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TheKodu avatar 6:40 AM on 08.17.2013  (server time)
Questioning vs tropes 2 :Part 2 , messed up fantasy ? [18+ content]


Warning this article contains graphic content some readers may find inappropriate including scenes of violence and nudity†

Spoiler Warning in this article for Kane an Lynch 2

Strong language will be present.

The majority of this article was compiled as best as I could from my own drunken notes having watched Damsels in Distress part 2

This article will assume some level of familiarity with Damsels in distress part 2: Tropes vs Women in Video games†(Warning it has its own spoiler list) as such its suggested you watch it, though how sober you wish to be is up to you

This second series of articles is going to go to some darker places which many might find uncomfortable, I'm warning you of this now as it is coming later down the line and for me to consider it darker places, well its pretty dark.

Also for the record I have watched part 3 and will be addressing that later when the time comes

Male power fantasy and the brooding deep Hero.
Oh great this again, I did talk about this before†but it looks like its coming back again. can I ask what the hell is wrong with a male power fantasy ? Iím sure out there the option for women to play out female power fantasies is not being used as a catch all negative aspect like this. Is the problem Fantasy ? well no because to deny fantasy is to deny imagination. So †is the issue Male, well no because honestly to say itís only wrong due to being related to one gender is sexist in itself, During the male power fantasy section we even see clips from Kane and Lynch which if youíre male power fantasy involves being tied to a chair naked and tortured, well all power to you but I donít think it fits with the conventional idea being portrayed here.

Seriously, I'd actually like to know, does anyone consider this a power fantasy ?

Token empowerment ?

Ok so now mentioned is the idea of a single use or breaking of the trope itself also being bad as it excuses the use of it. Well how else is this trope meant to be broken without a character being able to show that they can handle themselves and it was just that situation they were unable to handle / needed help with.†

Iím fairly sure that to develop any kind of meaningful connection in gaming to characters there must be moments where they do need one another. So unless weíre planning to go with two male or two female set ups then someone will at one point or another always be saving the other. Or suddenly youíll have another character with you who makes you question if honestly youíre needed at all as they perform everything far better than you and while you as the male protagonist need help they are fine escaping every situation themselves.

So all that's left for me to do in this part is to say what's coming next time.

Next time:

- feeble connections

-Power imbalance

- Daughters vs Damsels

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