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TheGrinWeeper avatar 4:22 AM on 09.10.2013  (server time)
Saying "Spoliers" Spoils Games

I'll start with 'Spoliers', as the title suggests ^. now this might just be me? and if it is, ignore this completely but i'm pretty sure somebody else out there shares this gripe.
When a website,magazine or even a friend says: "oh, this games got spoilers", i tend to play through the game overthinking more then usual "oh, maybe this is all a dream?" or "oh he's a split personaity" or more recently "oh, thats so me from the future", its happended mutipule times since i've hit my 20's, maybe because i've played through so many games and seen so many films, its hard for a twist to suprise you now and you can prediect alot of the upcoming shocks, but i find if i go into a game not knowing anything about it, just picking it up freely and it has a twist i'm like "boom, oh snap! didn't think that would happen" but with games people warn you "this review has spoilers" i'm sat in that game putting every possiblity through my head as the story progresses, this happened with Bioshock infinite, i worked out most the twists before i even got close to the end, infact i pressumed the booker/comstock situation the first time i met comstock, all because i was warned that a review for the game had spoilers. like i said, maybe its just me.
but Saying a game has spoilers causes my brain to spoil the game. :P

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