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TheKodu avatar 3:56 PM on 11.10.2012
Kinect is the future, the horrible dystopian future.

It’s no secret I hate kinect, I hate what its turning the industry into, I hate the fact everyone says “Oh kinect sold X million units so it’s the future of gaming”, you know instead of quoting any sales figures of the games themselves which would show how many people actually use the damn thing. I even hate the fact Rare are being used as the main developers for the first party Kinect titles. Now before someone uses the “Oh but I can control things with my voice”, I say Binary Domain did it without as did Rainbow six vegas, also why on earth do I need a camera set up worth £100 when I’ve had a microphone with my 360 from day one ?

Well as we all know Kinect 2.0 is slated to release for PC sometime at the cost of £200. Offering increased detection ability etc.
Well what also slipped under the radar is a Microsoft have filed a patent for a new DRM system. Now with all the recent moves from Microsoft you might not be surprised that they are moving into DRM. However here’s the worrying bit. Microsoft want to use Kinect to spy on people and enforce the rules they or other content creators want. Thats right Microsoft wants you to take into your home a device that in the future could be used as a super intrusive kind of DRM.You thought always online DRM was bad what about always online and watching you DRM ? DRM designed to spot the number of people in the room so the idea of pay per view events literally mean that, you have to pay per person viewing, and with it putting an end to say watching a film with a group of friends as if the makers consider that a public viewing they can either stop it functioning or its been hinted sue you down the line with evidence collected from the kinect. You know the worst part though, I bet without a kinect this DRM will be made to lock people out automatically. There’s also the suggestion that it could be used to tie a user licence to a particular person.

The issue being other than the obvious of, “you’re using kinect to spy on me”, what if you have a change. I’ve been known to have a fair amount of facial hair and long hair and other times in the year to have short hair and be clean shaven, will Kinect know it’s still me ? If something happens to me and my facial features change, how the hell will Microsoft deal with this one. Say next gen this is brought in and I end up in a freak banana boating accident, so I get the fun of recovering from that and the fun of having possibly every game tied to the system lock me out because of the incident.
If someone else walks into the room does that mean the film will stop due to the number of viewers being exceeded ?
While there has been the idea of one licence with games for a while the idea of licences for films and other media. I’m honestly concerned especially with the media industry as of late with the attempt to pass SOPA, the numerous incidents of abuse of DMCA I have to deal with (I think I’m on one false claim a week now)

Now while Sony had their worrying idea of mid game ad breaks (you watch they tie this into health and safety and taking game breaks). The idea of kinect being able to monitor like this is quite frankly scary.
More scary and adding to the possibility of this supposed console free of the second hand game “scourge” being thanks to Kinect 2.0 integration into the console meaning you can’t simply not buying the thing and escape that way, if you want to play on the nextbox console.

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