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6:51 AM on 08.31.2015

Just Stopping in to Say "Hi" and METAL GEARRRRRR!

Yo everybody, TheDustinThomas just dropping by to give you all a salutations and to remind you I'm still alive. If you didn't know, I'm still out there in the wild, producing content, firmly of the belief that if I keep grinding, eventually someone is going to pay me and my beard for this gig (although I also thought that with my wrestling career, but I'm trying to stay positive here).

Anywho, in the last post that I made, I informed everyone that August was going to be Metal Gear Solid Month. I make no bones about it, I'm a Metal Gear diehard, and I decided to produce Metal Gear Solid related videos all month. If you're interested in any of that stuff, give the playlist a look-see.

In addition to the longplays and afterthoughts videos contained in the playlist, I also posted pre-play reviews for every game I covered. The reviews are purely nostalgia, and the afterthoughts were kind of a "let's see if it's as good as I remember it" kind of thing. Those blogs you can find over on my personal homepage.

One last thing, my fellow Error Machinist, Lucas Roberts, put a ton of work into a restrospective of the Metal Slug series, where he gives the synopsis of each game, his top ten moments, and top ten boss fights. I would like to reward his hard work with a few extra views. So, if you're a Metal Slug fan, give the first video a view, which features some mighty fine acting by yours truly.

Anyway, that's all I have for you now. As always, you can find me at all of the places I list below. I hope everything is going awesome in Dtoid land. Keep producing content and being the best gosh-darn community on the internet. Toodles.


Error Machine Podcast on iTunes and Stitcher Radio
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11:52 AM on 07.31.2015

Error Machine Podcast 58 - Former Fatties Fitness

Hey everybody! Did you miss me? When I went on my hiatus, I told you I would still poke my head in from time to time to say hi.


Anyway, just wanted to post a new episode of the podcast for you guys just to show you I'm still workin', still hustlin', still truckin'. Work is going well, and the ministry stuff is going great! I still stop in to the Cblogs and read some from time to time. Keep up the good work, everybody!

Also just wanted to let everyone know that I'll have a lot of videos going up on my YouTube channel in the month of August. In anticipation for The Phantom Pain, August is Metal Gear Solid month over on the Error Machine YouTube channel. So go over there and subscribe to make sure you don't miss anything. The first video goes up tomorrow.

Anyway, here's the podcast, with the time marks below.

Intro 0.00
Luke and Dustin turn old 1.15
Is turning 30 weird? 3.15
Former fatties talk about getting in shape 5.30
Binge eating 9.30
Dustin's Tennessee youth group trip 14.10
Luke continues his trek through Bioshock Infinite 17.00
Luke gets controversial 18.15
Fantasy Zone 2 25.00
Dustin will never be done with The Witcher 3 26.45
August is Metal Gear Solid month! 28.00
Red Ash Kickstarter 30.30
Are people turning their backs on Mighty No. 9? 32.40
New Releases 33.35
Expressing our love for Streets of Rage 2 36.05
Our love/hate relationship with horror games 38.30
Remembering Iwata 41.30
The boys disagree about Luigi's Mansion 42.45
Nintendo's Loot Crate-style service 45.50
Possible Resident Evil 2 HD Remake 48.50
Capcom trademarks "Resident Evil Umbrella Corps" 50.45
Resident Evil 6 is the equivalent of botulism 52.30
Comparing dyssentery and botulism 54.00
PS+ Games for August are disappointing 55.30
Outro and plugs 1.00.0

Check out the podcast either on iTunes or Stitcher Radio

Thanks for listening! Much love!



7:26 AM on 07.02.2015

Hall of Game: Batman (NES) & a call for podcast questions.

Just because I wrote a blog earlier this week letting everyone know that I'm leaving the site soon, I also said that the Friday recap will be my last blog before I inevitably pull a Terry Funk and come back. Just because I wrote that blog doesn't mean I have to abstain from posting stuff until then.

