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TheKodu's blog

6:51 PM on 02.08.2016

Shouldn't gaming be more than a digital tableau?

So Walking simulators....... their a thing.......... people still don't like the name though so it almost seems like the perfect time to actually talk about this "New" set of games which seem so regularly to be held up as "...   read

9:12 PM on 01.27.2016

Sick, Sad and Just Dumb News: Ethics in VR porn

Well it's that time again to drink deeply of the cheap vodka in attempt to steal yourself for the mind bending displays of political partisan in supposed "inclusive" sites or just outright insane things to come out of jo...   read

10:37 PM on 01.25.2016

Explaining Steam cards

So I decided to do this off the back of a previous blog because a lot of the comments seemed to be about how they didn't get the Steam market and cards system or see much point to it. So it seems like a topic worth talk...   read

1:33 AM on 01.23.2016

[NSFW] Blame SirDavies, he wanted me to get to the bottom of it

Well you know I can't resist a challenge especially a rather silly or crazy one. So yeh a giant blog of nothing but arses pretty much.This character from Golden Axe Beast Rider seemingly has at least something of an ass.Mute,...   read

5:53 PM on 01.17.2016

The Junk Folder 2.0

So yeh I thought it's been a while and my folder of miscellaneous weird stuff has built up again so I thought I'd show you some of the weird and wonderful stuff that's stored up on my computer. Some gaming related, som...   read

9:04 AM on 01.14.2016

Sick, Sad and Just Dumb News: 2015's rotten leftovers

So yeh before I move onto the first lot of 2016 bullshit it's time to throw out some of the rotting remains of things I failed to throw out at the end of 2015. So keep reading to see some of the saddening or jus...   read

1:20 AM on 01.12.2016

VR, are we just chasing the white rabbit here again?

Comic books in the 90's were weird. Comic books in the 90's were in fact very weird.  So what does the 90's comic book industry have to do with VR technology? Well first you need to understand the idea of the speculato...   read

10:19 PM on 01.03.2016

The Steam Emoticon selling for $70 from a $5 game.

So I wanted to do a fluff blog ok. A completely banal one of something weird. So why not the rather bonkers story no-one seems to have noticed of an emoticon on Steam presently selling on the community marketplace for aroun...   read

8:09 PM on 01.02.2016

My response to Brianna Wu's open letter

So Brianna Wu put out an open letter to Gamergate as a whole. I can't speak for Gamergate as a whole but I can present a response from myself. Dear MS Wu,        &nbs...   read

8:31 PM on 12.31.2015

Why Brechtian critique is important to video games and why they will be better

[Header Image courtesy of The Tucson Citizen] So first of all I feel it prudent to give people who may not be so familiar with his ideas and techniques a quick refresher on the Brechtian school. Brecht felt that...   read

4:51 PM on 12.22.2015

It's not hate for the game but the symbol.

So there's been a lot of talk about "The backlash to Undertale" when it was in the running for (and has now won) the best game ever one Gamefaqs. Not to mention the fact this GameFaqs poll has been held up as some great sym...   read

9:37 PM on 12.19.2015

Critical Floor: Fear and the Knight

So welcome once again to Critical floor the series of articles where I pretend my Star Wars dressing gown is a smoking jacket and I'm some kind of art critic as I once again sniff my own farts. WARNIN...   read

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