue that everyone has no doubt seen again and again. The electronic babysitter problem. Rather than monitor their children or pay attention parents are just using Minecraft as a babysitter and even more shockingly when little Timmy asks to borrow his parents credit card they arenít asking why (Assuming little Timmy did ask and not take it). According to Notch "I don't even know how many emails we've gotten from parents, asking for their hundred dollars back their kid spent on an item pack on a server we have no control over."

The new EULA actually differs from the original line which said no monetisation was allowed, the latest potential change being the suggestion Mojang might enforce said EULA now and bring law to their own personal wild west and also to entirely protect themselves against any potential action and trouble they could face due to action of servers operating without their knowledge or consent.

For those interested the Actual EULA for Minecraft can be found here which details the what can and can't be done.

It boils down to

Pay to access the server = fine
Accept donation = fine†
You are allowed to have in server ads / adspace or sponsorship
You can sell in game cosmetics items that do not impact gameplay (but no cloaks).
You cannot have a currency exchange system where you can turn real world money into fun money.
Any monetisation must make clear to the player who they are paying and that it is not going to Mojang.

So how long do you give it before another issue of the electronic babysitter comes up in the media now ?
Photo Photo

Name: Battle for Demon City

Cost: £0.69 / $1

Review bit: Itís very rare for me to actively dread doing a review. You see thereís part of this reviewer lark I like: promoting really good games and slamming shamelessly bad ones, I get to play all kinds. The problem is when I have to do one of these reviews.

Manuel Cota, a name not many will likely be familiar with. I have to say heís the one individual who has approached me most to get reviews in my time writing these reviews. Initially I reviewed Merball tournament, which I slated a bit because of issue in the game. Then there was Snowy Slalom which managed a middle of the road review from me. So when I opened my email and found another request in there I had the feeling Iíd be doing one of these reviews again. Another review with the words ďThereís a lot of potential but.....Ē

Now Iím going to vary up this format by showing you the games trailer first because then it lets me talk more about specifics.

So now youíve watched the trailer, I can finally talk in depth.
The game is based on the old ideology of games from the late PS1 and Budget titles on the PS2. The randomly generated maze game. You find the keys, you open the gates and your aim is to kill the enemies along the way to the goal.

Initially I did look at this game and overlooked it passing it off as another boobs game by some-one wanting to make something like Team Shuriken. Then I checked my email and found out this was a game by Manuel Cota whoís 3D models have seemingly taken a big leap forward and who Iíd say Iím still slightly concerned has been spending too much time round Team Shuriken or their products.

Ok so to discuss the game. The 3D models are pretty good almost falling into the uncanny valley level, which means the anime style is doing pretty damn well in this game and working with the model quality. The random generation is quite a nice feature to see return in gaming.

The enemies provide a good variety with each having slightly different characteristics as well as their look. Infact at one point there as joke about the enemies repeating and honestly the joke fell a bit flat as this game still managed more enemy variety than Call of Duty (Yeh I said it and you know itís true). As a joke it did fall flat because it was clear the developer had tried and this wasnít some simple case of a lazy developer. The ideas are solid the music is well the music is there and I didnít end up muting it which mean it wasnít bad.

The game is 6 levels long and has 5 enemy types, each that actually acts slightly differently. That's a lot of enemy variety

The gameplay is enjoyable and pretty good. Infact Iíd give special credit to the enemy AI / programming because if you move too far away from the demons they can warp, but not in the conventional sense. The enemies melt into the floor and rise back up out of it and unlike say CastleMiner Z they are programmed not to spawn directly on / under you. The melting into the floor really does help push the idea these enemies are Demons.

Ok I canít hold it back any longer, I have to talk about the issue this game has because in this game thereís a lot of potential but.... The buts in this case are unfortunately multiple.

But the textures are mostly horrible, †now the street / floor I can forgive but the buildings oh the buildings. I get the developer didnít want it obvious when you seem the buildings repeat however with the terrible low quality textures just stood out so badly it undermined the effort that had been put into making the models something other than †large cubes. †It really is painful when each building has spaces dip in and individual blacked out windows with a hint of something happening behind them. The worst part of this is the ending scene of the game has better textures on the walls than the rest of the buildings in the entire game.

Is that a building wall or an 80s special effect to represent Virtual reality distortion ?

But the gameplay doesnít quite make it there. †By this I mean the polish isnít quite there with the mazes. Iím going to have a guess and suggest this is related to the coding for the maze generation but itís not the old red key for the red door. In each level you get through subsequent gates by collecting more keys, not specific keys but more keys. The problem with this is it begs the question of why ? The game should either have had a red key for the red gate system or should have subtracted a key when you opened a gate meaning there was some sort of reason to have to collect more of the generic keys.

But the game doesnít explain the story that well. The city has been taken by an army of demons! You are its only hope, as all other law enforcing units, even from nearby regions, were neutralized during the attack while you were out of town, attending a disciplinary hearing. Thatís the initial story and you know how much of that is actually really explained in the games opening ? The city is over-run get to the police station, thatís it, nothing about the disciplinary hearing, nothing about it being demons really. The story does start to sort itself out further down the line but initially it struggles to find itís feet.