So I figured with all the hype (and hate) surrounding Batman: Arkham Knight, that I would take a look at my personal favorite Batman game, as well as generally being one of my all-time favorites. That, of course, is Batman on NES, based on the 1989 Tim Burton film.

Let me know what you think. I personally think my editing has gotten better overall since I started with video stuff. So give it a gander.

And since you're not stupid, you saw that I'm also putting out a call for questions for the Error Machine Podcast. We don't really have any topics lined up yet, but that doesn't matter, because you can ask us anything.

In the meantime, you can subscribe to the Error Machine YouTube channel and the podcast on iTunes and/or Stitcher Radio.

Thanks for watching,



1:03 PM on 06.30.2015

It's not goodbye, it's "Smell ya later."

Hey everybody. I've sat here for a few minutes staring blankly at my computer screen trying to find the perfect way to say this. Unfortunately, I've discovered that there is no "perfect" way to say it and I'll just come right out with it: the Friday recap will be my final blog. My time here at Destructoid has come to a conclusion, at least for the time being.

However, I'm not leaving out of bitterness, I'm not leaving because I felt personally attacked or ostracized, nothing at all like that. There are two main reasons, the first being time, which is something that I don't have a lot of and something I'll have even less of in the coming months. I'm being trained for a promotion at GameStop, and my wife and I are being trained to become the head youth pastors at our church, both of which are going to require more of our attention.

The second reason is a very personal one. One that I'm not going to give many details about because it basically throws a fellow Dtoider under the bus, and it's a Dtoider that I love and one that does wonders for the community. Again, nothing this person did was directed towards me, they did absolutely nothing wrong, but based on what I believe and how I believe it, I feel it's just best for me to take a step back for the time being and return when the time is right. I believe in appointed times and seasons, and for now, this is what I'm being led to do.

I like to believe that I'm leaving Destructoid in the same way that I left the professional wrestling business: with no bridges burned, a clear conscience, and (hopefully) an open invitation to come back in the future.

Destructoid has been my online home since 2009, and I've had a lot of amazing milestones since joining the community. I lost my mind when one of the first blogs I wrote here got front-paged, and I continued losing my mind every subsequent time that it happened. I got to meet some of you at PAX East Dtoid meetups, and Nanashi, if we're lucky enough to get tickets again this year, we must get together again. I got an email about six months ago from Mr. Andy Dixon telling me I was being considered for a front page contributor spot, and even though it didn't work out in a paying gig for me, I still have that email saved because it meant so much to me to think that people believed in my abilities as a writer.

And finally, I joined the recap team back in October, taking over Friday recap duties for Ben Jones, or as we in the community know him: the legendary Bbain. I finally felt like a true member of the Dtoid team instead of just a dude who was writing top 5 blogs and yapping about pro wrestling from time to time.

You don't need to worry about me going to some other community. You won't see my name popping up at ScrewAttack or IGN, Destructoid is and will forever be my gaming home. This will still be the first site I get on when I open up a browser, and it'll still be where I get my news.

I'll still be writing occasionally, but for the most part, I'll be transitioning my content to being mostly video based. While I don't want to turn this into a cheap plug, here's all the places you can keep in contact with me or check out my content if you so choose:

Personal Blog
Error Machine YouTube channel
Error Machine Podcast on iTunes
Stitcher Radio

Also, my Dtoid account isn't going anywhere. I'm not deleting it, it'll just lie dormant for the time being. So, if you PM me, I'll still get the notification sent to my email, so you can do that if you wish to have longer, more in-depth contact with me (note: the only topics I really know anything about are Jesus, videogames, sports, pro wrestling, The Simpsons, and weightlifting, so if it's outside of those parameters, it's likely you'll get a picture of me with a blank stare in your inbox)

Like I've stressed, don't be sad that I'm going on a hiatus. I like to think I've left some sort of impression on you, as you have on me. I don't know why I'm mentioning this person specifically, because we've had limited interactions with each other, but I bet Hyper Lemon Buster Cannon and I would be great friends if we were in closer proximity to one another because of our mutual love of games and sports. That's just one example of the ways someone in the community has left an impression on me. You've all done so in your own special way.

