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TheKodu avatar 11:16 PM on 07.03.2014
The Mandatory E3 blog : Annie get your Gun [NVGR, no really]

So itís E3, everyone else is writing their E3 blogs and as such itís customary for me to join in. Now the question is which way am I going to write it. Will I be swept up in all the hype and coverage and say how it was the best thing since Strawberry and Vanilla Flavoured water or will I join the anti-hype train and try to bring someone down.

Well the answer is neither. Thatís right neither, in fact this blog only happens to relate to E3 in an indirect way. You see while I was watching the conferences and tweeting along, someone I follow on Twitter posted this.

Now I have a rule, the person being referred to in the tweet I wonít write about or look into unless itís brought up by some-one else first. In fact I wonít go out looking for controversial stories and constantly checking back unless someone else tells me about if first. Well itís another blog about Anita Sarkeesian, sorry folks but Iím going there again. Last chance to bail out of this blog now.

OK if youíre still reading donít say I didnít warn you. So letís start where the controversy all kicks off shall we. Days before E3 on May 27th when this tweet appeared.

Yes that does seem to suggest that Smash Brothers is facing a misogynist rampage. Now Iíve said before and Iíll say again the new stiletto heels for Samus look stupid and impractical in a fighting game setting and in any kind of cannon with her character and setting. So maybe you can brush this off as a simple over exaggeration right.

So the next part.†

Ok so beheadings are horrifying but dancing games are great . Yes real life beheadings are horrifying, video game beheadings are common place seemingly though but this ended up on a tweet, which honestly I canít respond to any better than to post another tweet by @Indiegamerchick because it's just so well done and hits the nail right on the head with cutting sarcasm.

So next we have the contempt for a female character being seen as a hostage.
Followed by this.

Yes a surprised claim that by saying that her with 80,400 followers had received some abuse because of it when a relatively unknown person with 2,624 followers hadnít obviously because he was Male and not in any way the vast difference in exposure each sees. Then we have this tweet.

Yes female playable characters in Rainbow Six are great aren't they.

Oh sorry thatís the wrong picture thatís from Rainbox Six Vegas released in 2008. No really Iím not joking. So this is followed up by what is a very typical example of stringing up a nut job that regularly happens rather than you know any actual discussion with people making anywhere near valid points.

Then a hasty clarification that itís fine for men to be hostages because itís fine to show them depowered but how dare someone show a depowered female character. †This is because obviously the makers of said games are trying to transmit a certain message about oppression. It couldnít possibly be reading the meaning you want into a piece of media because it entirely fits the message you want.

So there we go Dtoid and cbloggers, the mandatory Garms Jurnalist E3 blog †because people should feel guilty for being born white and or male, how dare we !

I hope you've enjoyed this rather unique E3 cblog even if it is so late being released.

Note: This was originally written during E3 but I left it unposted as I decided to take a break from writing articles.

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