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What the hell? thought I'd join the community and see how it goes, hope I can contribute something. My name is Rich, and I love games. I been gaming since the age of 3, when i first played super mario bros. with my dad. he dont play no more, but its cool. i would never have beat the original zelda if not for him, i was only like 4 when i played it. I have all three current gen systems and love them all, even my PS3. I don't use my Wii a lot but it's all good. i know some of you might not like it, but i love hip-hop music. hip hop is pretty shitty right now, but i love me some kanye west and nas, and all the older shit. its pretty bad right now, so bad i wont turn on the radio. anyways, im also in to classic rock, the beatles, the rolling stones, shit like that. Not really into new rock, my favorite rock song from the last 10 years is Aenima, by tool. cool shit. anyway, hope to contribute to the community and not suck, either way ima do my thing. hello all

I aint no fucking whiteboy. That nigga is crazy. Yall are fucked up. Peace

So whats up out there dtoiders? Im new here, dont even know any of yall yet. I thought maybe id juss tell you what i thought bout the new ratchet and clank game, since i finally played it just a little while ago. My kid bro was playing till like 2 am, and i just watched. that shit is fun to watch.

So, this game is fucking sick nigga! Nah, on the real, I love this shit. I always been a fan of the old ones and was happy to get a fucking game to play on my Ps3, cause that shit sit there and collect dust most of the time. The graphics are fucking sick, the gameplay is the same as always. I only played the 1st level, but that shit got me amped up, excited. Mad crazy shit happening in the background, pretty ass environments. This shit is the truth nigga, level was like a living world. Buildings was crumbling while Ratchet got his grind on, crazy shit.

The gameplay is the same as usual, but even betta. Its been perfected or some shit, finely tuned for us poor PS3 owners. The weapons are fucking great, but I only got like 2 weapons, the grenades and the combuster, i think thats what its called. shit be blowing up all over, and these crazy ass robots with fish or some shit inside attacking me everywhere. when you kill the robot, the fish niggas even hang out to get fucking shot up too. Fuckin hotness right there.

I fucking love this game and you will to, so go buy this shit and forget guitar hero 3. this is fucking the hotness.

peace niggas, hope i didnt suck