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TheKodu avatar 11:27 PM on 09.15.2012  (server time)
Speculative Specs of the next generation wars

Future console war that is.
So the console wars are a thing that happens every new generation so with all the talk of Wii U price points etc I thought I’d do a run down and comparison of the hypothetical / rumoured specs of this next generation.

Its ok I'm going to ridicule each console fairly evenly

Wii U
Processing – Tri Core power totally 3gigahertz
GPU - Equivalent of a Radeon HD 4870 or more but apparently customised and clocked. In PC terms it will run TF2 on full specs with no issues and will be able to run 720p with double pass analysing on images or 1080p without. However persistent rumours suggest a Frankenstein super GPU made by combining two Radeon HD 4870 GPUs together
Memory – 1.5GB to 2GB
Game format – Nintendo’s own proprietary optical discs with 25 GB storage
Storage – 8GB flash with the option of memory cards or possibly external devices.
+Extras – built in wi-fi , will accept new higher capacity SD cards due out, Dual screen play. Tablet able to operate independent of main console to a limited degree for its own selection of lower end games. Near object recognition. Nintendo universe which will have phones apps and essentially be Facebook and Twitter if Nintendo made them. Wii backwards compatible. Will have the ability to connect to a PC and possibly transfer files across.
Price point - $300 (£180 approximate)

Specs source

Processing – Rumoured quad core with 4 gigahertz
GPU – Equivelent of a Radeon HD 6670 in PC terms its able to run Skyrim or Crysis on full specs
Memory – Unknown
Game Format – If solid state expect 16 – 128GB
Storage – variable / different models available
+ Extras – Possible kinect 2.0, solid state games (so back to cartridges again) but with next to no loading times. Wi-fi built in
- Extras – Always on internet, possibly digital download only (enjoy that people with slow internet or download caps). Possibly no Disc drive. Possible no second hand games due to locks.
Price point – unconfirmed £180 ($300) for basic or based on Kinect 2.0 PC release plans if Kinect 2.0 is included £350 ($650 approx)

Source link

Processing – 3.7 - 8 gigahertz rumoured
GPU - Radeon HD 7670 equivalent, same power wise pretty much as the nextbox
Memory – 1 GB- 4GB
Game format – Blue Ray 54 – 128GB
Storage – Possibly launching with a 60GB hard drive with other options
+ Extras blue Ray drive as default and a new kind of blue ray drive at that so it’s more efficient and has x 8 speed will also play CD and DVD, wi-fi as standard, A tablet controller of some kind.
- Extras Possible no second hand games due to locks or always on internet.
Price point - $499 - $1000 (£300 - £650 approx)
Specs source
And actually that above link says possibly up to 9ghtz so yeh................................
Source 2

So what does this all mean ?
Well in simple terms Wii U will wipe the floor with every present console this generation due to it sticking with “standard” disks expect to see issues here with Wii U games being shorter or possibly less impressive but they will still be far better than today’s standards so unless you’re a person who must have that 1080p crispness over 720p then chances are you won’t notice too much. Also note if the abolition of pre-owned games happens then Nintendo will be the far cheaper console to play on as if Microsofts games on demand service is to be taken as the level it will price it will mean paying in some cases up to 4 times the price for the physical game pre-owned. Given the fact it will be backwards compatible and allows the use of Wii controllers on it, it will have the larger games library on release and lowest running costs / start up costs with Nintendo even suggesting better online services (possibly free) and letting games have DLC for the console.

So before everyone counts the Wii U out of the race while it lacks the potential power of the next generation it will still be a next generation console and in present economic times it might well find favour with its cheaper service and uptake costs along with games library and potentially cheaper games down the line with pre-owned games.
For the record so far Nintendo are the only company of the big 3 to state their console will not try to restrict pre-owned sales, Sony and Microsoft have not said either way on their console though Crytek have hinted their backing Microsoft over Nintendo due to Microsoft potentially taking action to eliminate the “horrifying leech that is the pre-owned games market” (not an actual quote).

The question is which plan will work as Nintendo will have the fans, Microsoft will no doubt have the publishers and Sony will be the premium console once again so will Microsoft’s fanbase loyally stick with them having a console that’s not the cheapest or the most powerful (Bollocks will they). Furthermore Nintendo have seemingly won back many of the third party companies who didn’t lend huge support to the Wii.

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