You guys have given me a ton of great memories over the past 6 years, and I'll likely stop by from time to time just to say hi (and to plug my YouTube channel), but this is what I need to do right now. 

Let's not call it goodbye, let's just say: Smell ya later...



6:06 AM on 06.28.2015

Flea Market Game Finds: GameCube Jackpot Edition (6/27/15)

Hey everybody, you may have noticed that I haven't posted one of these videos in a while. That's because the weather in Cincinnati has been absolutely uncooperative the last three weekends. So I actually had to cheat a little bit to actually make this video. These aren't games that I found at a flea market, but I did make a very good deal with someone, a story I explain in the video.

So basically, I hit the GameCube jackpot, if that's a real thing. If you don't want to hear my stories and just want to know what I picked up and for how much, just keep reading past the video (although I would love you forever if you watched the video).

Alright, so everything listed below was from a customer at a friend's shop. We made a deal over the phone, and I spent a total of $45.

So, for $45, I picked up:

Animal Crossing
Donkey Konga 2
Kirby Air Ride
Luigi's Mansion
Mario Kart Double Dash
Mario Party 4
Mario Party 7
Mario Superstar Baseball
Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door
Super Mario Strikers
Super Mario Sunshine
Super Smash Bros. Melee
WarioWare: Mega Party Games

Not a bad haul if I do say so myself.

Don't forget you can watch other flea market videos, the upcoming Hall of Game video (later this week), and other things over on the Error Machine YouTube channel.

And of course, check out our podcast!



5:55 AM on 06.26.2015

Error Machine Podcast 55 - Second Hand Infidelity

Luke kicks the show off with a bang as he recounts a story of second hand infidelity, even though it only kind of, sort of involves him. We also talk about things like Arkham Knight being broken on PC, the Sega Channel, old Sonic games, and you'll also find out that Dustin thought Tails was a girl up until very recently. Time marks below!


Intro 0.00
Chris' new game room 1.00
Luke's weird infidelity story 2.15
Best Buy doesn't know Dustin's birthday 7.30
Chris played CoD: AW and Blops 2 8.50
Dustin played Never Alone and Valiant Hearts 11.20
Chris comes back with some Super Mario 3D World 14.50
Luke played Bioshock Infinite and Smash Bros. DLC 16.45
New releases 22.45
Arkham Knight is broken as balls on PC 25.50
Dustin defends Metroid Prime Federation Force 29.00  
Sonic the Hedgehog turned 24 30.15 
The mystery that is Nightmare Circus 36.00
Sega Channel love 37.40 
Sonic/Sega sale 39.00
Outro and plugs 45.00

Don't forget to subscribe/rate/review the show on iTunes or Stitcher Radio, as well as subscribing to the Error Machine YouTube channel.

Thanks for listening!



12:31 PM on 06.25.2015

New Error Machine Podcast Recording Tonight. Ask Us Dem Questions, Yo!

Hey everybody, maybe a little late to be posting this, but still worth seeing if we can get some questions out of you kind folk.

Anyway, we're recording a new episode of the podcast tonight. This is our first proper episode in almost a month because of extremely hectic schedules.

Some of the topics on the rundown tonight are Gamestop selling retro games (which you already know my opinion on), Batman Arkham Knight being broken as balls, new releases, Best Buy not knowing when my birthday is, and much more.

As far as games, I know I'll personally be talking about Never Alone and Valiant Hearts.

As always, not necessary to ask a question about games.

Send em, yo! And check out the most recent episode in the meantime.



