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TheKodu avatar 5:50 PM on 08.19.2013  (server time)
You people disgust me.

There are plenty of other planets, this isn't a threat of death more one asking you to politely reconsider joining that Mars Mission that one company wants volunteers for

So this isnít some piece about the Dtoid community or anything like that but actually about certain aspects of the gaming press and gaming "fandom".

After watching the Rev 3 Casual Friday about gamer rage I felt I really should write an article on this because itís a little bit of an industry problem now and with the recent spate of moronic elements sending death threats I thought it was time to address this issue and point out how itís not a simple case of pointing the blame just at gamers and going ďoh look how horrible you people are beingĒ you see there has been an issue going on for a while and itís getting worse.†

You see the problem gaming is seemingly facing is a constant ramping up of the stakes so to speak, both gaming media and ďfandomĒ are fighting to be heard. If youíve followed the gaming press recently it seems far too often itís less a case of the most interesting story that gets hits and more the most sensationalist the most campaigning and the most damning "This company is evil / against XYZ and you should hate them for it". You might have noticed some publication and †organisations heavily leaning towards sensationalism and the events with Phil Fish show that some Journalists are going out of their way to make their own conflict or attempting to find conflict where in reality there is little.

A great example of a very recent set of hunting for conflict were the outcrys when a glitch in Harvest moon was fixed wit many claiming it was Homophobic action by Nintendo to fix a bug which allowed people to marry others in game of the same sex. If you looked in the C-blogs at the time youíd have found a very interesting article by a C-blogger explaining the wider possibly game breaking implications of the glitch because it was a glitch which impacted more of the game than youíd initially believe. Would it have been nice for Nintendo to include the option initially ? well yes but the argument was that Nintendo were making sure people didnít have a game with a potential game breaking bug in it and the unfortunate consequence was removing what many saw as a positive side effect.

So what the hell does this have to do with morons sending death threats to people ?
Well as the battle in the media to gain hits is ramping up the battle for people to notice complaints is ramping up as after the Mass Effect ending ďprotestsĒ and complaints. So with games journalists acting like little kids on twitter towards developers, well some complete braindead elements are seeing so called professionals in the games industry acting this way and are seeing abuse as an acceptable thing.
Allow me to share a personal message I actually received.

This is just one of the messages I have from said person including one threatening to burn me and my family alive in our home. No Iím not joking, you know what should have concerned me ? this guy knows someone who actually does know where I lived, these messages were from a few years back but their purpose is to demonstrate how certain elements believe threats of violence will get their point across. This message was actually from the new boyfriend of an Ex after we had a talk to clear the air which resulted in some less than pleasant exchanges (on both our parts) this message was months later because my Ex apparently felt I was still irritating her. Apparently making my facebook wall private friends only and never actually talking to her again after that night wasnít enough somehow. This however is not about me but to show the unfortunate level some will go to in an attempt to put a point across and with the actual paid professionals in this industry seeing it fine to imply a developer is a hack as such, well you can start to see why some individuals feel they have to up the ante a touch to get noticed.

You know what the worst part of all this is ?
Itís working.

As much horrible bile as people want to throw at these guys for being disgusting cretenious human beings its actually simply making things worse. Have you ever noticed how seemingly 1 instance of this happens then more very quickly ?
The gaming press reports these and while unlike say school shooting these donít have actual deaths associated with them and to some credit the gaming press hasnít started naming those that made these threats (Though Iím sure some agencies would love too if they could) however they have been making a large fuss and advertising them. When someone is trying to showcase their view on an aspect of a game, games journalists are now making it a near front page thing because of these threats.†

Gaming Media is happily giving these morons the platform they desire so easily. It might seem easy to say this and hard for some to do, more so for those with families but to an extent you have to realise how stupid these people are and how pathetic they must be to have to resort to these levels. You have to, to an extent ignore it and not make a fuss, because when you make the fuss those making the threats have already been shown to have an impact and may well be getting their point across. Iíve had no less than 9 death threats in my life, only 2 of which could have carried any weight †and you know what, even those 2 that did carry weight, I simply called the bluff and essentially said ďYou do that, then you will rot in jail as the evidence is right here so enjoy admitting your own guiltĒ. People didnít want a certain writer, writing Dragon Age so they made death threats, now said writer has resigned and theyíve got their way. The worst thing you can do is give in to morons in this way and you know what I have to say to those making these threats ?

You people disgust me, but you know what else Iím disgusted by the gaming press for allowing this kind of vile display of humanity to gain the platform it wanted, Iím disgusted to see the gaming press actually putting this as front page news and stating the reasons for the death threats. Obviously the reason for the death threats was seen to these individuals as big enough to make the threats so making it front page material is doing just what they want.

This isnít to say Iím condemning those putting across legitimate concerns in a mature or at least creative way. The complaints etc to the ending of Mass Effect 3 at least showed some level or originality with the cupcake campaign however it seems many well thought out objections are simply being overlooked in favour of ďOMG that guy threatened someone because of a change, hereís details on that changeĒ. So people seeing this tactic working are copying these actions. Hence why I said about the school shooting example as its been shown after one major shooting occurs others then occur soon after too.

If we want to see an end to this we need to see at least some criticism aimed at sites that are doing sensationalist baseless stories and to actually stop this seeming wall of ďWe are the gaming press we stand togetherĒ. If you canít be critical of yourselves or at least peers in gaming press, how are people meant to respect your critical analysis of gaming ? Is it not the slightest bit hypocritical for so many to be writing articles about Phil Fish painting him as "that guy that said those stupid things" rather than a game developer, and yet to now be criticising gamers for also being rather vicious, especially considering the words of a paid journalist can cut far deeper on their own than the words of a braindead twat with 30 twitter followers.

What Iíd like to simply ask is can we all start to act a little more like adults, gamers stopping threats and gaming media throwing blame or creating their own sensationalised stories or throwing insults constantly over twitter to create stories and maybe just maybe not giving morons the publicity they seemingly crave. If we can do that maybe just maybe we can all get back to hitting people with Dildo bats in Saints Row like the mature people we are, who can appreciate it. And if you really must release some bile, do it on DOTA 2 like most other people seem to.

Oh and one last thing can we not have a huge sensation when Payday 2 comes out, yes youíre shooting police and robbing banks as a near a morale criminal, welcome to the idea of fantasy, maybe youíve heard of it.

Oh and one extra last thing, Just because I really donít like the work of Shakespeare doesnít mean I want him dead, if I ever did meet him though Iíd totally see something like this happening.

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