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TheKodu avatar 4:29 PM on 05.30.2013  (server time)
Questioning vs Tropes 1: Part 1 Kate Middleton Special Ops

I did loftly consumer the product of the fermented fruit before I doth undertake yonder blog.

Ok I think thatís enough of being my rather terrible attempt at some kind of classical story of whimsy, I should leave it to the professionals. So as everyone knows the first Tropes Vs women in Videogames came out. I decided to drink a little bit and see if that allowed me to make it through it without raging madly at issues. [spoiler Warning, it didnít] Now as a garmes jurnalizst whoís at least trying to give people fair shot I thought it best to wait for part two of Tropes vs Women in Video games to be out before beginning to address my issues with it. Much to my horror thereís also a part three coming for this subject, I have to finally say Iím not waiting for more. So much has already been brought up I really do need to start moving with this, especially as very few of my concerns from the initial episode have been addressed by the second.[/left]

So for those of you awaiting this as I've hinted about, or those of you preparing the burning torches and lynching rope ready, the time has finally come for me to publish this and address my concerns and issues with the first Tropes vs Women In video games†episode.

Before going on some points

Strong Language warning for those who may find it offensive

The bulk of this was written while I was under the influence of alcohol I have tried to revise it to make it easier to read and follow.

This is a multipart blog in an attempt to stop posting 5,000 novellas here and avoid daunting walls of text, as such if I havenít addressed it in this blog I may be addressing it in the next part. On Tropes vs Women in video games episode 1 I have this and another two blogs planned. On part two you donít want to know yet.

Spoiler warnings for Star Fox Adventures on Dinosaur planet, Mario Adevnture 2, Star Fox Assault , Sonic CD, Mario Adventures 2 on Gameboy and Prince of Persia the Sands of Time

As this is my response to Tropes vs Women in Video games Damselís in Distress part 1, its advisable to view that first (if youíre like me strong alcohol may be required) I will be addressing points raised in this but having watched the video is rather essential to understanding the points to save me writing the full point out again which as the full part one analysis is about 6 pages already on word I want to try and address the points.

I should also note: Iím entirely open to seeing every concern I have destroyed by part three because I am now looking at an incomplete series and aware that to direct criticism before the finish might mean said criticism is entirely incorrect on my part. I have had fears that this series would take a certain light and shine it on gaming and this wouldnít be the purely gender equal but aimed at a specific group to appeal just to beliefs they hold. To truly challenge perceptions you often have to tread on things audiences wonít like or appreciate sometimes .†

Krystal in Star Fox†

My fears were somewhat confirmed early on by the mentioning of a Skimpy outfit..........sure no-one else has one on dinosaur planet except prince Tricky whoís technically nude...........†

A nude Prince, this hasn't been seen since those Leaked Pictures of Prince Harry in Las Vegas†

However if we take the idea that this is a prehistoric world the outfit makes some sense, well more sense than a full winter overcoat on a cooking planet would anyway. The video conveniently ignores the fact in the very next game Crystal is a Female Mercenary and fighter Pilot. Itís that very specific light that I mocked before showing up here as the level of research into it and the initial conception of the game that became Star Fox Adventures indicates it should have picked up what happens beyond this game.†

Also in context of the game you find Crystal actually went out of her way to confront the evil of the planet initially and was then used by said evil to try and gain freedom again. To say she is a Damsel in distress is only partly true as she does hint sheís more than capable of looking after herself, for the most part. Also in context of the game, you have to use a super high tech space ship to kill the ďdemonĒ, so to be expecting Crystal to have won with a magical staff alone is a bit far fetched in the context of the narrative itself.

So does being a Damsel once mean you can never break the idea of being a Damsel ? I'll be questioning this concept more in later parts.

The Legend of Zelda†

While mostly right, again there are some flaws here too. Zelda isnít always the victim as such. In Ocarina of Time she goes into hiding as sheik and before anyone says this is proof of her being cursed etc you must bear in mind that all the sages go to their temples or into hiding and that it is Zelda herself who helps link throughout and ultimately is the one to seal away Gannon essentially acting to channel the power of the sages. To say the trope of ďHelpful DamselĒ applies to her brings up the question so what about the Male Sages ? Oh and In Wind Waker she was even a Pirate. †As for never being a star in her own adventure....... well she was ...... on the CDI..... True itís not the core series as such but it does count for something.†

Replace Peach with a Toad in Mario Bros

In terms of the point about Peach being replaced by another Toad in the core platformer series, accounting for Mario brothers lore might help with this. The one game she is playable in, is set in a dream world and sheís a Princess, sure its video gaming and she could be playable but in terms of logic I donít see Kate Middleton going out on the frontlines anytime soon to be honest. Also core series ? Did I miss the bit where Peach was Kidnapped in Yoshiís Island ? Iím sure thatís core as its Super Mario World 2 or was pushed as it at least in advertising material. Then it also brings up the question of does it count as her being kidnapped when she kidnapped herself in one of the Gameboy games as some insane test of Marioís love for her ? Peach being kidnapped must be how they keep going as a couple or something, itís so much of a joke by this point itís almost as bad as Lois Lane and Superman.

Sonic the Hedgehog†

In sonic CD sonic doesnít see Amy as the goal or prize, if you do much research into Sonic youíll find Amy is very much a crazed fan and someone Sonic doesnít really want to be with. As such Sonic isnít saving the Damsel so much as doing the right thing and saving someone his own actions have caused to be in trouble.†

Prince of Persia

In Prince of Persia the Sands of Time Farah, the Maharajahís daughter, actually proves to be very capable against enemies welding her bow and ultimately again in the games story is the one who foils the Villain as the Prince having lost her, turns time back and goes to see her, telling her about the Villain ahead of time and allowing her to reveal the villains true intent and be the one who truly defeats the villain.

Part 2 will hopefully be released as my next but one cBlog (so 48 hours ish from this one)

It is ready written and will be questioning the points.

-The potential reasoning for the Tropes existence and use over say a chest of gold

-The King Kong meme

-The concept of subject vs Object†

So a quick bit as this is me experimenting with my longer blog format to make it less oversized novella like.

Do you prefer the idea of having my blogs cut into parts like this over the larger ones I've previously done ?

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