5:35 AM on 06.20.2015

Error Machine Podcast 54 - Dustin and Luke's E3 2015 Thoughts

Due to a very hectic week for all the guys, only Dustin and Luke appear on this week's episode, and they're not even appearing together. Dustin kicks the show off my talking about the E3 press conferences of Bethesda and Microsoft, then Luke chimes in about Sony and Nintendo, and then Dustin returns to give his own opinions about Sony and Nintendo.

Find out what we loved, what we hated, what surprised us, what disappointed us, etc. Hear Luke's heart being crushed when discussing Nintendo's press conference, and Dustin being perhaps a little too optimistic about them.

We'll be back with a regular episode next week, but until then, enjoy this one!

Don't forget you can also find us in all these other places:

Stitcher Radio


10:59 AM on 06.08.2015

Flea Market Finds for 6/6/15

Sorry about the lack of flea market finds last week, but sometimes the flea markets aren't quite the treasure trove that you expect them to be. I found a total of two things last week, and neither was worth writing home about. But this week was different and I snagged up a handful of titles and a new toy for the collection.

No Chris this week, as he's been super busy with being a father and expecting to be a father again. But anyway, here's the video, and below is a breakdown of what I picked up.

Star Wars Battlefront 2 (Xbox)
Mario Kart Wii

High School Homer and Marge - $16 total

Animal Crossing: City Folk (Wii) - $5

Skyblazer (SNES)
Kirby Super Star (SNES)
The Castlevania Adventure (Game Boy)
Paperboy 2 (NES) - $50 total

I may have overpayed a little bit on that last lot, but if we're going by eBay prices, I definitely came out on the winning end of that exchange.

Anyway, don't forget to like, subscribe and all that other good stuff on my YouTube channel, as well as checking out the Error Machine Podcast.



10:21 AM on 06.04.2015

Error Machine Podcast 53 - Fallout 4 is a Poopy Sock

This week we recorded on a bit of a short notice (hence the reason there was no call for questions yesterday), but we discuss a pleathora of topics like our adventures in Amiibo-hunting, the endings of Twisted Metal II, and some rather humorous stories regarding poop, including my personal recounting of the time someone at a previous job pooped in a sock.

We also get into discussion about the Fallout 4 teaser trailer and the physical release of Mighty No. 9. Topics below!

2.20 – Adventures in Amiibo Hunting
14.50 – Our favorite Amiibo sculpts
20.20 – Chris finished Steamworld Dig
26.00 – Dustin is liking Lords of Shadow 2 a bit more
27.00 – Luke and Dustin are still loving Puzzles & Dragons: SMB
31.00 – A whole lot of nothing for new releases
32.00 – Free PS+ games for Junes
35.45 – Error Machine describes: Rocket League
40.00 – Deconstructing Twisted Metal canon
42.15 – Fallout 4 teaser trailer discussion
46.30 – Bathroom horror stories
47.40 – Dustin recounts the story of the poopy sock
50:45 – Mighty No. 9 getting a physical release
56:30 – Outros and plugs

Stitcher Radio

Thanks for listening.



12:52 PM on 06.01.2015

Should I give these games another chance?

I know that people really love these games. For one reason or another, they just didn't resonate with me the same way they did lots of other people. While this certainly isn't the entire list, I've compiled 7 games, all of which were released in the modern era (the oldest being a PS2 game), so for the most part it shouldn't be too hard to at least go back and give these games another try. I've tried my best to pinpoint why I put them down without finishing them, and some reasoning as to why I haven't already made the return. First up is a game that I still hear people speak very fondly of.
Fallout 3

