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TheEliteSpear's blog

8:08 AM on 05.29.2012

Top 6 Predictions of E3 2012 for PS Vita

The Top 6 Predications of E3 2012 for PS Vita Throughout the year there are some video games that are announced, and there is some where rumors swirl about. From year to year all the video game developers and companies of th...   read

10:20 AM on 05.08.2012

Your Vita Isn't Casual Enough

The Vita Isnít Casual Enough As I post this, I am currently an employed associate of the electronics department at Wal-Mart. Why does that matter you ask? Well as an employee of any retail of any department, one needs to kno...   read

8:29 AM on 04.23.2012

The State of Play 2012

Now before I feel the need to put flameshields up, let me make one thing clear. I, just like a small percent of people currently, have a job. Most gamers state in articles just like this say, ďIf you do not have the money the...   read

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