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10:23 PM on 10.25.2009

What'cha Been Doing Pt. 4 I Hear Borderlands Is Pretty Good

Well over on that crazy Giantbomb site, I do a little semi-weekly, semi-post whenever the hell I want blog where I say my thoughts on the games I'm currently playing and give weekly ratings to the TV shows I watch. I'll start posting them on Destructoid now, obviously, starting with PT. 4! Why not part 1? Because that's not the one I selected to copy and paste, you little whore. Anyways:

This week!
Smackdown vs. Raw 2010
Operation Flashpoint
and I still like TV

Smackdown vs. Raw 2010

The Smackdown vs. Raw series has, according to many people, been on a downward fall of bad games, while I disagree with that but do strongly acknowledge that the games have not been as good as I wanted. Smackdown vs. Raw 2010 is here to change that, and it does. Smackdown vs. Raw 2010 is fantastic, and one of the best games in the series to date. Of course the huge addition to this years game is the story designer and it's near flawless. The only real complaint is that you can't pick how many characters you want in a scene as they all have a locked in amount. That is only a small screw up that will be annoying sometimes but most of the time, you won't even notice. The rest of the mode is damn good and something that any wrestling fan, or people that just likes to reek havoc, will enjoy.

SvR 2010 added a couple more matches, the Championship scramble match and a new and improved Royal Rumble. I'll start with the worst of the two, the Championship Scramble. In real life, I actually enjoy the scramble, it's a lot crazy things going on at once but putting that into a game is a bad bad choice. The Scramble match is a match that starts out with two people in the ring, then 3 more people come in over a certain amount of time. The catch is that every pinfall someone makes isn't the end of the match but the person that pinned is the new champion and if they still have the latest pin when the timer runs out, they win. Onto the game's version. It's near impossible to win when you're not the first two in or the champion because everyone will constantly barrage you with attacks the first second you pin someone. Also, what's up with no entrance music when a new person enters? It's very...not exciting what-so-ever. The Royal Rumble on the other hand is good, despite having it's own little quirks. The match feels like a brand new game in sorts because there is so many new animations and some move changing so that at the end of the move you push a person to the ropes to try and eliminate them. You eliminate people by doing 1 of 4 button presses. This is when one of the quirks happen. The mode is very very easy. I got through playing as Edge, starting at number 1, not feeling like I was about to lose until the very very end. The other mess up is pounding on buttons to eliminate someone is fun...for a while but doing that around 15 times in one match is annoying and starts to feel like a burden.

Overall the new Smackdown vs. Raw is a great game that makes some bad choices and some good choices. When those good choices work out, it makes for a very impressive gaming experience. If you're a fan of Smackdown or WWE at all, pick this up. If you're not, give it a rent and try it.

Iddy bit of Operation Flashpoint!

I said I was give small thoughts on Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising and that's exactly what I will do. If you really want something like that, crazy realistic shooter that makes you feel bad about yourself, get this game. But for me, I don't enjoy being constantly punched in the balls so I couldn't get through the first hour. In all seriousness, like I said, if you like this kind of game, buy it, it seems fantastic for you. If you're scared to pick it up, rent it and tell people your story of dying...a lot.


So yea, Trine was finally released on PSN this week and since my computer is garbage, I have been that guy
that has been waiting and waiting on this game. Admittedly though, while Trine is still good, I was a bit underwhelmed. Mainly because the look of Trine is not as 'superb' as I was expecting. Everything seems to have some ugly rough edges that I never saw when a good PC was running it. That being said, if you can get past that, Trine looks good enough. The three character's of Trine are all interesting and most do control well, but there is something that I can't really pinpoint about the Mage that is frustrating. It may be the fact that making squares is much harder than it should be but I'm not for sure. Trine still does have those mind binding puzzles and is overall a fun game to sit and play for short bursts, but only for short bursts as it got me frustrated over a long period of time. If you have a good PC, get that version, if not, try this out because of the fun puzzles.


Borderlands claims to have a bazillion weapons and while that's not true, it comes through by still giving us a shit-ton of them. That sadly is one of my complaints though, most of the weapons are just trash that I wouldn't think twice about using. The only good thing about them would be maybe giving them to one of your low level friends. You'll more than likely do like me, find a really good set of weapons and keep that set for around 8 levels. That's not too much of a problem though because the combat is so damn fun. Going into a combat situation with people of equal or a little higher level is crazy. The enemy can hit you and you go flying 50 feet away or they can just go crazy and rush the hell out of you and make you piss yourself.

