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11:05 PM on 03.16.2008

Photos of Max Payne Set (Nothing Crazy)

I was in Toronto this weekend with my girlfriend, staying a the Suites at 1 King West. When we checked into the Hotel we were told 20th Century Fox was filming a movie. So I asked which one, and it was Max Payne! No joke! They had helicopters flying between buildings and the hotel at night, and sets were being setup in the morning. We weren't allowed anywhere outside near the helicopter scenes so there aren't any photos of it. In the morning, they were turning Younge St. into one of the snow scenes, so no one was allowed near the one section with all the snow machines, and they were filming driving and fire fight scenes supposedly as our hotel clerk informed us.

The others are just NYPD cars and a SWAT van, and the outside of a building being dressed as NYC Police Department. We didn't get to see Mark Walhberg as he wasn't staying at our hotel, but these shots I thought were pretty cool to see. I hope you enjoy.

PS: If you can make it to Toronto, go and see the Evil Dead Musical. My girlfriend took me to see it again for the second time on Saturday, and hot damn! Ryan Ward should be Bruce Campbells brother! Its so funny, and bloody, and full of Evil Deadness and bloody! Man, one song is called "What the F*%K was that?" Can you get any better?


10:48 PM on 03.16.2008

My Gaming Setup

Since people have started showing their gaming setups, I thought I should post mine to share.

Here is where I spend all my money and time.

The tv is a Sharp D82 46"
Xbox 360 with HD-DVD
HD Cablebox
Oppo 981HD upconverting player
JVC 5.1 surround sound

The PS3 is behind my TV because I have no room for it out front plus for cooling reason. The PS3 also has a Dualshock 3 contoller.

This is the game/movie collection.

These dvds go on forever. The row in the middle goes back to another row of dvds, same with the top and bottom rows. There is too many. The rents think its a waste but what do they know.

And last is my computer area. Powerbook G4, with some action figures, and the wireless headphones, so my sis doesn't have a fit when its time for some late night gaming or movies.

Its all in my bedroom because its the only place I can play alone. Pops calls it my "Batcave" but I call it home.   read

5:15 PM on 02.04.2008

Dualshock 3 in Canada!

My Dualshock 3 controller I got off Ebay came today from Hong Kong! HELLS YEAH!
with Japanese packaging and everything. I'm so stolked!

No instructions (that I could read anyway), or USB cable, just the controller. Pulled it out,
plugged it in with my USB cable that came with the system, and it started
to charge and was recognized. My system is fully updated too.

Let me start by saying the controller feels way better then the regular Sixaxxis controller.
heavier and just really feels better. Popped in God of War to see if the rumble would
work, and did it ever! Worked with all the PS2 games I tried and PS1. So now it was the
PS3 test. Threw in Uncharted, and rumble! It was awesome! Same with Resistance. As
as it sounds, force feedback is awesome. I personally think it adds to the games. I like my
PS3 even better.

Not sure what games it doesn't work with, I've heard a few haven't been updated here yet,
but they probably are by now as that was a few months ago.
So $70 CDN later, I'm lovin' the controller, and rumble with all my games. I recommend
getting it, and not waiting until spring.

UPDATE: Works on now with Turok and Devil May Cry 4 Demos and assuming both full


5:55 PM on 01.28.2008

Thrasher, the best skateboarding game before Skate

Listen, I skateboard, and playing the unrealistic Tony Hawk games was getting boring. My
buddies and I would literally just do kickflips down stairs. No big combos or shit like that.
We liked the realism. So when Tony Hawk was ruling the consoles back in the days of PS1,
Rockstar put out the best skateboarding game; Thrasher; Skate and Destroy. It was way
more realistic then Tony Hawk, the controls were strange, but worked very well, and the
the animations on 95% of the tricks were tight.

To do flip tricks, you used only the Triangle button, to push was X, just to ollie it was
square, and X was grind and so forth. So it wasn't like push X to jump then push square
and left to kickflip, it was hold down triangle, release with a direction pushed, thats it. It
was golden. And to do like backside tricks you have to hold down R1. It was so good. You
could only do one trick in the air so if you pick kickflip that was it till you hit the ground.

Now that I have a PS3, I am enjoying the shit out of the game again. Its so good. It
competes with Skate right now, honestly realism and trick wise. Its that good! If you can
find a copy and love skateboarding, play it. If you like Tony Hawk, you probably won't like
this too much.

From articles I've read in mag's, they say Thrasher highly influenced Skate. Rockstar got it
right on, but that was the end, as it didn't sell very good against Tony Hawk's games. Not a
lot of gamers liked the realism, but for us skaters, it was pure gold.   read

11:41 PM on 01.12.2008

Caved to the PS3

So, I finally caved to buy a PS3. Mind you I mainly bought it as a blu-ray player, not a game
machine really, because thats what my Xbox 360 is for. A local store had a brand new 60gb
version, so I had to take the opportunity to get it for a backwards compatibility. I have a few
problems though with it.

First off, its not as simple as the 360. Xbox's O/S is simple, easy, and attractive. The PS' is
attractive but, its full of so much stuff, the average person could easily be overwhelmed.
Navigating through, trying to understand menus, and such, was just annoying. Even keeping
the games scaled to 1080p, had to be manually set. Xbox, all you do is select 1080p and you
are good to go. I don't like the fact you can't change batteries for the wireless controller
either. This PS3 controller takes forever to charge.

The system is basically a media machine that plays games. With all the card slots, blu-ray
player, and other options, it doesn't really seem like a game machine. Thats what Sony is
after. An all-in-one set top box for everything. It could have done without all the card readers.
Who really displays pictures on there game console. No dice.

For the price though, I get the only upgradable Blu-ray player, built in Wi-Fi which is really
along with other few features that are shared with Xbox. I plan to keep my Xbox as my main
console with HD-DVD, and the Blu-ray PS3 as second. I did buy Uncharted, and it is pretty
good. Casino Royale looks dyno as well in HD. This probably sounds like an Xbox fanboy post,
but its really not. I'm just not that impressed with the PS3 as I am with my Xbox. It was worth
it for the backwards compatibilty though.   read

10:11 PM on 12.23.2007

Blu-Ray on HD-DVD?!? Say WHAT??

I'm going to start off first saying that, yes I have an HD-DVD player. Its what I chose, based
on having my Xbox 360, and Transformers being released HD-DVD exclusive. I'm not looking
for another HD vs. Blu fight here.
So, are you looking for maybe Terminator 2 or some of the Fantastic Four movies on HD-DVD,
but seem to only find them in North America on Blu, well look no further. Xploited Cinema
imports these films, on HD-DVD from Europe and other countries at a pretty good cost.

All the Underworld movies are there with Kate Beckinsale in glorious HD. There's Mr. and Mrs.
Smith which I've had for like 2 months, before it was even released on Blu-Ray here in
Canada. Silent Hill if you enjoyed it is in HD, and Band of Brothers the whole set on HD-DVD.
Its a great site. Check out the site, there are lots of good movies on Hd-DVD. Region free is
the way to be!   read

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