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TheKodu avatar 1:39 PM on 03.25.2013  (server time)
The Creepy absence of male villains

Hereís something I never thought Iíd find myself saying, Iíve found something kind of sexist in gaming.
Now you might think this is some article talking about the universal disappearance of male Villains. Far from it actually. Iíve noticed a strange trend in games with Female protagonists and just that no option to play either gender.

Very few have Male Villains. No really; Beyond Good and evil has an space Alien, Metroid has aliens and Mother Brain, Amy has Zombies, Gianna sisters have assorted monster, Alice has the Red queen and wonderland itself,Portal's Chel has Glados, Dreamkillerís Alice drake has nightmare monsters, Trauma center New blood has a Virus, Parasite Eve II has a female villain, Clocktower has well the monsters, Silent Hill 3 has again monsters. Sure I can name a few franchises that have put Female protagonists against male Villains; Resident Evil when they have Female protaganists, Tomb Raider, Mirrors Edge, Blood Rayne, Kameo kinda sort of and of course Perfect Dark. However looking at it and going through Giant Bombs list of games with Female Protagonists, Cutting it down to those with female only not options and you find yourself in a weird place. Even in some games with the option, such as Costume quest and even Mario Land two the recurring Villain is female.

It seems bizarre to me that as Women are now being allowed to fill the role of classical Villain more, complete with all that includes, as seen in the most Recent God of War yet Male Villains arenít about much. Even taking Blood Rayne 2 the male Villain is, surprise her Father. Talk about taking the whole rebelling against the patriarch line and running with it.

Now just off the Top of my head I can pull the Queen Ultimecia from Final fantasy 8, The boss from Metal Gear solid 3 and the sorceress from Orcs must die as female Villains. But doing that for games with Female Leads and Male Villains I only had WET and Mirrors Edge and had to actually research the rest.

I think you forgot me

I seriously have to question this practise as discovering it did kind of freak me out a bit, the reason it freaked me out is female protaganists arenít being given male villains theyíre either female or some genderless monster. I get that with the recent Tomb raider trying to tell a serious story and exploding with that whole rape controversy that people would be unwilling to write male villains for female protagonists but itís shocking this has gone on so long. Just think yourself when was the last time in a game with a female protagonist there was a good well done Male Villain ? Itís rare seemingly as even when there are male villains most such as in Blood Rayne 1 and Kameo are evil to conquer the world or just being evil.

Now judging by my previous blogs you might expect me to cry this is sexist against men, well Iím not. It is sexist against women, itís actually rather clear cut here. The implication is in most games that either Female Protagonists arenít strong enough to beat men or that gamers themselves wouldnít accept it being done and would enjoy the game less.
Sure plenty of Male protagonist games also have genderless villains as such however there are also a good selection of Male Villains and even female villains seemingly out there. However for Female Protagonistís out of Giant bombs list of 745 and cutting that down to female only Protagonists, no dual protagonists, not pick your gender just female only I can probably stretch it to 10 Male Villains, thatís it.

So should there be more Male Villains along with that better written more memorable Male Villains for Female protagonists to face ?
Why do you believe there are so few Male Villains for Female protagonists?

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