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Greetings and salutations.

TheDustinThomas here, you probably don't know me, but I write things here on Destructoid from time to time. Occasionally I get on the front page:

The Most Inexplicably-Often Rented Games At Blockbuster

The Top 10 Videogame Pro Wrestlers

A Retrospective of Pro Wrestling Videogames from the Perspective of a Pro Wrestler

I'm also the host of a pretty sexy gaming podcast that I do with a couple buddies of mine. You can download and subscribe to it here. You should totally do that.

All of my games writing you can find on DToid, but I also write about other things on my personal blog. Here's my top 5 most read blogs:

Let Me Tell You About My $250 T-Shirts

Tempting of the Doon

5 Ways Getting in Shape Has Messed with my Head

Tim Lambesis: A Fan's Struggle to Understand

Why I Already Dislike Planet Fitness

You may notice that most of those blogs are somehow related to pro wrestling. Why? Because I spent 10 years as a professional wrestler before retiring in October 2013 due to back injuries. I actually wasn't too bad.

A bit about me? Well, obviously I love to write. It's not a paying gig yet, but I'm certainly trying to make that happen.

I'm a happily married man, and my wife is smokin' hot.

I have a huge, manly beard.

God comes first in my life above all else. I'm a leader at my church, as well as the head of our media department.

I've been a metalhead pretty much my entire life.

I'm also a die hard fan of The Simpsons.

Other miscellaneous fact.

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Hey DToiders, so at the beginning of the year, my friends Chris and Luke (you may know him as BygJuce if you spend any time on ScrewAttack) and I started a podcast. For a while, I didn't want to post them on DToid, mostly because I thought no one would care because there's about infinity gaming podcasts. But I just decided to say screw it, someone might want to listen to it, so here's the info.

It's called the Error Machine Podcast.

You can subscribe on iTunes here.

Or, if you're one of those people who shuns Apple, you can download our episodes here.

Anyway, the reason I wanted to make this post is not only to get the thing out there, but because we're recording a new episode tomorrow night. Every week for our middle section (the meat, if you will), we choose a topic to discuss that somehow pertains to current gaming news, and with the recent announcement of the Last of Us movie, we figured we would talk about game-to-movie adaptations. I wanted to make this post asking for comments/questions from you guys so we could mention them on the show.

So which game movies do you love? Which ones do you hate? Why? Which one would you banish from the Earth if you could? Which ones do you think had a good idea but poor execution? Leave comments below. 

Thanks a million in advance.


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