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TheChosen avatar 1:20 PM on 03.23.2012  (server time)
Disappointment: Christmas on Knife Edge

Lets start by saying that when it comes to criticizing video games, as much as I sometimes do that, I always try to find out the good sides and concentrate on those. I have bought some stinkers during the years, like Celebrity Deathmatch for Playstation and Asterix and the Great Rescue for Megadrive, and owned games like Total Recall throughout my childhood but you gotta enjoy what it is. And in the end, I can keep it just as a shelf filling and play something else.

In other words, Im kind of hard to disappoint. So If I really want to talk about disappointments, I have to go way back in time, when I was young, my mom was single and my choice of gaming was a Pentium 90mhz computer and Nintendo 64. Its December 24, 2000. You remember the Simpsons episode "Marge Be Not Proud"?

Yes, the story is gonna go something like that.

Back in the day, it was really difficult to be a Nintendo fan. Not because of lack of games, but because of their price. N64 cartridges were more expensive than Playstation discs, which is why I rarely got new games for it. I had to rely on Christmas and birthdays for new games, as well as my friends who all owned N64's as well.

So of course, I had high exceptions for that Christmas. Unfortunately, as every kid knows, some parents arent really good at buying the latest and greatest for their kids. And even worse are grandparents. My mom decided that it was up to my grandfather to buy me a new Nintendo 64 game. He did it last year and he actually succeeded pretty well that time: I got LOZ: Ocarina of Time and Mace The Dark Age (A fantasy fighting-game from Midway). This was shop-owners recommendations though, so I guess Im giving him too much credit. And probably because some hapless game pusher who desperately wanted to get rid of old stock, I did not get Donkey Kong 64, Pokemon Snap, Majora's Mask, some good-oldies like Lylatwars, anything that says "Star Wars" on it or even Clayfighter 63! Instead I got Knife Edge.

Check out gameplay here and judge yourself

Knife Edge: Nose Gunner was made in 1998. Basically, its a light-gun game without any lightguns. Move crosshair on screen while ship takes you through the track, tap button and shoot everything that moves. You can do slight dodges with c-buttons but shooting targets before they hit you works a lot better. When things go too fast, it gets blurry and overall it looks bland and has lot of dark colors. I wanted one of the top games or at least something different and instead I got a sub-par, dull looking lifeless on-rails shooter. It was rare change and that change was wasted. I was disappointed.

Today, Im much more lenient towards Knife Edge. I've learned to like what it is and its actually a decent game. In retrospect, I think I was spoiled by Lylatwars (or Starfox 64 to all non-Europeans out there). Its much more harder for kids to appreciate what they get and even more harder when you're expecting something good as a gift. Now that I've grown up and I can bury my childhood disappointments by buying all those games I couldn't get and appreciate them for what they are, not what they weren't. Same works for latest games if you approach them with the right mindset (and without the nostalgia goggles, but thats another rant).

So thats my story of one of the few times I've been disappointed of a video game. Keeping it short and simple, because writing long nitpick-rants in English is not what I do best.

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