But some of the animations have problems. Most of them are fine, the talking and facial animations work great but then you have your character walking. Honestly Iím not sure where the issue really is but the walking just feels so off. In cutscenes it seems floaty and youíll sometimes see your character taking large strides on the spot as though the animation and the actual amount the character moves arenít in any way linked. His problem then extends into the normal gameplay with the floaty feel continuing and the walking almost looking less like a person walking and more like someone kicking their heels up deliberately as they walk.

But the gameplay has issues. This initially seems like a small complaint but as a reviewer and as I will deliberately do the kind of dumb things any player could do or even some things most players wouldnít do just to test the games reaction. I decided to go into the final level without buying shotgun ammo. I didnít know how long the game was and as such thought Iíd save money for a potential third weapon. Part way through the level I ran out and found out one of the newly introduced enemies could only be killed with realistically with shotgun rounds. I tried the pistol and the small amount of damage done meant that Iíd have been using maybe 50 shots per single of of these enemies. Add to that there are no random caches of ammo etc on the map and the only way other than buying ammo is to get it from drops from dead enemies and well you might see how badly I was screwed here.

Continuing the gameplay issues is the sensitivity. The game has a maximum sensitivity of 24, I played on 18 and that was when I actually discovered the sensitivity on level 4. The game doesnít tell you this and has the sensitivity on a very low 8 which initially, until I found the slider, I thought was deliberate and trying to replicate the slow turning and clunky tank controls of many old survival horror games.

The next gameplay issue is that itís possible to get swarmed, now this is partly my own fault for playing the game badly but can also be a real issue as you can take multiple hits in quick succession which drain most of your health before the anti swarming mechanic kicks in. The anti swarming mechanics happens when a demon grabs you and lifts you up, at this point all the other demons temporarily vanish and you end up in a quicktime event. During the quicktime event to †avoid being throttled you hammer the B button to shoot the demon in the head, this instant kills them dropping you back to a clear area where the demons begin to spawn back in from scratch round you.

The final gameplay issue is it doesnít teach you enough really. †For example until level 6 I didnít know if you holstered your weapon you moved faster, because I immediately drew my gun at the start of the game and never holstered it. The game also doesnít tell you that the shotgun doesnít have a spread to its shots, the shotgun is just a straight up damage upgrade over the pistol bar the need to reload more often.

Ok time for the last one.

But the cutscene dialogue sound effect just drilled into my skull. The sound effect sounds like an angry colony of insects their mandibles all clicking together. Now I have thought about this and to an extent it could have worked. The way it could have worked would have been one sound effect for humans talking and another for demons adding to the feel of otherworldly demons being about. However having every character sound like this caused the sound effect to seem almost lazy and out of place.

Now Iíve slated the game quite a bit but itís only fair to say what the game does right but I wouldnít normally mention as it only does these things adequately and not much more. The game balance is ok with more loot seemingly dropping on the harder later levels to balance out the difficulty. The progression system is nice with the game introducing a new enemy mostly at the end of the stage as a boss of kinds then that enemy adding to the ranks in the next level. The new enemy as a boss works because of the different health amount of attack methods each use requiring you to quickly adapt when a new one is brought in. The game introduces the new enemies quick enough to prevent the enemies becoming stale. The upgrade system is fairly balanced and youíll find you can easily afford the required upgrades without too much hassle. The music isnít bad. The cutscenes work later on.

Ok I wish Manuel Cota all the best of luck in whatever future project he makes. Reading his email honestly made me feel like he felt this was going to be his big crowning achievement, it also made me feel really nervous going into this game as I was worried about how bad this game would be. I have to say itís not bad, however itís most likely not the big crowning achievement either. The game is solid enough for it's cost and down under all the issues there is something great waiting to be found. The problem of course being the amount of issues.

It has to be said Battle for Demon City is a more solidly playable game than Snowy Slalom and a slightly more enjoyable one however for all the improvements itís counter balanced by its own issues. It should be said that this is a one man development team making this third person game, now I know there are plenty of those but I should specify here. This is a game by one man and one man alone, no outsourcing, no others, no hired artists musicians or coders this was by a single person in its entirety. For one person doing everything itís very much back to how gaming began and doing it in a 3D game is a pretty huge task to do it all solo.

Honestly if this is the start of a series I might keep an eye out for the sequel to see if itís improved but I really do have to ask if Manuel Cotaís true calling isnít in another capacity. Not as a solo developer doing everything alone but as part of a team most likely doing the 3D modelling and facial animation as those are by far the stand out parts along of course with the coding for the maze generation. If there are any development teams reading this then Iíd strongly suggest you consider Manuel Cota as itís fairly clear heís capable of doing good work just not managing to do it all solo.

It should also be said that with the previous two games and possibly still this one too Manuel Cota actually modelled the characters using excel....... yes excel that thing people normally use for spreadsheets and that I can barely draw workable graphs in. I have to applaud Manuel Cota because Iíve tried 3D modelling and it is hard even in CAD or Blender and I have tried making music and that too is a tough task so to do those things and program and make a full game is pretty amazing especially without the same level of tools youíd find in most game studio (even indie ones) .

So would I recommend Battle for Demon City ? No I wouldnít it manages justify its price tag but it doesnít go much beyond that to cause it to be a must have title. It does hold some interest for those who want to experience a little bit of gamingís past and try a maze game but thatís not enough for a recommendation.†


3 out of 6
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