I've heard many complaints from people saying that Borderlands should only be played in co-op and I couldn't disagree more. I have played with two characters, one in co-op (Got to level 13 with a Siren), and one by myself (Currently level 18 with a Hunter), and of course co-op is funner, single player is still fantastic. One reason being that feeling you get when you see great loot and immediately think "This is all mine!" instead of having to share. A thing that shocked me about Borderlands is the look of the game. Sure there is pop-in textures when you load up the game, but when it's all loaded, the game looks beautiful. Everything has a great animated style to it that is so incredibly pleasing to the eyes.

I have to address my biggest complaint with the game, the driving. It just feels terrible. I don't fully understand why they couldn't just map the driving to the triggers and be a normal driving game instead of using the sticks and making me frustratingly navigate around small rocks that my car should just run over. But the one redeeming factor is running things over with your car, that's something you have to see to believe. Borderlands is something I've been waiting for, for a while and I've finally got it and I couldn't be more happy. While it has it's problems, it's all problems that I can easily look over and enjoy this time-sucking, beautiful, and pure exciting game. Buy for all.


Cleveland Show: Birth of a Salesman- B+
Dexter: Dex Takes a Holiday- A+
Community: Advanced Criminal Law- C-
Glee: Throwdown- B-
Modern Family: Coal Digger- A
South Park: W.T.F.- A-
The Office: The Lover- A-
Survivor: This Is The Man Test- D
Bored to Death: The Case of the Lonely White Dove- B


The Hurt Locker- A

Next Week!
I know I will have Saw and Uncharted 2 as I have them sitting here right in front of me.
and TV!

That is currently all I have planned right now. Any questions, ask them below!


Until next time:

Adeus!   read

5:23 PM on 08.24.2009

Used Games: They're the Devil!

Developers = Publishers and Developers

The used game market is a very controversial market. Developers hate it, Gamestop and EB Games loves it. No matter where you actually stand on the used game war, we can all agree that it's a swift kick in the balls when you trade in a game they worked their ass on for just a couple of bucks.

I'm a person that strongly supports the used games/trade-in market. As I do agree that Gamestop/EB games should give more money for the games, you can't hate me for taking the deal. Me being a 14 year old, I have no job, I get 15 bucks a weeks, which almost all of that goes to "social" events such as movies, school football games, etc. I don't have enough money to get the latest blockbuster game each week. So if I want said game, I'll happily sacrifice two games for it.

Now personally, I don't blame my love of trading things in solely on lack of money, developers need to give me a game that in 6 months, I still want to have in my grasps, examples being LittleBigPlanet, bought it launch day and just now recently traded it in. Gears of War 2, had it since launch. Call of Duty Modern Warfare, had it since day 1, still have it. Games in the future are doing the same, Mass Effect 2, Borderlands, etc. But look at single player games, I bet you anything that the trade in numbers for them are higher than, say, Sacred 2.

The used game market is totally different, there is really nothing you can do to change that. It will happen, it will suck for developers, and it will continue until digital media takes over hard copies which will be a while. But when you think about it, it's kind of the developers/publishers being greedy. You've been paid for the copy that you sent out to Gamestop, their just taking advantage of bad games and low re-play value. It all comes back to trading in games, the only person that can really hurt Gamestop in that industry is you and I.

Fact of the matter is, trading in games/buying used games is both our fault, we could change it but John Lennon coming back to life and slapping Yoko Ono is more likely to happy than that. Now if you will all excuse me, I need to go power trade some games toward Beatles Rock Band.   read

7:39 PM on 08.22.2009

This Complex Needs Work

My opinions on Shadow Complex have been completely varied; one minute I love it, the next it makes me want to rip out my own eyes. Iím not saying the game is bad, Shadow Complex is "decent"; I just feel that the game is too overrated and people seem to be missing all of the gameís problems.

My biggest issue with the game is the shooting. It's fine and dandy when the camera is close to you, but when the camera feels the need to show you the entire area; the game forces you to squint just to see if you're shooting the person and not the wall. At the same time that youíre trying to shoot the enemy they are shooting you, with perfect precision, decreasing your health by the second. These moments result in you seeing the death screen more than youíd want. Also, why the hell do you have to shoot vertically? That only adds more frustration to the game.

