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TheDustinThomas avatar 4:50 PM on 01.21.2013  (server time)
Help a DTOIDer Live His Dream!

Listen up fellow DTOIDers. First off, this is not gaming related, I'm simply coming to the community I love asking for some help. For anyone that doesn't know, I'm a professional wrestler, and I have been for almost 9 years. A while back I attended a "Gut Check Seminar" for TNA Wrestling, the second biggest wrestling company in the United States. Right now, TNA is running a contest called the "Gut Check Challenge" where they will be giving a past seminar attendee the opportunity to wrestle on their weekly "Impact" television show on SpikeTV.

I'm reaching out to you guys to help get me the votes I need to move on to the next round. It's done on a bracket by bracket basis.

I'm down in Bracket 13. First round voting ends on March 11th. If you guys could take ten seconds to check that link out, scroll down a bit, and vote for me, you have no idea how grateful I would be.

As proof that I'm a legitimate wrestler, here's a match I had with one of TNA's best wrestlers, Abyss.

Please spread the word, guys. You have no idea what this would mean to me.


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