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TheKodu avatar 7:18 PM on 07.02.2012  (server time)
Top 3 gaming controversies that never happened......

Warning this blog contains material some readers may find unsuitable and boobies

Warning this blog contains material some readers may find unsuitable and boobies (Written so it can sit nicely in the blog description.)

Gaming and controversey seem to go hand in hand lately more than ever what with the Tomb Raider Rape and then Ryan Pez dispensers comments. Controversy and gaming is nothing new with Atari Porn games being sold under the counter and and possibly before that the death drive (is that the right name) arcade machines. But In modern-ish gaming it started when there were the calls against Manhunt to be pulled then the infamous Mass Effect controversy which fox news broke due to this scene.

lovingly edited to not be offensive anymore

Which resulted in Mass effect 2 being far more toned down as a game despite the fact on the Star trek Enterprise which got the same Rating as Mass Effect 1, there was this.

I should point out in the aired version it was cropped in the US due to it being shown 2 weeks after a certain nip slip at the superbowl

Now I hate stupid controversies and find it laughable when they kick off, from the Mass Effect Lesbian sex scene to when Harry Potter was under attack for promoting Satanism and other sinful behaviors. Its all nonsense especially so when a game is rated for a certain audience. The obvious thing with games being the fact many forms of media still don't get that games aren't just for kids and that games have ratings designed to stop little Timmy playing an 18 rated game at age 8, just like films do.

However with all the stuff the media has thrown out with its cries of "think of the children" there's some games that quite honestly I'm shocked never got this treatment and possibly just possibly were more deserving than those that did and have suffered the wrath of the ill informed public.

These are the game that while fine were perfect for total media freakouts and yet no-one said anything. Somewhere out there there might even be a fox news researcher kicking himself now for missing these.

Number 3

OK first on the list is going to be a less obvious one.
Fahrenheit. This one bottoms the list because quite honestly it was probably missed by most of the ill informed media however there are two rather revealing sex scenes in it (and a third less revealing one).

Censorship by Jesse Cox AKa OMFGCATA on youtube

That's the first one as for the second well it did get censored but not due to an outcry though I do believe many copies available in the US now have a less censored version.

In the EU and UK versions it gets slightly more graphic and I do believe its the first time in a game there's been what could be said to be part of a penis shown (and by game I mean one that wasn't released in Japan on PC by underground distribution this was a console game)

What did get censored was the games name as Fahrenheit apparently made it sound like it was linked to 9/11 and apparently having a game about secret cults and conspiracies being linked in any slight way to 9/11 was something unwanted (go nuts with it conspiracy theorists). Apparently the controversial "OMG nudity" was missed by the media possibly due to the game having the most mind bending plot involving secret armies rogue AI programs and the end of the world.
Though for a game that had an interactive sex scene where you pressed up to thrust and got to hear some lets say interesting noises as a result it deserves its spot on the list despite getting partly censored.

Number 2

Up next is an obvious one which manages number 2 due to having been toned down slightly in somes places due to reactions to it and reactions to a certain set of collectible cards in the previous game.
Yes of course I'm talking about Witcher 2

Yes somehow this one slipped by the media with its almost game of thrones esc level of violence and nudity. Even containing some degree of fantasy Racism of some kind.

This one only manages to crawl to end up sitting dejected at number 2 thanks to the fact Game of thrones came out before it so managed to make it look acceptable and fine.

So now to prologue the agony of reading this more its time for the honourable mention that every top list seemingly must have and is even more out of place in a list with only 3 entries.
Leisure Suit Larry Magna Cum Laude.
Yeh it has full frontal nudity both male and female and implied sex scenes and a minigame revolving round masturbation. So why didn't it make the list ?
Well three reasons actually
1) The game released with a highly censored version first and only followed with the uncensored version later.
2) Quite honestly if you expected anything expected anything else from a Leisure suit Larry game then what planet are you from
3) As a game it wasn't that good or as I understand that popular which due to these sales figures lead to the infamously worse Leisure Suit Larry Box office or bust which managed an 18 rating while removing any nudity and just using toilet humour. Heck even the art style was just above PS one standard and wasn't trying to be realistic.

Yeh I won't make you sit through a recap, if you want one of those scroll back up and read it again if you must have one.

Number one

There can be only one for this spot, a game that managed to dodge controversy like a true pro and it is.

That's right the splatterhouse remake making a second appearance in my blog.
So why was it a perfect target for the media to latch on to ?
Well its a game about a guy who essentially makes a deal with what's implied to be a demon to save his life and the life of his girlfriend all with over the top gore, heavy metal rock music and not forgetting collectible pictures that are quite close to being porn.

So a game with the above and that created scenes like this regularly.

Yet this game didn't get picked up for being controversial, maybe to quite Yahtzee "It's almost cute for a game to be trying this" basically it was almost too easy and the perfect target and by that logic no one bothers. Maybe it was the fact Fox news had been made fools of once too often by this point, or maybe it was the fact the game while it sold didn't sell like a house on fire so much so that it might end up being about 10 or so years till the series is dragged up again. Which is a shame as despite the game's issues its actually very much an old school fun game which to me at least ended up as one of the smoothest brawlers I've ever played even though the finishing moves got stale I still enjoyed the combat more so than I did when I tried to play Bayonetta.

So there we go the Top 3 gaming controversies that never happened which is strange considering stupid tweets and the mention of Rape in a game can cause a huge storm yet these gems managed to avoid it.

Oh and before someone says there were no Boobies, yes there were they just happened to be the blue toed variety.

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