Another issue I have with the game is the art style. You can definitely tell within the first five minutes that the game uses the Unreal Engine. The dull, stale art style is similar to every other Unreal Engine game ever made. I personally think that if this game used a different engine it would have changed the look drastically in a good way. Sadly thatís not the case here; I guess you should just enjoy your bland grayish colors.

Keep in mind that these are just my impressions of the game after about 2 hours of playtime. This doesn't mean that I hate the game. The water is looks alright, leveling system and collectibles are nice, and I still can't wait to play the game. I really do hope that the game gets better and starts to impress me more. It had potential, but I feel that it just went unfulfilled. I'm not saying this because I hate 2-D games like this; Super Metroid is one of my favorite games to date. I could spend hours upon hours playing that game; I guess I just went into this game with way too much hype. I'll wrap this up by saying that Shadow Complex is an ďOKĒ game, but in my opinion itís nothing more than that.   read

10:17 PM on 06.27.2009

The Bash 2009 Predictions (NVGR)

I was planning on doing this in my weeks wrap-up but I've decided I'm just going to put the results in the wrap-up cause of time troubles. I may also start doing a wrap-up every two weeks instead of weekly.

Michelle McCool def. Melina- Nobody really cares. I find it funny how we don't care and really neither does Vince McMahon. It's well known backstage that he's not the biggest fan of Diva's wrestling. The wrestling will be botchy and bad.

The Great Khali def. Dolph Ziggler- Jesus! Why is this match even here? I mean, I'm not surprised these two are on a PPV but why is this feud still going? WWE has to realize the poorness of this feud. Anyways, I expect some crazy stuff from Dolph but nothing more.

ECW Scramble Match, Jack Swagger wins- Ehhh, gonna be OK. Nothing too crazy. Also, I'm tired of Finlay, turn heel already! Swaggy is gonna win cause WWE doesn't respect Tommy enough to let him keep the belt and Vince is still probably starting to get more wet dreams about Swagstar.

Legacy (NOT PRICELESS NO MORE) def. Carlito and Primo. It's time for Carlito to turn heel, Primo to be released and let Legacy (including Orton) wreek hell on WWE because they have titles! I actually would love to say this'll be good because Carlito and Primo are pretty good high flyers and Legacy is good at the technical stuff. Only time will tell.

Chris Jericho def. Rey Mysterio- Gah! I'm not for sure if this'll happen but I can dream! I just wanna see a broken, beat down, sad, unmasked Mysterio give up on the fans and be Jericho's lackey. That's perfect! Also, this'll be fantastic..because it has Chris Jericho and Rey Mysterio in it...

CM Punk def. Jeff Hardy- Yes, oh yes. This will lead to the almighty, all glorious, all freaking great CM Punk full heel turn. Anyways, I expect 2 fairly hardcore wrestlers to go at it for a good 15-20 minutes and be fairly entertaining.

Randy Orton def. Triple H- Another thing that'll more than likely not happen but eh. I don't care. This match is gonna be filled with sweaty restholds! Hooray!!! Nah, I do expect blood...uninterntional blood. Maybe a broken announce table, who knows.

Miz def. John Cena- Yes, yes. This will not happen. But who cares, right? Having The Miz in the main event would be enough of a win for me. I love me some Miz and them giving him what he deserves is amazing. Probably about a 3 star match simply cause of Cena though.

There it is, hope you enjoyed it. Be sure to watch The Bash tomorrow, starting at 7 (Central Time)

1, 2, 3!   read

1:02 AM on 06.22.2009

TNA Slammiversary 2009 Results and Thoughts (NVGR)

The show starts out with the X-Division match and Curtis Granderson is at the announce table. But leaves cause he has to go do his "second job"...gonna go play baseball? What is this guy talking about? Anyways, I already realize I'm not digging this match type. It's confusing and odd. I think his second job is to do something with the title...I don't know. One of Lethal Consequences is gonna win. Oh look, a "gang pin" hmmm...Why was they just dancing around the ring and what happened to the machine guns being heel? TNA you confuse me too much. I think Creed just broke his ass. Hmmm...the later parts of this match are pretty good. Suicide wins...really?,,,really? 4/5. Started out slow, pretty good wrestling, poor finish.

