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TheKodu avatar 11:41 PM on 03.27.2013  (server time)
Some Podtoid "Artwork"

So having listened to some of the Podtoid shows I couldn't resist every now and again doing some "artwork" or in reality just very simple photo manipulations so I thought I'd put them out there, along with a sort of living art project of kinds that's available for everyone to enjoy their own way and is probably close to as disturbing as Podtoid is.

First the photo manipulation stuff.

In one episode of Podtoid Jim Sterling said how he wanted a console based on Michael Caine
It may not be the real console but here's a terrible fake advert complete with stylised name adjustment to make it seem cooler.

Next after Jim Sterling said how he'd love to be a Metal Gear solid Boss but thought he never could as he didn't fit into the universe so much, I went and did this

Next onto the slightly surreal one, after watching a few shows in the destructoid twitch TV steam one came on doing WWE 13 matches complete with a huge fake roster.
(If anyone know what show that is can you please tell me as I've kept trying to tune in and catch it but as it was early and I was tired I missed what show it was).
Anyway in the chat the talk went to what could be added and it was found that there was no Jim Sterling or Jonathan Holmes Homage wrestlers and that someone really should make them.
Well since then I've got WWE 13 and been putting a little time here and there into the following.

(apologies for the image quality I have no capture card and this was the best quality Camera I had available to use. For those who want to experience them for themselves fire up WWE 13, go onto the online mode and go to community creations then download and search the keyword podtoid, that's presently the only listing they are under )

Jim Sterling


Wrastler entrance gear

Fluffy Pumpkin - The street Gang idea Jim suggested a few episodes back

The Balltarian

J Johna Sterling - Perfect for motivating the Incredible TronKnotts (Based on the podtoid animated episode)

Next of course its the star of podtoid some could say, Jonathan Holmes


Charlie Brown

Handsome Holmes - sorry no blonde mullet as it changes the hair for all the versions to add it, so a fake ponytail instead was added, also yes it is as Jim described other than that, right down to the word crotch written on the speedos


The Incredible Tronknotts - a superhero for the new age...... maybe

So yes feel free to enjoy and its up to you how close to the level of podtoid you take it as you can simply use the original outfits and not see the podtoid esc stuff while playing. Both are fully functioning wrestlers complete with entrances and move sets and stats designed to allow them to at least be mid cards.

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