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TheCiderMan avatar 10:55 AM on 01.01.2013  (server time)
Please Peruse Pixels Please

Ahoy hoy community!

Hope you're all having a corking new year so far, full of fabby fun and marvelisimous larks. Here is to all the celebrations and good cheer! Drink drink, fan fan, rub rub.

Now, onward to other things. It being a new year and all I've decided to actually DO THINGS this time around, so far avoided using the dreaded "r-word" but am coming dangerously close to making some. Damn it all.

One of them is to get back into art and the creative stuff in a big way, work with a few friends on a few endeavors and just generally get back to making things and enjoying it. Whilst piddling away reminding myself which end of a pencil you jab in the other guy I've been throwing together a few pixel-y things (I know we're probably all sick of them but...well they're fun to do, so what the heck!). Haven't done it for a while and would love some general feedback (good and bad-particularly constructive bad) on styles, development and general peer assessment goodness. I certainly hope you're amenable to having a quick gander and maybe dropping of a suggestion or comment time permitting. I would be deeply, deeply appreciative.

Cheers and I hope somebody likes it!

Latest attempt, made it last night after receiving SH: Downpour for Xmas (loving it so far). Thinking about rendering all the protagonists like this or something similar, maybe even try recreating scenes/moments from the games.

An older one from when I had dreams of being a Tumblr.

Likewise, a product of far too much time thinking about the 90's.

So that's just some stuff I was willing to broadcast to other human beings, hope it isn't all awful and again any and all feedback keenly sought after.

Thanks again and to Everybody now, may the next twelve rock your body right (See? Too much 90's).

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