Next match up is Shange Wuggy cuddly vs. Chri--Daniels. Douglas called him Chris Daniels backstage. Does he not see that I just made a joke about that? I made a joke cause you're not supposed to say that! Jesus, Shane. Gah, Shane is gonna talk again! At least he's actually pretty good on the mic. Well luckilly it wasn't sloppy, it was a normal match that should've been on Impact. 3/5

Next match! Vicky V-V vs. Angie Love. Alright, admittedly I'm tired of this Beautiful People crap. Yea, at first you was sexy and hot. Now you're boring. Really hope Beautiful People goes away when Victoria wins the title. Tenay actually sounded like he was against a face for once. AHHHHHHHHHHH. I heard that about 5-10 times throughout this match.Oh wow, that was the greatest joke ever. "He takes an hour and a half to watch 60 minutes!" HEY-O! TNA really doesn't know when to let titles change hands. 3/5. Another bad finish, alright wrestling in between. Nothing impressive.

Raven, you're so damn fantastic. After all these years, I'm still surprised I love his character this much and he still performs it well. I want a lady to bleed. I'm weird. Taylor Wilde, why do you try and be Gail Kim, you'll never be her. Oh God, Abyss squished Daffney. That didn't look very pretty. Now she just got thrown out of the ring. Impressive stuff. Looked like Daffney just wacked her head on some steps. Ow. That fall through the table with Daffney and Taylor was pretty sweet. Respect earned for Taylor!BLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD! Haven't saw blood in a while! Curtis Granderson is on Don Wests fantasty team if that matters to anybody.Ah man! Daffney onto tacks! Fantastic. And it's still not over! Wow. Extremely good. Thanks TNA for being the place I go to for Extreme wrestling. So good. 5/5

Matt Morgan vs. Sting. Matt Morgan is the most boring wrestler in TNA. Expect very little talk from me on this one. Also, expecting this to go about 10 minutes. Why did the whole Team 3D thing happen? Did you really not think that they wasn't gonna make it? Morgan, you're so violent! Why must you throw your elbow pads at referees?!? I'm in awe at how Matt Morgan copies every big wrestlers moves, yes Don West. Weird finish. 10 minute match, not good at all. 2/5

Next up is Team 3D vs. Beer Money. Beer. MONEY! Love me some Beer Money but I know they'll lose this one. You know, that reminded me of when Beer Money actually formed. Like having James Storm and Eric Young keep fighting each other in a drinking contest. That was pretty hilarious. So much better than every bit of comedy that WWE puts out. The announcers just said something I agree with! TNA has the best tag team division in the bid-ness! Ow, I know that's not how you take a belly to back suplex.Bubba Bomb! Always love seeing them. That was a beautiful spinebuster. Why do they keep showing the British invasion? I could care less about them talking like idiots. Jesus Bubba! Don't kill yourself! YES! BEER! MONEY! New champions babY!!! 4/5 solid wrestling. Some nice spots. Good winner!

How is Jerret not an original. He's not young, sure but he was there before Samoa Joe... Next King of the Mountain match coming up! I always thought it was weird that Jeff Jarret's nickname was King of the Mountain...well...maybe he got the nickname from the first King of the Mountain match...who knows. Anyways, "This match is unlike any other you've ever saw"...besides that opening match? Gah these entrances are annoying. Look, I know who every single one of these guys are!I'm gonna fix a burrito while all this meaningless garbage happens. Wouldn't starting in the penalty box be a good thing? Just rest and relax while the others beat each other up. If these announcers say rest-a-rooni one more time I'm gonna go mad! Hmmm... that announcer table tease was really annoying. You just don't tease something that amazing. Hence the boo's from the crowd. Foley should really learn how to catch people during huge bumps. AHA! Kurt Angle wins! So fantastic! I don't really understand it too much but still so awesome! Fantastic swerve that made this a 5 star match! 5/5

Match of the Night: Raven, Daffney, Taylor, Abyss, and the final King of the Mountain match

Snorefest: Matt Morgan and Sting

Show rating: 4/5

Good PPV, see you next week with my wrap up! 1, 2, 3!   read

3:13 AM on 06.21.2009

The start of something new.

