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TheKodu avatar 2:02 PM on 11.22.2012  (server time)
Join the cult of Molyneux with Godus

Well no-one else has mentioned it yet so I might as well bring it up. Peter Molyneux and his latest studio 22cans has a kickstarter up.

Yes thatís right the game studio set up to make one game and only one game is now making another game, just like everyone knew they would. (Side note has anyone played curiosity yet ?).
The kickstarter seems to be for a new game similar to Black and white. In typical Molyneux style the hype youíd expect is there claiming it will combine the fun of Populous with the engaging gameplay and multiplayer competitive aspect of Dungeon keeper. So in other words you get one super powered homicidal monster and train it till it moves so fast itís just a blur then set it on the enemy and watch ? Or was that just how I played dungeon Keeper ?
Godus is promising to be an easy to pick up game but with a deep system to it to learn as well offering ďPitched battles with other cultsĒ.

Hereís a little bit of a shock from it. ďGODUS will be developed for the PC and Mobile devices, we hope to be able to add more platforms as our Kickstarter campaign progressesĒ which for most PC gamers can be seen as a good thing as it appears that its being developed for PC as one of the core platforms and it wonít require a high end machine if they plan to run it on mobile devices too. This means the game should be quite accessible to most people with even a mediocre PC.

At present the project is aiming for £450,000 (about $720,000) it has 2,921 backers and has £74,000 of its goal.

So Now the bit everyone likes a break down of what you get for you donations.

£5 ($8) Access to the forums to talk about the game

£15 ($24) adds one copy of the game, a copy of the design documents (didgital) a Digital copy of the game, Access to the Beta, and access to the developer webcam letting you watch the developer make the game, a copy of a making of doccumentary. Oh and an in game achievement for those who care about those.

£30 ($48) further adds for you 22 Cans studio following you on twitter and or facebook, your name on the roll of honour for the game and a special in game familiar (Pet) and a second digital copy of Godus

£50 ($80) An additional digital copy of the game and your name on curiosity too

£60 ($96) Adds a T-shirt, an exclusive god power and a special edition of the game, however you only get 1 digital copy as itís a special edition not the 3 the previous one gives you.

£100 ($160) Adds; Your name listed in the in game credits screen not just the 22cans website thank you, Access to the Alpha, A statue of you in game. You Also get a 2nd digital special edition of the game. Also your teeshirt will be signed by all the team

£322 ($514) Limited edition physical copy of some of the games artwork framed. A signed physical making of book. Also a 3rd digital edition of the special edition of Godus

£600 ($993) A 4th digital copy of Godus special edition, An in game character you get to name (within reason) and help design the mannerisms, it will appear in everyoneís version of the game too. You also get a personal physical figurine. This level does not get you the artwork or making of booklet though.

£999 ($1595) You get a engraved Titanium Pendant with one real diamond on it. You also get to help design a god power (within reason). You donít get the artwork, the making of booklet, the figurine, the in game character

£5000 ($7892) You get the £999 pledger pack but without the Pendant. You also get to be interviewed by on G4 by Peter Molyneux at E3 where youíll have a special VIP pass for and be the honoured guest of 22 cans studio

Personally while Iím someone who doesnít back kickstarters I do like to look at them to see an idea of what to expect further down the line from a game and while not a player of the original Populous I did play a sort of remake version called populous the beginning and while I highly doubt this will be some great innovation with a true living breathing world but still itís still a genre that hasnít seen much love and hasnít really seen any games recently so personally while Iím not jumping into the kickstarter I will probably try to pick this up when its released and I know actually what it contains and plays like. I think it could be interesting to see a god game in the present generation with multiplayer both competitive and co-operative.

Here's some of the concept art from the kickstarter.

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