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TheKodu avatar 6:57 AM on 12.21.2012  (server time)
More video game controversies that never happened.

Advanced warning: You may be offended by articles in here and rightly so as they are designed to show the media over-reaction and I do understand that these issues are serious things which people have gone through it is not my intention nor aim to mock the severity of these issues.

So after my previous blog on this I decided to expand the scope of this a bit to not just go for gore and nudity but to pull in other controversial issues and write about them. Now while these games do have the issues mentioned they never caused a controversy along with some fake shock stuff as in context what happens makes absolute sense in the games in context.

Heavy Metal game promotes suicide.

A recent game called Brutal Legend portrays the graphic suicide attempt of a young female character after the guy she likes spurns her. The games graphics display of nudity and violence also doesnít help matters when a game like this then has the main female lead come back more powerful. I suggestion perhaps to the youth of today that people only care for you if you try and top yourself. Is this really the example we want set for the youth of today that if someone spurns you then suicide is the only option ? The game even further suggests the link between heavy metal and the devil with you at points going to the underworld to get help from a personification of the devil himself. This is without mentioning enemies such as the bride and a baby carriage which this writer feels too sensitive an issue to even talk about and is shocked to see so little action on this.

Whatís actually in the game ?
After a character name Ophelia is suggested to have sold them out being the daughter of a ďtear DrinkerĒ a group that in the games mythos almost stopped a revolution that took out the demon ruler. Ophelia is then suggested to have climbed a tree and thrown herself into the sea of black tears in despair. Though itís never shown and is suggested in part she climbed the tree to think then fell in. Hereís the kicker though itís actually a reference to Shakespeareís Hamlet where Ophelia in that she climbed a willow tree only for a branch to break and fell into a river and drowned. The difference with the game is that in the game the main hero fights and defeats the fake Ophelia and realises the real one is imprisoned by what is considered a living entity in the form of the sea of black tears, so he dives in and manages to rescue her. The Bride and other such things are actually inspired by various subcultures that exist around rock and roll.

Game calls Jewish people violent extremist terrorist cannibal witches.

A game on the market by the name of Armed and Dangerous has highly offensive depictions of Jewish customs with at one point the characters forcibly circumcising a capture hostage. At other points in the game they are hunting for a mystical book to give them dark evil magical powers which will let them rule the world. All the time while kidnapping officials and relations of the rulers and blowing up the government facilities. The final nail in the coffin comes when they kill and eat two other non Jewish people they find along the way in their adventures.

The reality
Armed and dangerous is a game which could be described as Frat house humour, itís very much American Pie level of jokes but maybe a little more extreme in places. This is a game that firmly sets out itís a joke with the opening which states is based on a true story then explains why a human, a mole and a robotic centurion are going to the north pole. The circumcision scene is actually them managing to screw up a blackmail attempt when rather than cutting off their prisoners leg to prove they have him, they manage to miss. The government rule is an oppressive and hinted to be illegitimate one as they overthrew the previous royal family and the desert scene is purely tongue in cheek especially with the ending to that section. Also at no point are the characters even mentioned to be of any religion.

Borderland 2 promotes the killing of endangered species

I was thoroughly shocked today to find a game by the name of Borderlands 2 in which the protagonist butchers the indigenous population of natives and killed multiple no doubt endangered species all in the pursuit of profit. I find this absolutely disgusting to reward player for killing animals in such a way and think Gearbox are a disgusting company for promoting such big game hunting to innocent gamers. I call for a ban on the sale of borderlands due to encouraging this cruel and inhumane practice.
Mr Suoiciled from Mankind for Ethical Animal Treatment

The Reality
Most of the animals etc are trying to kill you, seriously the games world if full of hostile creatures and at no point are any really said to be rare / near extinct. The giant joke being there is already a series of games that do have you hunting real life endangered animals and itís called the Cabellaís games. Yet it seems most animal rights agencies seem to miss this yet have a game where there are non vegetarian recipes used and my god do they flip their lid and donít get me started on the racoon suit.

Other fake shock articles left out of this.
Costume Quest child kidnappers instruction book

So yes I hopefully showed a little there about how easy it is to take things out of context and make them appear really horrifying and harmful even if this really is most likely preaching the the choir on this one as everyone reading this probably already knows and realises this.

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