Lately, I've been wanting to start something new when it comes to what I do on this site that involves wrestling, I've done threads and stuff but I never really liked doing that seeing as if I post two times in a row, I can't post a third. So, all that said, I'm gonna start posting weekly blog posts that kind of wrap up what has been happening during that week of wrestling. During the latest Friday Night Smackdown!, I thought of this, and around half way I figured why not just start right now? And I done that. Quickly wrapped up the later half of it. Before I say my thoughts, I want to tell any of the people reading this to think of some name for this series. It'd be much appreciated.

West Side (That's my new name for Cryme Tyme and R-Truth) def. Not the Worlds Greatest tag team and Ricky Bortiz. Seriously, why does R-Truth have to mention popping pimpils in his song? That makes my stomach hurt, Mr. Truth. This is something else that'll make my stomach hurt, Ricky Ortiz has some jiggly thighs. Truth won elbow...what? Really? I guess the fact he spins like Crash Bandicoot adds torque to that thunderous shot! Really though, when is Shelton gonna even get another win? Never? Thought so. Another minus to this was the fact that Charlie Haas wasn't even used. Neither was JTG. Why not just make this a normal tag match?

Rey Mysterio talked about "his" title and winning "his" title back...cause it's his. You know, you're wrong, right? I know it's kayfab but still, Jericho won clean. It's not his fault you never want to unmask yourself for the 3rd time. That reason and that reason alone is why Jericho has the strap...and this is totally what Jericho is saying currently. Gah, I'd love if Rey Rey went heel and was like Jericho's little friend that done everything Jericho said, that'd be great. They then announce a mask vs. title match at The Bash. I love this feud and sadly I feel like it'll end at The Bash.

CM Punk def. Rey Mysterio. Jericho felt like joining JR and Grisham on the announce team. Why does Jericho always have to be so right? Especially when it comes to Rey Mysterio. Gotta love heels. According to Jericho he won his match...when he actually lost...I guess me saying he's always right was wrong! Also, if you can find a single person over the age of 12 that says the 619 is an impactful move, I will pay you money. Punk hit the GTS to finish this off after Jericho rammed Mysterio's face into a poll and just gained Punk more heel cred. All that tasty goodness wrapped up up this weeks Smackdown!

Seeing as I'm planning on wrapping up Raw, ECW, Smackdown, TNA, and ROH, I may need to shorten it a bit. Anyways, give me thoughts, ideas, corrections, anything you want to see! TELL ME!

EDIT: Forgot tomorrow is TNA Slammiversary! Predictions, son!

Daniels def. Shane Douglas- At first when Shane got here I was like "Oh, this is pretty cool" then I realized this wasn't "The Franchise" Shane Douglas, this was some guy wanting to get back into the spotlight for a little while. I expect a sloppy short performance.

Tara def. Angelina Love- Lately I've been pretty impressed with Angelina. To be honest, I think her and Daffney are the only knockouts I enjoy seeing. And if you followed my thread, you know I love some Victo--Tara! I really want a long feud between these two and I expect a decent match at this PPV.

Jay Lethal def. Consequences Creed, Suicide, Chris Sabin, and Alex Shelly- It'll be a X-Divisions match. High flying, impressive and involve some botched spots and Creed near killing himself. Gotta love it...or don't.

Sting def. Matt Morgan- Honestly, is TNA booking dumb enough to give Matt Morgan the Main Event Mafia leadership job? If so, that'll be the end of Main Event Mafia. Actually, in my mind the end of Main Event Mafia was when Kurt Angle lost the leadership job

Abyss and Taylor Wilde def. Daffney and Raven- Taylor Wilde = Boo. Raven, Daffney, and Abyss? YEAAAAAAA. I admittedly love Raven for all the normal reasons. Seeing him lose will suck but I expect blood...lots of blood. This is when I actually like TNA more than WWE.

Team 3D def. Beer Money- I love some Beer Money but it wouldn't make since for 3D to lose the strap(s?) so quickly, especially right back to the person they lost it to. I really wonder what'll happen after this, will Beer Money shake their hands and turn face or what? Who knows, I guess we'll find out Sunday!

AJ Styles def. Jeff Jarret, Samoa Joe, Mick Foley, and Kurt Angle. I know this is a stretch but this seems like a way to get rid of the Legends title seeing as they're doing nothing with it currently, Jeff and Mick need to feud, Somoa is killing men, and Kurt doesn't need the title according to him. Actually think this'll be a good match too. Mainly cause of double J, Kurt Angle, and AJ.

Now I'm done! 1, 2, 3!   read

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