At the time of Fallout 3's release, the concept of the open-world, western RPG was completely foreign to me. It wasn't until I played Borderlands a year or so later that that cherry was finally broken. I wasn't interested in the game upon release because the only game on my mind was Metal Gear Solid 4 (very similar to right now, where the only game on my mind is The Phantom Pain). I was working at a GameStop at the time (also very similar to right now) the GOTY edition of Fallout 3was released, and after a year of hearing people losing their minds over this game, I felt like the GOTY edition was the perfect game to play on vacation.
That's what I planned, at least. I set aside my entire week's vacation to doing nothing but playing through Fallout 3 and all of its DLC. Five hours later the game was back in its case and on its way back to GameStop for what little trade in value it garnered.
I had been playing Skyrim for months at the time, and I thought that loving one Bethesda RPG meant that I would undoubtedly love their previous efforts. But that wasn't the case. The V.A.T.S. system I found very cumbersome and for whatever reason I had an incredibly difficult time figuring out where to go or what to do, and rather than taking the time to learn, I just gave up.

I was speaking to my boss recently about the games we played the most in the last generation, and he brought up Fallout 3, and I brought up all the same points to him that I just did to you, his suggestion was to try Fallout: New Vegas.
So here's my question for you guys: The big rumor right now is that Bethesda is going to announce a new Fallout game at E3, and the idea interests me, but I have no prior experience and feel like I need some. Should I try Fallout 3 again, or should I just move on to Fallout: New Vegas. I've been toldNew Vegas might be a little more up my alley based on how much I disliked V.A.T.S.
Fallout 3, New Vegas, or neither (I definitely don't have the time to play both)?

I gave up on Rage because I had just spent over a year playing through Borderlands and all of its DLC when I queued it up. Rage felt like basically the same game, minus the things I loved most about Borderlands. It lacked the ridiculous characters, the humor, and the aesthetic that drew me into the Borderlands universe and kept me on Pandora for 100+ hours.

I probably gave Rage more of a chance than I did Fallout 3, and for the most part, I enjoyed it. It looks absolutely incredible and the gameplay itself I found pretty fun, I just decided to play it at the exact wrong time. If I had played a different type of game and then gone to Rage, I may have like it more.
Should I give Rage another chance?
The Souls series

I freely admit that the Souls series has done nothing wrong. Between the four games (if we're counting Bloodborne), I've only played Demon's Souls and the first Dark Souls, and even then I've probably only amassed a total of about 90 minutes of play time, if that.
I'm really interested in the series as a whole, and I love the satisfaction of finally conquering a very difficult enemy or section, but the games seem to be a little too much work for me. Again, I willingly admit that it's completely my fault, I haven't really tried to understand the game. When I tried Dark Souls for the first time, I died about four times in ten minutes and decided that it was time to put it down.

I've heard Dark Souls 2 is a little more accessible and Bloodborne is faster-paced, both of which would probably work out better for me.
Two questions: 1) Should I give the Souls series another chance, and 2) if yes, which game should I choose?


Actually, you know what? I won't bother with this game again even if you think I should, I really didn't like the few hours I played of it. I don't understand how it's achieved cult classic status. But Shadow of the Colossus, now that's a game! You should buy the collection just for that one.
Red Dead Redemption

Possibly another instance where I didn't give the game enough time to form a legitimate opinion on it. Plus I kind of went into the game not expecting to love it simply because I find the old west to be one of the most boring settings possible in any entertainment medium. And even though I like theGTA series (for the most part), I haven't liked a whole lot of Rockstar's games outside of the series.
I only made it a few missions past the initial tutorial farm missions. The world just seemed boring to me. I felt like I was just riding a horse from point A to point B with nothing but dirt and an occasional cactus to look at on the way. I know that that's not a fair description and that there's a great deal more to the game than I experienced, but it just didn't do anything for me in that short time and I didn't feel that it ever would.

I've heard a lot of people say Red Dead Redemption was their favorite game of the last generation. Should I give Red Dead Redemption another chance?

Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker

You won't find many people who blindly support anything and everything Hideo Kojima does like I do. I think the man is a genius, and outside of a portly Italian plumber, it's Kojima's Metal Gear franchise that I would rank as my favorite game series of all-time. Over the years, I've felt like I've bonded with Solid Snake. Metal Gear is my ultimate power fantasy. Some people may have fantasies of being the ultimate action hero, charging head-on and going full force with guns blazing, but I've always thought that being a stealthy secret agent was so much cooler. That's why I've always enjoyed games like Metal Gear and Splinter Cell, I like the idea of being on a one-man mission with the fate of the world in my hands.
Then Peace Walker came out and ruined that fantasy for me. I didn't actually play the game until it was released on the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection, but I somewhat knew what I was getting into. I knew that it was separated into several smaller missions, and that it required that you team up with people online. The way I had always heard it put is that Peace Walker is like the Monster Hunter ofMetal Gear games. Well, I've never played a Monster Hunter game so I don't quite know what all that entails, but I can tell you that if that's an accurate statement, then I definitely wouldn't like Monster Hunter.

Another thing that bothered me was the base-building sections of the game. I got stuck early on in the game because I came to a mission that required me to blow up a tank that was blocking my path with C4. I had to have researchers do research-y things in order to create C4. Why I couldn't just find the C4 somewhere and then use it like in other games, or why Snake couldn't just climb over the tank (it's not like he's a super soldier or anything) is beyond me.
That's where I stopped and I've yet to return. Should I give Peace Walker another chance? If so, is it possible to complete the game without playing with others? If not, would anyone like to play with me? I have it on PS3. It's really bothered me that I've never finished it, especially since it's an integral part in the series canon. And I'm so looking forward to The Phantom Pain that I want to make sure that I'm not missing any little nuances of the story.

Resident Evil: Code Veronica X

And last on the list (at least this time) is another game that is the only entry of an all-time favorite series that I haven't completed. I'm not sure why, either. Unlike Peace Walker, however, I'm already more than familiar with what happens with the story of Code Veronica. I've watched playthroughs, read the synopsis, and even read the novelization by S.D. Perry. So going back and finally finishingCode Veronica would simply be a personal pride thing for me.

The first time I tried playing through the game, I just got stuck somewhere, put it down and never came back to it. Then all subsequent attempts were after I had played Resident Evil 4, and it was just hard to go back to that play style. So, since there's really nothing for me to gain by playing the game outside of just being able to mark it off my checklist, is Code Veronica worth giving another chance?
Thanks in advance for any and all opinions and feedback. Don't forget you can find me elsewhere on the internet.

Stitcher Radio


2:32 PM on 05.29.2015

Error Machine Podcast 52 - Mohawk Guns and Gun Mohawks

Hey everybody, we're back with a brand new episode of the Error Machine Podcast. This week we're down an Erik, but the rest of us bring you an eclectic group of topics like Amiibos, Amiibos, and Amiibos, and maybe some E3 talk.

Don't forget you can rate and subscribe to the show on both iTunes and Stitcher Radio, and don't forget to check us out on YouTube under the name Error Machine. Podcast and topics below!

1:30 - Luke's Greninja story
6:15 - Chris joins look on the Great Amiibo Hunt
7:15 - Dustin too!
10:00 - Chris played Steamworld Dig
12:50 - Dustin played Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2
16:00 - Luke played Puzzle & Dragons: Mario Edition
24:20 - New releases
28:00 - Error Machine describes Teddy Floppy Ear - The Race
32:00 - Splatoon special editions trucks hijacked in the UK
38:45 - More Amiibo ramblings/future wave discussion
41:15 - Chris partook in the Humble Nintendo Bundle
44:00 - Listener questions/Starless
46:00 - Cake talk
47:35 - What system we're currently playing the most
49:00 - Excited about E3 or nah?
49:40 - Fond E3 memories
51:30 - Is E3 still necessary?
55:55 - Mad Max: Fury Road discussion
58:15 - Outro/Plugs

And if you so choose, you can subscribe to the podcast on both iTunes and/or Stitcher Radio.
And don't forget about our YouTube page, where you can watch things like this:

Hey, thanks for being awesome!



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