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TheKodu avatar 5:47 PM on 04.11.2013  (server time)
DLC quest: Live Freemium or Die review

Name: DLC Quest Live Freemium or Die

Format : Xbox 360

Cost: 80MSP

Review Bit:

So I heard this game was coming and never believed it. A sequel to a game already placed as one of the only games to score a full six stars on my site (Shameless plug alert). I expected this one to fall flat. I expected the joke to run out.


I immediately purchased this on release and dove straight into it. I can tell you this isnít a re-hash this is a true sequel, everything has been improved, particle effects put in, more movements / actions and even boss battles now along with plenty more in game DLC packs.

Initially when the game begins you have the customary silly tutorial and while dropping down, suddenly a strange thing occurred to me. A loading screen, ďhu I thought, thatís newĒ then suddenly after it a pop up saying day one patch pack available. ďOh I thought it was a jokeĒ however as this games prequel scored so highly I had to be far more critical of this one, I was determined to find something, anything to criticise so I didnít buy the pack. My thinking was that if it only occurred in one area then I could at least say it had a one trick joke. Turns out the developers were ready for even me trying to criticise them as throughout the game if you donít buy the day one patch there are more loading screens, often two in quick succession. These are loading screens programmed into the game to occur, they are not actual loading screens, the amount of work to do this I canít even imagine, but they did.

See it even has Herd Mode..............

So next onto the humour, after the previous one I thought it would have fallen flat, it didnít it expanded its scope beyond DLC packs alone to many more game conventions. In an hour an a half hereís just what it makes fun of, as not to spoil any jokes or much of the story; Strange game names, Dragon Age, Skyrim, fetch quests / MMOs, Deadlight / Limbo, Notch, Season Passes, In game adverts, , Diablo 3 / Sim City, single use consumables, internet ďcomediansĒ, Megaman, freemium games, Final Fantasy, Incomplete games, Pay to win, HD remakes and of course DLC itself along with some fairly original jokes / character humour of its own. The fact the game has managed to expand and grow is a serious testament to the writing behind it which complements the games feel seemingly perfectly. I never felt a joke fell particularly flat and even if one did , I didnít notice as shortly after another one came along. In an hour and a half I finished the game with my jaw aching and tears rolling down my face, I hadnít laughed so much since I first saw Austin Power 3 many years ago. Under this too is actually a very solid well programmed game.

If ever I needed an example to hold up and say ďThis is how you do a parody game rightĒ DLC quest and now DLC quest 2 are the poster boy example for this.
If you want one negative point I have one, just one.
Thereís no way in hell that a DLC quest 3 can be done........... Yes I did just stupidly throw out a challenge to prove me wrong there.
I could find nothing bad to say about the game, I enjoyed it from start to finish and an hour and a half isnít bad, heck Iím even considering a second playthrough just to see what the Canadian voice pack DLC does to the game, along with attempting to 100% completing the game as itís that fun to play.


Verdict: Buy it.... Buy it now damn it...... stop reading this review and buy this damn game, Iíll wait, Iím not joking hereís a link go now.

Right youíve hopefully bought it now right ?

What do you mean you scrolled down to see to score. Fine you want a more fleshed out verdict I guess. This is one of the best XBLIG games I have played in a long time, Itís well worth the cost and does everything both a good sequel and a good parody game should do, it is more but better. I laughed so hard my jaw Ached and I had tears rolling down my face and yet kept laughing, thereís your quote worthy statement I have for the game.

The game has done it, the developer has done it again and it becomes only the third game ever to gain a perfect score here.

Score 6 out of 6

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