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TheGreatMango's blog

9:10 AM on 09.08.2008

The Lament of a Lifetime Gamer

Never really added much to this site, figured I'd add something in in the form a slight rant.

I, and I assume most people on this site, have been gaming for about as long as I can remember. My mom painted gaming figures on my bedroom walls, I've had every mainstream console release since the Atari 5200, I ate the Mario/Zelda get my point, and I just feel as if the gaming industry doesn't care anymore.

Like most things in corporate America, gaming is the "next big trend", and every Tom, Dick, and Harry feels they should take a swing at this "gaming trend" because they could possibly strike it big. This is the inevitable, and as such, I can shrug off the shovelware.

But what happens when the names we thought we could trust start jumping into the same mess?

Latest example, Will Wright. Spore, well, Spore was a lot of things, not all good. It was a game with potential, a game where you control the evolution patterns of a creature from cell stage all the way to the space stage. This could've let to infinate customization, unprecidented depth, amazing strategy; instead, it was a 5 hour fast forward trip with almost no real thinking involved. The cell phase was "eat the things you can, don't touch bigger things". The creature phase was "eat the things you can, make friends if you feel like it". The next three stages follow the same rules with little to no variation.

I look at this and think, "What went wrong? Where was the ball dropped?". I mean, when this game was first revealed a few years ago, all the depth was supposed to be there, the strategy....and yet it all seemed to fall off somewhere along the line to allow for casual gamers.

Another example: Nintendo. I'll leave that alone. That horse is already ragged.

I'm not sure. At this point, I'm flustered, it just doesn't seem as many people are actually pulling for the gamers these days, except for the gamers themselves, who seem to just flap about complaining to each other with no real place to go with their complaints.   read

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