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TheKodu avatar 5:59 PM on 09.26.2012  (server time)
Valve Just don't mention the War [short blog]

For those who arenít aware Valve are in trouble from The Federation of German Consumer Organization. This is where it begins to get weird, by which I mean weirder than Valve in trouble for possibly violating consumer rights (which is the 5th sign of the apocalypse I believe). All this is over Steam having an End Line User Agreement as a recent court case in the EU ruled that ELUA arenít legally binding and this is the first time the ruling has been put to use.

Now hereís the catch, the Germans have a point........ I envoke Godwins Law in advance. According to them Valves ELUA coerces gamers to accept it by denying them access to their steam account if they click cancel meaning Valve are technically stealing people games and only giving them back if they accept the ELUA. Additionally they are claiming Valve should uphold the European justice court ruling allowing users to sell their digital content on. The obvious thing being Valve know just because someone clicks accept it doesnít mean they have a legally binding contract anymore and know that people never read those ELUA anyway so they canít work on their own Human Cent-Ipad just because someone didnít read and clicked agree.

The question is why Valve ?
This question leads itself to two possible answers.

1) Start with the smallest and work up, Valve comparatively being a very small company with a very big comparable market share without the billions the other digital distribution services have backing them thanks to their main corporations behind them. If this is the case then it may simply be The Federation of German Consumer Organization is testing the waters with Valve before pointing their guns at larger organisations such as Battlenet, Origin and whatever Ubisoft called their service.
2) Valve are the market leader, where Valve go others tend to try and follow and by aiming for Valve as the first target The Federation of German Consumer Organization is hoping the entire sector of digital distribution will all shape up in one go following Valve.
Either way Valve has till October 10th to come up with a response to The Federation of German Consumer Organization or once again Valve will be back in court having only just finished the last round against Hactivision.

Ok put down the pitch folks and enough calling for my head, allow me to just say, I really like Valve and honestly ethics wise they are one of the best in the market to date if not the best, what I'm pointing out is this court case might actually just show how good Valve are depending on how they handle it and this could be the moment the Steam David kills the Origin Goliath by creating a system on steam letting you resell games with a portion of the sale going to Valve and the developer. Valve might be able to come out of this fight smelling of roses and managing to create a system where consumers can sell their games and publishers can no longer point the bony finger at gamers for buying pre-owned as the publisher sips their seventh Cognac on their party mega yacht.
Valve might be able to create a system that people want to use as they feel they're still giving back to developers by using it.

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